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Updated August 23, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT

US Drone Hits House Full of Kids in Pakistan, 20 Dead

  3 Bombs Kill 36 in Northwest Pakistan
  Pakistanis Say Taliban Was Seized to Hurt Peace Effort
US to Launch 6th Assault on 'Home of Taliban'
  Taliban Claim Captured US Soldier Is Teaching Bomb-Making Skills
  Facing Afghan Mistrust, al-Qaeda Fighters Limit Role in Insurgency
  Afghanistan Orders Dissolution of Security Firms to Begin
Assange: Pentagon May Be Behind Rape Claims
  Sweden Defends Actions, Insists Assange Not Suspected of Rape
Gen. Odierno: Combat Troops May 'Return' to Iraq
  Iraqiya Again Rules Out Maliki as Prime Minister
  With War 'Over,' US Soldier Killed in Iraq 'Operations'
Abbas: End of Settlement Freeze Would End Talks
  Netanyahu Rejects Demands to Continue Settlement Freeze
  Netanyahu Issues Demands on Peace Talks
Odierno: Iran Funding Extremists in Iraq
  Iran Threatens to Attack US Interests Around the World if Provoked
  Turkey Tells US It Won't Adhere to New Sanctions on Iran
New York Mosque Controversy Worries Muslims Overseas
  Far From NYC, Other Plans for Mosques Run Into Vehement Opposition
Yemen Detains Journalists Trying to Cover Peace Conference
Mosque Demagoguery Is Bipartisan  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Military, Bankruptcy, and Tyranny  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Deconstructing the Official Narrative on the US Withdrawal From Iraq  by Jeremy R. Hammond
Mission Creep in Iraq  by Joe W. Guthrie
Countdown to Zero – or to War on Iran?  by John V. Walsh
The Laureate and the Leaker  by Chris Floyd

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Rallies Over Mosque Near Ground Zero Get Heated
Emanuel Warned Obama: Keep Mum on NYC Mosque
NYC Imam: US Constitution Reflects True Muslim Values
Imam Behind New York Islamic Center Speaks
Russian Cable Station Plays to US
WikiLeaks Keeps Funding Secret
Troops: Skipping Christian Concert Got Us Punished
4 US Troops Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
US to Spend $100 Million on Afghan Bases
Spy: Stolen US Dollars Exit Afghan Airport Controlled by Karzai Brother
Karzai Admits Helping Free Aide Accused of Graft
Air Base Expansion Plans Reflect Long-Term Investment in Afghanistan
Graham More Optimistic on July 2011 Drawdown Date in Afghanistan
Karzai Vows to Fight Corruption
British DM Outraged That New Video Game Involves Taliban
Floods Force Thousands From Homes in Pakistan
North Korea Demands Apology, Reparations From Japan Over Colonization
Philippines Govt: Communist Attack Could Derail Talks
China Lawyers Urge Probe Into Torture Claim in Mob Crackdown
Russian Police Detain Opposition Leaders
Pathologist: UK Arms Expert 'Committed Suicide'
Spain Working for Happy End to Qaeda Kidnapping
Rwandan Rebels Raped at Least 150 Women in Congo, Humanitarian Officials Say
Report: Sudan Plans to Build Nuclear Reactor
Proposed Restrictions on the News Media Cause Alarm in South Africa
Kenya Accused of Illegal World Cup Bomb Extraditions
In Iraq, Obama Faces Balancing Act as Combat Mission Ends
US 'Pullout' From Iraq a Mountainous Challenge
Iraq Acknowledges Briton's Killer Escaped
Gunmen Steal 600,000 Dollars in Baghdad Heist
As Ministers in Baghdad Give Up, Services in Najaf Decline
Gays in Iraq Under Attack: Horrific New Forms of Torture Being Used
Hundreds Protest Bad Basic Services in Iraq
Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed; 43 Iraqis Wounded
Iranian President Offers Friendship to the US
Experts: Iran Not So Close to Bomb
Iran Seeks Missile System to Defend Nuclear Sites
Iran Inaugurates Nation's First Unmanned Bomber
Ahmadinejad: Israel Lacks Courage to Attack Iran
General Who Planned Gaza War Appointed Army Chief
Israeli PM: Peace 'Difficult but Possible'
Israeli Media Reflects Public Mistrust in Fresh Peace Talks
Hamas Cancels Unity Meeting With Fatah
Arab League 'Concerned' Ahead of Israel-PA Talks
Gaza Mall Seeks to Make Statement of Resolve
IDF Allows Surf Gear Into Gaza After 2 Year Wait
Middle East
Yemen Forces Kill 7 Militants After al-Qaeda Attacks
Prime-Time TV Show Hits Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

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Histrionics Over the Mosque: Symbolism Crowds Out Reality

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The Sorrow of Empire

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Life in the USSA

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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