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Updated August 15, 2010 - 11:23 PM EDT
Secret US Assault Widens on Two Continents
Taliban Swarms a Once-Peaceful Afghan Region
  Petraeus ‘Not Bound’ by July 2011 Drawdown Date in Afghanistan
  Karzai Asks Obama for Review of War After Mounting Civilian Deaths
  Guns for Hire Will Benefit From Massacre of Aid Workers in Afghanistan
  Afghanistan: In Search of the True Civilian Toll
US Drone Strike Kills 13 in Pakistan
  Pakistan Flood Response Prompts Rising Anti-Govt Resentment
  16 Die in Ethnic-Based Attacks in Pakistan
US Exit Strategy From Iraq Under Threat Again
  Attacks Kill 18 in Iraq
  Iraq's Tribes Keep Firm Grip on Weapons
Obama Backs Off Support for NYC Mosque
WikiLeaks Says It Won't Be Threatened by Pentagon
Military Suicides and Guilty Consciences  by Jacob G. Hornberger
US Spying Spawns a Dystopian Epidemic  by David Isenberg
Obama Is a Threat to National Security  by Jack Hunter
WikiLeaks and War Crimes  by Jeremy Scahill
Israel Lies, Civilians Die  by Anthony DiMaggio
Between the Bomb and the Burqa  by Yana Kunichoff and Mike Ludwig

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UAE Foreign Ministry Anxious About Mossad Suspect
Ex-Tory Chief Leads Call for Inquest Into the Death of Amrs Inspector David Kelly
David Kelly Was on a Hitlist, Says UN Weapons Expert
Britain to Slim Down Defense Backroom Operations
Lawmakers Blast Joint Forces Closure
Afghanistan Prepares for Bagram 2.0
Russia Deal Shows Iran Does Not Need Enrichment: White House
Iran's Sanctions Aren't Hurting Its Economy
Is Iran Supplying the Taliban With Missile Tech?
Kurdish Rebels Kill Iran Militiamen: Report
Iranians Flooding an Overwhelmed US Embassy in Turkey
Exiled Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Speaks Out
Rights Group Fears Iran Woman's Execution Imminent
Headscarf Issue Solved, Iran Girls Focus on Soccer
Six Killed as Policemen Set Ablaze in Baghdad
Violence Haunts Iraq's Youngest Victims of War
Kurdish Delegation Has Balancing Act in Iraqi Government
British Bomb Disposal Man in Iraq: 'I Knew I Was Going to Die'
Maliki Chairs Plenary Meeting to Discuss Security in Basra
Margaret Hassan: How Justice Was Spirited Away
Iraqi Asylum Seekers Struggle to Survive in Sweden
Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Palestinians to Decide on Direct Talks in Two Days, PA Official Says
Clinton Tries Dialing Diplomacy for Mideast
Israeli Diplomats Boycott Mossad Spies Over Wage Dispute
Israel Aims to Be Space Superpower
110-Year-Old West Bank Farmer Fights Age for His Farm
Underneath Fields and Homes in South Lebanon, Israel Sees the Battlefield of the Next War
US Military Aid to Lebanon 'Under Review' Not Blocked
Israeli Recon-Plane Violates Lebanese Airspace
Lebanon Government at Risk of Collapse if Tribunal Indicts Hezbollah
Lebanon Opens Bank Account for Donations to Equip Army
Lebanon Officials Say They've Killed Fatah al-Islam Militant Leader
Turkey: We Did Not Agree to Aid Iran's Hezbollah Arms Shipments
Hezbollah Theme Park Draws the Crowds
Al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen Surrenders
Intelligence Official Shot Dead in South Yemen, al-Qaeda Blamed
Middle East
Syrian PM Dismisses Middle East Peace
Barazani Welcomes Turkey-PKK Ceasefire
Egypt: Gunbattle Between Traffickers and Migrants Kills 4 Trying to Reach Israel
Top Anti-Normalization Committee Urges Release of Imprisoned Jordanian
NATO, Russia Improve Ties
Russia Justifies Deployment of S-300 Defense System in Abkhazia
Three Children Hurt in Northern Ireland Bomb Blast
Why Germany Is a Nation in Conflict
Spain's Economic Troubles Spur Catalonia Separatists to Take New Tack
European Right-Wing Politicians Visit Tokyo's War Shrine
Al-Megrahi's Doctor: 'I Just Provided an Opinion. Someone Else Let Him Go Free'
The War at Home
US Contractor Investigated for Overcharging Claim in Afghanistan and Iraq
US Settles With Defense Contractor Accused of Leaking Secrets to China
Darpa's Butterfly-Inspired Sensors Light Up at Chem Threats
More Cops Hold Top-Secret Clearances
Advanced US Military Satellite Launches Into Orbit
Consulting American Soldiers and Yakuza Gangsters on Video Game Violence
Americans Still Dying
Christiana (TN) Marine Killed in Afghan Prisoner Escape Attempt
Ashtabula (OH) Marine Killed by Enemy Detainee in Afghanistan
Soldier (NH) With Ties to Louisiana Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife, Two Young Daughters
Indiana Church Mourns 'Daughter' Slain on Aid Mission in Afghanistan (OH)
Marine MP-Dog Handler From Colorado Dies From Combat Wounds
New York Optometrist's Widow: 'A Hundred Rockets a Day Was a Good Day'
Durango (CO) Dentist on Aid Mission Killed in Afghanistan
Uncle Mourns Nephew (WA) Who Devoted His Life to Humanitarian Work in Afghanistan
San Antonio (TX) Soldier Dreamed of Becoming a Policeman
Slain Virginia Medical Team Videographer Found Beauty in Daily Afghan Life
Army Medic (FL) Killed in Afghanistan Known for Compassion, Music
North American Mennonites Honor Pennsylvania Aid Worker Killed in Afghanistan
New Hampshire Army Ranger With Ties to Michigan Killed Afghanistan
Family, Friends Gather as Texas Soldier Laid to Rest
Intelligence Soldier From Colorado Springs (CO) Killed in Iraq Attack
Grand Ledge (MI) Army Ranger Killed in Afghanistan
2 More Killed as Troops Open Fire on Kashmir Protesters
Govt Re-Imposes Curfew in Kashmir After Deaths
Security Tightened in Kashmir to Stop Protests
Phone Cameras Fuel Kashmir's 'Intifada'
Unlike in Iran and Myanmar, Internet Activists in Kashmir Address Mainly a Domestic Audience
Amid Conflict, Kashmir Man Tries Suicide 13 Times
NATO Forces Under Attack, 2 Insurgents Killed in Northern Afghanistan
Soldiers Try to Trade Tech Support for Afghan Intel
2 British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Attack Kills Three Children
Karzai Names Panel to Look Into Rising Ethnic Afghan Violence
Afghan Government MIA at American-Backed Farm
Taliban Deputy Commander Detained in Southern Afghanistan
4 Guards of a Security Company Killed in Afghan Violence
UN Calls for Restraint Following Violent Clashes in Afghan Capital
Land Disputes Kill 8 in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Attack Survivor Tells Story
Afghan Government to Build 1680km Gas Pipeline
Pakistan Floods Fail to Spark Strong Global Aid
Pakistan Flooding Victims Betrayed by Political Feuds
Pakistan Earthquake Aid Millions Spent Elsewhere, Claims Paper
Zardari, Visiting Victims of Flood Disaster, Says Pakistan Will Rebuild
Pakistani Official Denies Reports of Recognizing Israel
1 Killed, 2 Injured in Rocket Attacks in Quetta, Pakistan
Impact of Pakistan Floods as Bad as 1947 Partition, Says Prime Minister
Pakistan Tones Down Independence Day Amid Floods
Cholera Confirmed in Pakistani Flood Disaster
US Offers Aid to Rescue Pakistanis and Reclaim Image
Afghan Refugees at Risk in Flood-Stricken Pakistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Tamils Tell Commission About Rights Abuse
Sri Lankan President OKs Ex-Army Chief's Discharge
Sri Lanka Releases Rebel Elders After Rehabilitation
Tamils Seeking Asylum in Canada May Be Traumatized
Tamil Boat People Screened as Canadian Authorities Check for Terrorists
Pastor's Return Set to Deepen Inter-Korean Rifts
South Korea OKs Humanitarian Aid Trip to North Korea
US-South Korea Drills Anger North, Worry China
Sunny Scenes, Direct From Pyongyang
2 Rebels Killed, 5 People Wounded in Southern Philippines Gun Battle
Muslim Clergies Call for Peaceful Solution of Mindanao Problem
Leftist Rebels Question Sincerity of Aquino Government in Pursuing Peace Talks but Still Open to Resumption
Philippine Police Arrest Another Suspect in Maguindanao Massacre
White House Denounces Myanmar Election Plans
EU Tells Myanmar World Is Watching Its Elections
Myanmar Designates Constituency for Region or State Parliamentary Election
Three Shot Dead in Thai South
Cambodia Asks ASEAN to Mediate Border Dispute With Thailand
China Paper Warns Military Thinking Outmoded
More Than 100 Injured in Workers-Police Clash in Bangladesh
Armed Men Kidnap Two Darfur Peacekeepers
Sudan Referendum Commission Calls for Vote Delay
South Sudan: Postponement of Vote 'Not an Option'
Sudan Blocking Access to Darfuri Refugees: UN
South Africa Considers Sending Troops to Back Somalia Mission
South African Journalists Condemn Efforts to Silence Them
'Disturbing Events' Marred Rwanda Leader's Re-Election, US Says
Armed Pirates Kidnap Captain and Crew Member Off Coast of Nigeria
Colombian Govt Offers Reward for Bomb Attack Clue
Venezuela Probes Opposition Paper Over Morgue Photo
Former Coup Leader and Dictator Sworn in as Suriname's New President
Weekend Reviews
Can You Recruit Your Republican Friend to Oppose Permanent War?
The Muslim Revolt
Andrew Bacevich on Washington Rules
An Empire, If You Can Keep It
The Frugal Superpower: America's Global Leadership in a Cash-Strapped Era by Michael Mandelbaum

Justin Raimondo
Folly, Left and Right

Charles V. Peña
Blowback, Somali Style

Philip Giraldi
Hillary's Enemies List

Ivan Eland
COIN Thinking on a Larger Scale Might Work

Kelley B. Vlahos
Italian Film Captures Anger at US Bases

Nebojsa Malic
The Sorrow of Empire

David R. Henderson
Life in the USSA

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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