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Updated August 24, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Pakistan Admits Sabotaging Karzai's Peace Talks
  Opposition Leader Urges Pakistan's 'Patriotic' Generals to Take Power
  US Drone Hits House Full of Kids in Pakistan, 20 Dead
  Amid Flooding, CIA Resumes Pakistan Drone Campaign
  3 Bombs Kill 36 in Northwest Pakistan

Billions of Aid Dollars Buy US Little Goodwill in Pakistan

Biden: Too Soon to Declare Afghan War a Failure
  US General: Afghan Military Can't Do Much More Until October 2011
Report: Sadr and Allawi Close to Govt Deal

Obama Plays Down Plan for Post-2011 Iraq Troop Presence

  More Than 5,000 Airmen Will Remain in Iraq

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded

Suicide Bomber Attacks Somali Hotel, Killing 32
Now US Should Get Out of Iraq's Politics  by Juan Cole
Rebranding the Iraq War  by Chris Toensing
False Charges Ricochet in the War on WikiLeaks  by Scott Horton
Strategic Patience, Camille  by Jeff Huber
Iran Bomb 'Not Imminent'  by M.J. Rosenberg
What Has Been Gained in Iraq?  Los Angeles Times

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South Carolina Mosque Hopes for Warmer Reception

General Who Planned Gaza War Appointed Army Chief

Sweden Hopes to Conclude Assange Rape Case Soon

Israel Still Snarkily Dismisses Hardship Over Barely Air-Conditioned Gaza Mall

Security Concerns Make Afghan Elections Dangerous for Politicians, Voters Alike


Syria Helps to Break Deadlock in Baghdad

Iraqi Bishop Says US Betrayed Country, Christians Suffer Most

Gunmen Kill 5 Iraqi Oil Workers, Steal Payroll

In Cliche-Ridden Speech, Biden Tells Vets US 'Committed to Helping Iraq'

In Porn, a Story of Iraq's Politics

Texan Tycoon Urged Bush to Take Iraq's Oil

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded

'War on Terror'

Informant Who Posed as Terrorist Key to Trial of 4 Charged With Plotting to Bomb NY Synagogues

German Man Faces Terrorism Charges in US Plot

Calif. Man Gets 20-Year Sentence in Anthrax Hoax
US Military

Vast Number of Military Bands May Not Be Music to Gates's Ears

Thousands Strain Fort Hood's Mental Health System

US Delays Missile-Zapping Laser Test for 4th Time


AU May Send More Troops to Somalia

Spanish al-Qaeda Hostages Released in Mauritania


Kosovo Police Assume Protection of Serbian Religious Shrines

Germany Plans Major Restructuring of Military

3 British World War I-Era Ships Found Off Estonia


China May Drop Death Penalty for Economic Crimes

Nepal's Parliament Fails in 5th Try to Select Prime Minister


Weighing Threats and Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

Afghan Poll a Chance for Change, or More of the Same

Graft Dispute in Afghanistan Is Test for US

NATO: 5 Foreign Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Petraeus: No Sudden Troops Exodus From Afghanistan

Afghanistan Cites Abuse in Moves Against Agencies

Afghan Capital Removing Its Protective Blast Walls

Fort Campbell, Ky., Pays Steepening Price in Afghanistan

US: We Are Troubled by Iran's Nuclear Intentions, Not Its Military Growth

Iranian Artillery Resumes Shelling of Iraqi Kurdish Border Regions

Iran Says It Will Mass Produce Assault Boats

Turkey to Remove Iran From Enemies Watchlist

Russia: Bushehr Nuclear Plant Totally Safe

Iran: Officials Suspended Over Detainees' Treatment


Vacationing Netanyahu Can't Find Time to Meet IAEA Chief

IAEA Head Pays Quiet Visit to Israel

Talks 'Doable,' Says Palestinian Official

US: Israeli Settlement Freeze to Be Discussed in Direct Talks

Norway Oil Divests From Israeli Settlements


North Korea Reinstates Market-Oriented Official

Carter to Visit North Korea Over US Prisoner: Report

Official: Seoul Not Considering Food Aid to North Korea


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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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