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Updated July 8, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
Russians to Release 4 in Spy Swap
East Afghanistan Prefers Taliban to Karzai
  Afghanistan: Now It's America's War
  NATO Helicopter Strike Kills Five Afghan Troops
  Airstrike Complicates Afghanistan Fight
Obama Admin.: Israel Has 'Right' to Nukes
  Israeli Officials Send Mixed Messages on Settlement Freeze
  A Critical US-Israel Issue Is Left Open
  Israel Signals No Easing of Gaza Movement Restrictions
  Exposed: the Truth About Israel's Land Grab in the West Bank
Senators Raise Prospect of US Attack on Iran
  UAE Disavows Ambassador's Call to Attack Iran
  Iran Admits Sanctions Could Slow Nuclear Program
84 Iraqis Killed as Pilgrims Attacked in Capital
  Israeli PM 'Concerned' Over US Pullout From Iraq
Norway Arrests 3 in Terror Plot Linked to US and Britain
Nixon-CIA Spy Ploy in Vietnam Backfired, New Records Show
The Crux of Our Endless War on Terror  by Glenn Greenwald
Disloyalty on the Part of the Occupied  by Amira Hass
Talking to Terrorists: The Worst US Supreme Court Decision of the Term  by Joanne Mariner
Steele Galvanizes Neocon Hawks  by Michael Tennant
Bipartisan Stupidity on Afghanistan  by Ted Rall
Seoul Can Defend Itself  by Doug Bandow

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CNN Drops Editor for Saying She Was Sad Ayatollah Fadlallah Died
Joe Biden Thrives as Wars Grind On
Palin Makes Exception for Military Spending
French Court Hands Noriega 7-Year Prison Term
42 Percent: US Safer Without Saddam
Rolling Stone Writer Gets Afghan War Book Deal
Rolling Stone Quotes Made by McChrystal's Junior Staff
These Explosions Are Saviors
Don't Expect Obama Trip to Israel Any Time Soon
Poland to Extradite Alleged Mossad Agent Tied to Dubai Killing
Poll: Most Palestinians Want Cease-Fire
4 Guns Go Missing From Israeli PM Bodyguard's Bag
UN: No Names Yet for Gaza Flotilla Investigation Team
Israel Keeping Flotilla Ships Until Inquiry Ends
Cautious Response to Israel's New List of Permitted Gaza Imports
Netanyahu Expects Direct Palestinian Talks Soon
Israel FM: Turkey Wouldn't Cut Ties
Cases Against Soldiers Have Israel Wondering
Hamas Blocks Newspapers in Gaza Strip
Aliyah of US Family Goes Sour as Sons Arrested for IDF Desertion
Free Gaza Movement Wants Boat From the UAE for Next Flotilla
New Booklet Reveals Muslim Acts of Heroism During Holocaust
Iran Says Bushehr Nuclear Plant to Be Ready by September
Iran May Ban All UAE Travel After Ambassador's Remarks
Mousavi Lashes Out at Ahmadinejad Over Iran Sanctions
Irish Firm Charged With Transferring Military Parts to Iran
Iran Backs Down on Tax Hike After Merchant Protest
Iran's President: US a Global 'Dictatorship'
Tony Blair 'Misread' Iran's Stance on Post-War Iraq
Militants Blow Up Police Homes Killing 3
Iraq Justice Ministry Releases 340 Inmates
Cop Killed, Seven Wounded by Roadside Bomb Blast in Nineveh
Wednesday: 84 Iraqis Killed, 362 Wounded
Israel: Hezbollah Storing Rockets Near Schools, Hospitals
Hezbollah Readying for Urban War in Southern Lebanon, IDF Warns
Fifteen Killed in Fresh Turkey Clashes
Kurdish Rebels Gird for Battle
Turkey Urges Iraq to Ramp Up Pressure on PKK
Turkey Hints Major Offensive Against PKK in Northern Iraq
Yemeni Court Sentences 2 al-Qaeda Members to Death
Hotel Opens in Battle-Scarred North Yemen City
Al-Shabaab Vow to Step Up Jihad Against AU in Somalia
Algerian Troops Kill Three Islamists in Shoot-Out
Zimbabwe Police Play Down Terror Suspicions
US Military
Revising Plans for Construction on Guam Brings New Challenges
Veterans Affairs to Ease Claim Process for Disability
Russian Spies in the US
A Russian Bargaining Chip in Spy Swap Negotiations
11 People Formally Charged in Russian Spy Case
5 Suspects in Russia Spy Case to Be Moved to NY
Russian Inmate Conflicted by Possible Deal, Backers Say
US-Russia Spy Swaps Through History
Osama's Cook Pleads Guilty at Military Commission
Psychologists Face Guantanamo Abuse Claim
US Court Upholds Kuwaiti's Guantanamo Detention
Germany Takes 2 Guantanamo Inmates After Long Debate
'War on Terror'
Six Years in Jail, No Charge: War on Terror's Forgotten Victim Speaks
Plea Hearing Set for Ex-Congressman in Terror Case
NYers Still Living Behind Post-9/11 Checkpoints
US: NYC Subway Bomb Plot Linked to British Cell
US Unseals New Charges Against 5 in New York Plot
Senators Want UK to Investigate Bomber's Release
Syrian Arrested in Germany Over al-Qaeda Propaganda
Britain Marks 5th Anniversary of Terror Attack
Mental Exam for Recruiter Shooting Suspect
British Troops to Hand Over to Americans in Afghan Hot Spot
British DM: Forces Were Spread Too Thinly in Afghanistan
A NATO Bid to Win the Afghanistan War, One Shura at a Time
Indian Army Deployed to Calm Unrest in Kashmir
3 Die as Indian Forces Fire on Kashmiri Protesters
First Day of Maoist Strike in India Amid Heightened Security
Indian Army Posted in Srinagar as Violence Spirals
Senior Indian Navy Officer Killed in Accidental Firing
China Says Foreign Reserves Not Political 'Weapon'
Keeping Traditional Uighur Music Alive in China
North Korea Warns Against UN Censure
Islanders Prepare for Second Battle of Okinawa
Pakistan: Two Injured in Grenade Attack on NATO Tanker
Vietnam's Gravy Train Derailed
Long Stalemate After Maoist Victory Disrupts Life in Nepal
Indonesia's Militants Called Weak, Divided
Sri Lankan Protesters Vow Hunger Strike Against UN
Church: Cuba Offers to Free 52 Political Prisoners
Venezuela Extradites Terror Suspect to Cuba

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Bradley Manning, American Patriot

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Transportation Stupid Agency

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New Rankings Overrate Obama

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Exum's Challenge: Game On!

Nebojsa Malic
The Endless Summer of 1914

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Executive Privilege

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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