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Updated July 30, 2010 - 11:23 PM EDT
Mullen: Assange May Have Blood on His Hands
  Gates Won’t Rule Out Targeting Assange, Media in Leak Investigation
July Deadliest Month of Afghan War for US
  Afghans Attack Americans After Convoy Crash, Shooting Kills Civilians
  Karzai: Act Against Militants Outside Afghanistan
  Dutch Pull Out of Afghanistan This Weekend
  House Lawmakers May Block $4 Billion in Afghan Aid Over Corruption
Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Pakistanis View US as Enemy
  Pakistan's UN Ambassador: Afghan War Unwinnable
Iran War Rhetoric: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
  Japan's Mitsui Maintains Oil Tanker Was Likely Attacked
Insurgents Raise Flag After Baghdad Attack
  Allawi Calls for Coalition Govt, Offers to Allow Alternative as PM
  Spain Reissues US Troop Warrants Over Iraq Death
  Thursday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
ACLU: Obama 'Institutionalizing' Bush's Abuses
  Do Guantanamo Media Restrictions Also Prevent Open Trials?
Settlers Seize 9-Family Jerusalem Home
Army Suicides Reach One a Day
The End of (Military) History?  by Andrew J. Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
Thousands of Reasons to Leave  by George Friedman
A History of Folly, From the Trojan Horse to Afghanistan  by Simon Jenkins
Coming Home at Last?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Suffering of Fallujah  by Robert Koehler
Deaf, Dumb, and Blind  by Paul Craig Roberts

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ACLU: Obama's 'New Normal'
US Army Veteran in Colombia Feels Like He's Caught in a No-Fly Trap
Nuclear Forensics Skill Is Declining in US, Report Says
A History of US Leaks
WikiLeaks in Baghdad
US and Major Powers Urged to Join Cluster Munitions Ban
The War at Home
Biden: US Doing 'Significant Damage' to al-Qaeda
As Many as 6,600 Arlington Graves Mixed Up
Ex-Arlington Cemetery Official Mostly Mum at Hearing
Before the CIA, There Was the Pond
Army: Rising Suicide Rate Reflects Risk-Taking
Four Killed in Air Force Plane Crash in Alaska
Biden Bets on No Explosion of Violence in Iraq
Security Forces Kill Policeman by Mistake Near Mosul
23 Police Killed as al-Qaeda Burns Bodies in Iraq Attack
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims TV Bombing in Baghdad
Kurd PM: Kirkuk Is Indivisible Part of Kurdistan
A Facelift for an Ancient Kurdish Citadel
Minibus Bomb Hits Iraqi Base, Killing 4 Soldiers
Thursday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
US to Press China, Others on Iran Sanctions
Iran Ready to Stop Enrichment if Import Deal Holds
Standardized English Tests to Resume in Iran Amid Sanctions
Australia Adopts New Sanctions Against Iran
Canada Jails Man for Attempting Nuclear Exports to Iran
Abbas Preparing to Hold Direct Talks With Israel, Say Diplomats
Arab League Backs Palestinians on Restarting Talks
US 'Encouraged' by Arab Support for Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks
Is Peres Trying to Convince Palestinians to Refuse Direct Talks?
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Palestinian Women Dig for New Opportunities in Gaza
Syria/Saudi Arabia
Saudi King in Syria Amid Regional Tensions
Damascus: Syria-Saudi Ties Are None of US's Business
Turkey Softens Law That Jailed Young Kurds
Shebab Vow to Make Mogadishu Graveyard for Extra Troops
Uganda Bombings Bring Africa Together, Except Eritrea
Somali Pirates Release Hijacked Ship Off Somalia
WikiLeaks Afghanistan Files
An Ancient Vision: Interview With Julian Assange
Karzai Calls WikiLeaks Disclosures 'Shocking'
WikiLeak: US Battling Militants From Turkey, Its NATO Ally
WikiLeaks Fallout: Tighter Access to US Secrets?
Leaked Documents Detail Search for Idaho Soldier Captured by the Taliban
Taliban Exploit Openings in Neglected Province
Taliban Hails Dutch on Afghan Pullout
Taliban Stymie NATO Push to Bolster Government
Biden: ISI 'Changing' on Afghanistan
International Forces Deny Funding Afghan Militia
Afghan War Spending Faces New Scrutiny
Afghanistan's Green Zone
Karzai Suggests West Not Acting Over Pakistan Taliban
Mystery Deepens Over Why Sailors Left Base
2nd US Navy Sailor's Body Recovered in Afghanistan
Senate Panel Seeks Return of Drug Eradication in Afghanistan
Obama Meets With Advisers on Afghanistan, Pakistan
Indian PM Tells Pakistan to Step Up Efforts Against Terrorism
Cameron Defends Critique of Pakistan
Pakistan General Balances All Sides of Conflict
Pakistani Scientist Lawyers Seek 12-Year Sentence
South Korea's Prime Minister Offers to Resign
North Korean FM Visits Myanmar Amid Nuke Concerns
India Slips Myanmar a Nudge and a Wink
Google: Search Engine Blocked in Mainland China
Vietnam Hedges Its China Risk
Indonesian Woman Gets 3-Years' Jail for Terrorism
Russia Widens Powers of KGB Successor Agency
Russian Court Bans Youtube Over Extremist Videos
Russia Foils Passenger Plane Hijacking
Conscription Debate Divides German Conservatives
Outspoken British PM Embroiled in Diplomatic Rows
Bosnian Serb Charged Over Sarajevo War Killings

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