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Updated August 27, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Officials Look to Staying in Iraq Past 2011
  Combat Pay to Continue in Iraq, Pentagon Assures
  Iraq: 50,000 Soldiers, 1 Million Pieces of Equipment, and $3 Trillion
NATO Kills Six Children in Afghanistan Air Strike
  Karzai Slams July 2011 US Drawdown Date
  Report: US Killed 365 'Top Taliban Commanders' in Past Three Months
  Fears Taliban Expanding in Afghan North, West
  Troops Wonder: WTF Are We Doing in Afghanistan, Again?
Ex-IAEA Official Renews Irrational Iran Panic
  Obama Resists Pressure for Red Line on Iran's Nuclear Capability
Sotomayor Predicts WikiLeaks Case in High Court
  WikiLeaks Releases CIA Paper on US as 'Exporter of Terrorism'
  CIA Memo Cites Americans in Israel Among Exporters of Terrorism
Carter Wins Release of American in North Korea
Israeli Officials Seek to Skirt Settlement Freeze
Pakistani Taliban: Foreign Aid Groups 'Unacceptable'
US Halts Prosecution of Alleged USS Cole Bomber
Afghan War Is No Humanitarian Endeavor  by Jason Ditz
Pentagon's Cybersecurity Plans Have a Cold War Chill  by David Ignatius
Obama's Order to Close Gitmo: 19 Months and Counting  by Michael Tennant
The Unmaking of a Company Man  by Andrew Bacevich
Hawks Box in Obama on Afghan War  by Ray McGovern
Iraq Sanctions and the NYC Imam  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Obama Iraq Speech to Signal Shift to Afghan Focus
'McCarthyism' Rises in Israel
Army Assigns WikiLeaks Defendant a New Lawyer
US Military Wants to Exert Influence Over Private Cyber Infrastructure
Generals Wary of Move to Cut Their Ranks
UK Iraq War Inquiry 'Ignoring 100,000 Civilian Deaths'
UN Antiproliferation Nuke Meet Kicks Off
The War at Home
The Mosque Rage Boils Over: Anti-Muslim Attacks Increasing Across US
Hostility Across US Jars Muslim College Students
Local Clergy Coming Together for a Response to Quran Burning Plans
Pastor's Plan to Burn Korans Adds to Tensions
Ground Zero's Boundaries Evolve in Mosque Debate
Islamic Center Also Challenges a Young Builder
Witnesses to 9/11 Divided Over New York Mosque Plans
Cabbie Stabbing Suspect Had Written About Afghanistan
Iran Proposes to Produce Nuclear Fuel With Russia
Iranian Committee to 'Manage Sanctions'
5 Kurdish Rebels, 2 Revolutionary Guard Members Killed in Clashes in Iran
As Iran Sanctions Threaten, Iran Sees New Friend in Cambodia
Iraqis Who Fought View US Exit With Mixed Feelings
'Sons of Iraq' Feel Betrayed by Motherland
Police: 6 Sunni Fighters Killed in Ambush in Iraq
Sadrist Lawmaker Supports Abdulmahdi's Call to Hold Parliament's Session
Wednesday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded
Palestinians Tell US: Israeli Settlement Freeze Must Include East Jerusalem
Top Israeli Judge Defends Naval Blockade of Gaza
Israel Begins Forming Negotiations Team for Direct Peace Talks
Israel Slams Call to Increase Gaza Electricity
Facing Arrest, Catcalls, Israeli Women Pray at Western Wall
Palestinians Clash With Israeli Police in East Jerusalem
Middle East
Bin Laden's Bodyguard Warns of Escalation in Yemen
Crackdown in Bahrain Hints of End to Reforms
Israel Working to Thwart Russia Arms Deal With Syria
'Turkey Committed to Ties With Israel'
Georgia Says Russia Put Missiles in South Ossetia
Basque Terror Suspect Seeks Political Asylum in Belgium
2 Greek Fighter Jets Collide in Mid-Air
Row in Denmark Over 'Shoot NATO Soldiers' Taliban Computer Game
Honduran Journalist Killing Makes 8 for the Year
US Concerned Over Afghan Voter Turnout, Violence
Afghan Candidate's Campaign Workers Abducted
Graham Backs Taliban 'Reintegration'
Kucinich: Afghanistan Is 'Spy Versus Spy Carnival of Corruption'
Taliban 'Seize' Camera From Crashed Drone

Militants Kill 8 Policeman in Northern Afghanistan

Special Forces Ratchet Up Fight Against Taliban
Afghanistan Drills Oil for First Time in North
Pakistan PM Demands Media Stop Criticizing Govt
Pakistan Flood Sets Back Years of Gains on Infrastructure
Pakistan Army Fills Leadership Void
Child Killed in Panjgur Grenade Attack
US Army in South Korea Begins Transformation of Forces
US Prisoner in North Korea Seen as Man of Conviction
'Merchant of Death'
The 'Merchant of Death'
Bout Extradition Stuck on the Runway
'War on Terror'
UK Think Tank: Muslims 'Being Turned Into Terrorists in Jail'
PM: Canada Faces Global Terror Threats
CIA Probes British Spy Murder as It Emerges He Was Sent on Frequent Missions to Pentagon's High-Security Listening Post
FBI, ATF Squabbles Are Hurting Bombing Inquiries, Justice Official Says
Terror Suspect Auditioned for Canadian Idol
US Military
Marine's Defense to Seek Dismissal of Haditha Case
Joint Chiefs Boss: Many Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Find Bleak Future
Muslim Soldier Says He's Conscientious Objector
Majority of Marines Oppose Sharing Sleeping Quarters With Gays, Commandant Says
Wind Turbine Projects Run Into Resistance From Military
McClatchy Journalist Pentagon Banned Gets First Amendment Award
DR Congo
Hutu Rebels Deny DR Congo Rapes
US Vows Help in Fight Against Congo Sexual Violence
Leaked UN Report Accuses Rwanda of Possible Genocide in Congo

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A Mosque in New York City

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Life in the USSA

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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