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Updated July 9, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
Suicide Bomb Kills 70, Wounds 111 in Pakistan
General: US Casualties in Afghanistan to Mount
  NATO Blames Communications Error for Killing Afghan Troops
  Corruption Doubled in Afghanistan Since 2007
  'Pakistan to Welcome NATO Withdrawal From Afghanistan'
  Makeshift Bombs at All-Time High in Afghanistan
117 Iraqis Killed in 2 Days of Attacks on Pilgrims
  Attacks Highlight Iraq's Tempestuous Politics
Netanyahu Nixes Settlement Freeze Extension
  Israel Vows to 'Take Risks' in Talks With Palestinians
European Court Halts 'Terror' Extraditions to US
  Former US Congressman Pleads Guilty to Terrorist Conspiracy
  Former Top CIA Spy on How US Intelligence Became Big Business
Iran Sanctions May Target Iran's Middle Class
Four Western Spies Released in Russia Spy Swap
Is Yemen Becoming the Next Afghanistan?
CNN's Objectivity Questioned in Sacking of Mideast Reporter
GOP Turning on War Effort  Orange County Register
Israel's Nukes Harm US National Interests  by John Mearsheimer
The People Behind 'Keep Israel Safe' and 'Stop Iran Now'  by Eli Clifton
Non-Believer  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The War Drones On  by Robert Koehler
Hope and Change Fade, but War Endures  by William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt

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In Colo. Speech, GOP Chair Shrugs Off Afghan Gaffe
US Conscientious Objector Wins in Canada Appeal
The Neocons’ Fadlallah Problem
Deficit Hits $1 Trillion in June for Second Year
Loophole May Have Aided 'Theft' of Classified Data
Clinton Gets Earful From Moscow on 'Occupation' Remarks
Obama: Israelis Suspicious of Me Because My Middle Name Is Hussein
Russian Spies in the US
Spy Swap Is 'All but Unprecedented'
Four Spies Russia Freed Have Little in Common With Swap Counterparts
10 Defendants Plead Guilty in Russian Spy Case
Thumbnails of 11 Defendants in Russian Spy Case
Russia's List for Spy Swap With US
Russian Spies Told to 'Never Attempt to Return to US'
Admin Official: Russians Had to Sign Oath on Guilt
Vienna Is Still a Favorite Playground for Spies
'War on Terror'
EU Parliament Approves Financial Data Deal With US
Norway Arrests 3 in Terror Plot Linked to US and Britain
Al-Qaeda Operative Is Charged in NY Subway Plot
Rulings Raise Doubts on Policy on Transfer of Yemenis
3 Britons Convicted in Plot to Blow Up Airliners After Series of Trials
Korean Cyber Attacks Traced Back to Britain
Repeat of South Korea, US Cyberattacks Does No Damage
Germany's Move to Take Guantanamo Inmates Slammed as 'Symbolic'
Code Cracked! Cyber Command Logo Mystery Solved
In Iraq, Shi'ite Pilgrims Are Undeterred by Bombings
15 Killed in Baghdad on Last Day of Shi'ite Holiday
Allawi Visits Lebanon After Concluding Meetings in Arbil
Iraqi PM Pays Respects to Late Top Lebanese Cleric
UK Iraq Inquiry Has Heard From 35 Witnesses in Private
Quartet Meeting in Arbil to Discuss Political Developments
Thursday: 33 Iraqis Killed, 119 Wounded
Netanyahu: Peace Possible Within Year
Fueled by White House Success, Netanyahu Heads to UN
Israel Verifies Aspects of UN's Gaza Report
Israelis Traveling Abroad Warned to Remain Alert
Israeli Soldier Charged With Manslaughter 'Fired at Feet First
Israel Says Images Show Hezbollah's Intentions
Israel Eases Charges Against Alleged Hezbollah Spy
Obama: Turkey May Look for New Allies if Snubbed by EU
Turkish Opposition to Fight Constitutional Reforms
Petraeus Reviews Directive Meant to Limit Afghan Civilian Deaths
3 NATO Troops and Afghan Police Official Killed
UN-Backed Panel Disqualifies Afghan Poll Candidates
US to Spend $3b to Combat Afghan Homemade Bombs
Fear Belies Pakistan Boasts of Becalmed Borderlands
Pakistan Sect Endures Persecution
India's Maoist Rebels Attack Police Stations, Railway Tracks
Protest Over Civilian Killings, Curfew in Kashmir
India Warns Youth Over Violent Kashmir Protests
As India Cracks Down, Maoists Star in Books, Movies
Thailand's Forgotten War Simmers
British Protester in Thailand Will Be Deported
UN Draft Condemns North Korea for South Korea Ship Sinking
China Flexes Its Naval Muscle
UN Draft Avoids Condemning North Korea in Ship Attack
Japan Protests Russian Military Drill on Etorofu
Iran Says US Must State Position on Israeli Nukes
Smugglers in Iraq Blunt Sanctions Against Tehran
Sanctions Will Not Alter Iran Nuclear Program: Ahmadinejad
Iran to Launch Satellite in August
Wiretap Bill Spurs Debate and Protests in Italy
How East Germany Tried to Undermine Willy Brandt
Kenya: Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan Fighters in Somalia
Al-Shabaab Urges Attacks on Diplomats
Judge Suspends 'Unfair' Trial of Congo Warlord
Mauritania Adopts New Anti-Terrorism Law
US Denies Visa to Colombian Journalist
Cuba Dissident Guillermo Farinas Ends Hunger Strike
US Military Asking
Pentagon Sends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Survey to 400k Troops
Legal Group: Gays Shouldn't Answer Pentagon Survey

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