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Updated August 30, 2010 - 11:01 PM EDT
7 US Troops Killed as Afghan Violence Spikes
  Karzai Calls for New Afghan War Strategy
  State Dept Concerns Over Karzai Deepen
  US General Warned UK Generals Their Afghan Strategy Was a Disaster
Despite Hype, Iraq War Not 'Ending'
  US Commander: Iraq Govt Could Still Be Months Away
  Report: Iraqi PMs Bloc May Split
  US Wasted Many Billions in Rebuilding Iraq
Netanyahu Issues Peace 'Demands,' Hints at More
  PM: I Never Promised US I Would Extend Settlement Freeze
  Israel Tense Before Talks as Protest and Sermon Fan Flames
  Despite Israeli Protests, Russia Won't Halt Arms Sale to Syria
Could Ground-Zero Mosque's Backers Be Worse Than AIPAC's?  by Grant Smith
The Boycott Israel Movement Needs to Rethink Tactics  by Uri Avnery
Should the Senate Fund 'Enduring' US Military Bases in Afghanistan?  by Robert Naiman
Iraq a Complete Failure for the United States  by Amitabh Pal
Hamas, the IRA, and Us  by Ali Abunimah
The War Comics of Yesteryear  by Robert Fisk

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Oil, Bribery and the CIA
Critics Say Saudi Antiterror Effort Nets Activists
For Iraq War Veterans, 'Invisible Wounds' That Never Heal
For Notorious Arms Sales Suspect, Secrets Are Bargaining Chips
19 Dead in Shootout in Russia's Caucasus
David Miliband: UK Was Slow to Act Against US Torture
UK 'Used Assassination' During Cold War, Says John Le Carre
Iraq Conflict Leaves Officers Weary and Humbled
Tuesday Marks 'End' of US Combat Mission in Iraq
A US 'Legacy of Waste' in Iraq
Interview with Allawi: 'Every Corner in Region Is Frightened'
US Troops in Iraq Go From Shock and Awe to 'Advise and Assist'
Iraqi Shi'ites Suffer From Violent Sectarianism
Iraq Says Sale of Donated US Computers Legal
Kurds Could Be Ready to Give Away Presidency
Allawi in Erbil to Confer With Kurdistan President
Iraq's Troubled Young Hearts
Sunday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded
Iran Demands Equity in Any US Talks
Iran Shifts Assets Out of Europe Banks
Early Obstacle at Start of Mideast Talks
Abbas Warns of Talks' Failure if Israeli Settlements Continue
US: Rabbi's Remarks Harm Peace Efforts
Israeli Actors Shun Settlement Shows
Level of US Role in Peace Talks Seen as Key to Success
Palestinians Prepare to Battle 'Zionist Editing' on Wikipedia
Calif. GOP Senate Candidate to Travel to Israel
Middle East
Yemen Says al-Qaeda Is Government's Main Challenge
Egypt Finds More Weapons in Sinai
Saudis Demand Government Jobs in Rare Protest
30-Plus Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Election: Five Campaigners for Female Candidate Shot Dead
NATO: Taliban Commander Captured in Afghanistan
Prosecutor Investigating Afghan Corruption Wasn't Fired, Official Says
Food Prices Soar in Pakistan Bazaars
Muslims Donate Nearly $1 Billion to Pakistan
Protests Fan Hong Kong Anger Over Manila Killings
Hackers Attack Philippine Government Website
Obama Administration Intensifies Efforts in Sudan
Kenya: Sudan Presidential Visit 'in Our Interest'
Al-Shabaab Close Strategic Street in Mogadishu
Ashdod Rally: Infiltrators Behind Surge in Violence
Algerian Army Kills 10 al-Qaeda Gunmen
Zimbabwe 'Too Broke for Elections Next Year'
The War at Home
'Obama Will Get Israel Nuked,' Say Protesters at Glenn Beck Rally
Joy and Tears Greet US Army Troops Back From Iraq
Signal, Security Firms Next Targets in Defense M&A
Camp Allows Kids of Fallen Soldiers to Express Loss
'War on Terror'
Canadian Idol and Doctor Volunteered at Israeli Hospital Before Being Labeled 'Terrorist'

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