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Updated July 5, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Afghans See Command Change as Safety Threat
  Petraeus Takes Over Afghan Fight, Vows 'To Win' It
  Al-Qaeda Plans to Trap US in Afghanistan Beyond 2011
  Lawmaker: White House, Military Not on Same Page on Afghanistan
  Ten Afghans, 80 Taliban Killed as Petraeus Takes Command
RNC Chair Under Fire for Afghan Comments
US Questions Its Unwavering Support for Israel
  Netanyahu Expected to Offer Settlement Freeze Trade to Obama
Pakistan's PM Faces Calls to Talk With Taliban
  Pakistani Leaders Unite on Terrorism Meeting
  Pakistan Army Finds Taliban Tough to Root Out
Iraq Blasts Mar Biden's Call for New Govt, Unity
Iran Reality and Fantasy  by Daniel Larison
In the Religion of 100% Americanism, Ignorance Is Strength  by Kevin Carson
Steele Got It Right About Afghanistan, but for the Wrong Reason  by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
The Mirror of 1776  by David Bromwich
Hope of Good Afghan Exit Faint  by Christina Lamb
Jordan Is Not Palestine  by Lamis Andoni

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Senators Say Steele on Hot Seat as GOP Chairman
BP Has Steady Sales at Defense Department Despite US Scrutiny
Israeli PM: Need Direct Talks With Palestinians
US Asks Japan to Pay More for Marine Move
Clinton Aims to Improve US Relationship With Azerbaijan
UK: Terrorism Search Power Violates Rights
Returning Troops Face New Fight for Old Jobs
Iran to Quit Talks if Sanctions Tightened Again
Iran Provides Evidence CIA Abducted Scientist
Khamenei Commands Filmmakers to Abide by Political and Islamic Restrictions
Allawi: Meeting With Biden Focused on Speeding Up Govt Formation
Terror or Corruption? Central Bank Attack Is Probed
Four Die in Iraq Suicide Bomb Attack at Govt Office
14 Wounded in Kirkuk Blast
Sunday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 57 Wounded
Israeli Ministers Reject Giving Knesset Power to Veto Settlement Freeze
Israel Expands Powers of Gaza Flotilla Panel
Israeli Minister to Meet Palestinian PM
Israel Grows Uneasy Over Reliance on Migrant Labor
Israel Set to Release 'Black List' of Items Banned From Gaza
Fears Over Lebanon Confrontations
Lebanon's Top Shi'ite Cleric Fadlallah Dies at 75
Mixed Legacy of Ayatollah Fadlallah
Kurdish Terrorist Group Suspected in Turkish Oil Pipeline Blast
As Turkey Looks to West, Trial Highlights Lagging Press Freedom
Jailed PKK Leader Says Peace With Turkey Possible
Afghan Govt: 63 Drug Smugglers, Terrorists Killed
McCain Slams US Withdrawal Date From Afghanistan
Lieberman: Rules of Engagement Hurting Morale of US Troops in Afghanistan
Former Soldier Wins Bribery Appeal in Afghanistan
Terrorism Claims 223 Lives in Lahore So Far This Year
Pakistan Sunni Group Forms 'Volunteer Force' to Combat Terrorism
12 Taliban Killed, 2 Soldiers Injured in Orakzai Agency
Punjab Govt to Take Action Against 17 Banned Groups
Kashmir Stone Throwers Risk Bullets
Police on Alert in China Ahead of Riot Anniversary
Spy Escaped From Cyprus
Cyprus President: Not Our Fault Spy Suspect Fled
Cyprus: How an Alleged Russian Spy Eluded Capture
Kaczynski Accepts Polish Election Defeat
New Polish President's Profile: Bronislaw Komorowski
Nigeria Navy Says Pirates Released Foreign Sailors
Yemeni Shi'ites Fire on Troops, Straining Truce

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The Second Coming of Petraeus

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Obama Is No Superman

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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