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Updated August 26, 2010 - 11:25 PM EDT
GIs Allegedly Plotted to Kill Afghan Civilians
  Petraeus: Reconciliation With Taliban is 'Ultimate Goal'
  Key Karzai Aide in Corruption Inquiry Is Linked to CIA
  Afghan Recruit Kills 2 NATO Trainers and Interpreter
Coordinated Attacks in 13 Cities Kill 92 Iraqis
  Soldiers Remaining in Iraq Expect Little Will Change as Mission Evolves
  As the US Troops Depart, Bombs Rip Through Iraq
Wikileaks CIA Paper: US as 'Exporter of Terrorism'
  Rape Case Against WikiLeaks Founder Dismissed
  Assange Prosecutor Cited for Secrecy Breach
Banned Charity Running Pakistan Aid Camps
  US Makes Aid Warning in Pakistan
  US Struggles With Image in Pakistan
Israeli President: Iran Threatens to Use Nukes
  Israeli FM Downplays Peace Talks, Pushes Settlement Expansion
US Mulls Escalating Drone Attacks in Yemen
  UK-Supplied Saudi Planes Attacked Yemeni Civilians
CIA Tapes Hint at 'Loophole' Allowing Outsourcing Torture
Obama's US Assassination Program?  by Chuck Norris
Petraeus' Dubious Strategy in Afghanistan  by Christopher Layne
Lawlessness Haunts Omar Khadr's Blighted War Crimes Trial  by Andy Worthington
Iraq and the Big Picture  by Jack Hunter
Middle East Sound of Music  by Sherri Muzher
Nobody Should Die for COIN  by Keith Boyea

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Canada Intercepts Two Russian Bombers
Canadian Troops Flex Muscle in Arctic Exercise
Militia Group Cancels, Says Burning Quran Un-Christian
In Sri Lanka, Former Battle Zone in Search of a Business Boom
FBI Paid Informant in Bronx Bomb Plot $97k to Sell Terror Suspects Fake Bombs
Facing Prison for Filming US Police
Obama's Wars
Obama Dodges Iraq Question
A Change in Obama's Military Lingo
Obama to Address Nation to Mark End of Iraq Combat
Taliban May Be Misleading Its Forces on US Timetable, US General Says
Troops Stay in Afghan Beyond 2014: Australian Defense Chief
Afghan Officials Challenge US on Aid Contract Abuses
2 Spanish Police Killed in Afghanistan
Australian Soldier Killed in Afghan Clash
Afghan Girls Fall Ill After Apparent Gas Poisoning
Indian and Afghan Foreign Ministers Discuss Regional Security, Terrorism
India to Reopen Kabul Mission: Report
Al-Qaeda Shifting to Pakistan's Urban Areas
Pakistani President Recognizes Flood's Potential to Destabilize Nation
US Official: Militants Plan to Attack Foreign Aid Workers in Pakistan
Pakistan Warns of New Floods as UN Says 800,000 Cut Off
US to Divert Pakistan Aid for Flood Reconstruction
US: Pakistan Will Keep Up Counterinsurgency Fight
North Korea
Carter Lands in Pyongyang to Bring Home American
North Korea Leader Travels With Son to China: Reports
Humiliation, the North Korean Way
US to Supply Taiwan Air Force Radar Equipment
Gunmen Stop Bus in Southern Philippines, Kill 4
Marine Indicted on Sexual Assault and Trespassing Charges on Okinawa
'War on Terror'
Pentagon Computers Attacked With Flash Drive
TSA Test Markets More Agressive Frisking
Navy Drone Violated Washington Airspace
Self-Described CIA Assassin Dies in Gun Accident
Two Arrested in Canada on Terrorism Charges
Murdered British Spy Found Stuffed Into Sports Bag in Bath of London Flat
Aussie Students Assigned to Plan Terrorist Attack
The War at Home
Muslim Cab Driver Slashed by Boozed-Up Bigot Just Back From Filming Marines in Afghanistan
Pro-Israel Group Claims IRS Persecution
For Critics of Islam, 'Sharia' Becomes Shorthand for Extremism
US Military
Walter Reed Patients, Staff May Have Been Exposed to Radiation in May
Navy, Coast Guard Trade Blame for Midair Crash
'Ground Zero Mosque'
NY Mayor: Stopping Mosque Compromises Terror Fight
Looking at Islamic Center Debate, World Sees US
Some Family Members of 9/11 Victims to Support Mosque Construction
NY Muslim Project Spurs Support Coalition
Sarkozy Warns World Powers Will Mobilize Against Iran if Nuclear Talks Fail
Iran Said to Bar News Media From Reporting on Protest Leaders
Iran Says It Test-Fires New Missile
Iran Says It's Ready to Sell Arms to Lebanon
Iran Says Has No Problem Securing Gasoline Imports
Iran Searching for New Domestic Uranium Deposits
Iranian Ex-Prosecutor Could Face Trial in Prison Killings
Blast Hits Iran-Turkey Pipeline, Kurd Rebels Blamed
INA Lawmaker Wants No Second Term for Maliki
For Eric Schwartz and Iraqi Refugees, a Second Act
Wednesday: 92 Iraqis Killed, 379 Wounded
Israeli Settlers Warn Netanyahu of 'Day of Judgment'
Israel Eying Pakistan as Ally in Muslim World
A Test of Wills Over a Patch of Desert
Israeli Army Attracts Drivers With MP3s
Facing Jail, the Unarmed Activist Who Dared to Take on Israel
EU Slams Israel's Verdict on Palestinian Activist
Netanyahu Wants Shin Bet Protection for 15 Years After Leaving Office
Lebanon Tribunal Asks Hezbollah for More Evidence
Witnesses: Traffic Dispute Preceded Beirut Clashes
UN Says Tree in Clash With Lebanon Was Israeli
Lebanon Moves to Address Widespread Use of Weapons
Attack in Yemen's Tense South Kills 4 Soldiers
Yemen 'Abandons' Human Rights
Third Day of Fighting in Somalia's Capital Kills 8
US Prepared to Train Somali Troops if Called Upon, General Says
DR Congo
UN Knew of Rebels in Area of Congo Rapes
Congo Republic's Heavy Use of DC Lobbyists Prompts Questions
Uganda Court Scraps Controversial Sedition Law
Stepped-Up Efforts by US, Mexico Fail to Stem Flow of Drug Money South

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Dog Days

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Boxed into a Corner on Iran

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The Possible Prosecution of WikiLeaks

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A Mosque in New York City

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The Muslims Are Coming!

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The Sorrow of Empire

David R. Henderson
Life in the USSA

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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