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Updated September 3, 2010 - 11:24 PM EDT
Attack on Pakistani Shi'ite Rally Kills 73
  US Drone Kills 10 in North Waziristan
  China Definitely Hasn’t Invaded Pakistan, Insists China
  US Apologizes for Detention of Pakistani Military Delegation
NATO Kills 10 Campaign Workers; Karzai Furious
  Army Reservist Says Unit 'Woefully Unprepared' for Fall Deployment
  Karzai Calls Aide's Arrest Reminiscent of Soviet Times
  US Mulls Afghan Bank Bailout as Depositors Swarm Banks
  Petraeus: Senior Taliban Leaders Show Interest in Reconciliation Talks
US Commander Predicts US Stay Past 2011
  After Iraq War, Uncertainty and Seemingly Mixed Messages
  Powell Says Iraq Invasion Was Avoidable, Regrets False WMD Intel
Abbas, Netanyahu Agree to Bi-Weekly Meetings
  US Officals: Israel Peace Talks Somehow All About Iran
  Israeli Settlers Start New Construction, Slam Talks
  False Alarm on New Attack on Israelis in West Bank
  Middle East: Pessimistic About Peace, Yet…
Bradley Manning’s Lawyer Never Questioned His Sanity
Unstable Iraq May Draw Obama Back to War  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Shaky Logic of Iraq Revisionism  by Daniel Luban
America’s Corruption Racket in Central Asia  by Scott Horton
The Internet Trends Toward Truth  by Jeremy Sapienza
The True Cost of the War  by Paul Craig Roberts
We Owe the Troops an Exit  by Bob Herbert

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WikiLeaks Founder Admits Sexual Relations With Accuser
Turkey: UN Panel Gets Report on Flotilla Raid
Turkish Action Film Depicts Israeli Raid
New Yorkers Unsure of Islamic Center, Poll Finds
Russian General Goes Missing in Syria, Turns Up Dead in Turkey
EU Expects China to Support Sanctions Against Iran
Iran Hardliners Besiege Opposition Leader's Home
Iran Security Forces in Evidence Ahead of Pro-Palestinian Rallies
France 'Warns' Iran Over Newspaper Headline
Iran Stoning Lawyer Reunited With Family
Iran's Ahmadinejad to Visit Qatar
Three Iraqis Killed in Car Crash With US Military Vehicle
Thursday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
Middle East Peace Talks
Mideast Experts Fear Peace Talks Are Too Ambitious
Top Issue in Israeli-Palestinian Talks: When Will Real Negotiations Begin?
Hamas Among Intractable Issues in Mideast Talks
Settlements in West Bank Are Clouding Peace Talks
PA: Israeli Promises Pliable
Israeli PM Says Both Sides Must Compromise for Peace
Palestinian Leader Urges Israel to End Settlements
Israelis, Palestinians Seek Peace in a Year
Settlers Reveal Deep Disdain for Events in Washington
Israeli Rightists Step Up Anti-Peace Protest, Burn Palestinian Flags
Gaza: Militant Groups Promise More Attacks
PA Official Vows: 'We'll Hit Hamas With an Iron Fist'
Knesset Guards Shun Ex-Mossad Chief
Wiesenthal Worked for Israeli Spy Agency, Book Alleges
Israeli Teen Hurt as Assailants Pelt Car With Rocks in West Bank
Middle East
US Mulls Aid Package for Yemen to Thwart al-Qaeda
Are Saudi Dissidents Preparing to Overthrow the King?
Syria Holds Lebanon Shi'ite Cleric as Suspected Israeli Spy
Group Promotes Egypt's Spy Chief for President
Mexico: Soldiers Kill 25 in Gunbattle Near Border
Chávez's Government to Investigate Dead Hunger Striker's Family

'War on Terror'

US Customs/Immigration Officers Take Up Posts at Paris Airport to Identify Terrorists
The Cultural Damage of the 'War on Terror'
US Offers $5 Million Reward for Pakistani Taliban Leaders
Religious Minorities Suffering Worst in Pakistan Floods
Pakistan Gets IMF Relief, Tightens Security
IMF Agrees to $450 Million in Emergency Financing for Pakistan
Karzai Urges Afghans Not to Panic as Bank Withdrawals Accelerate
Army: Chaplain Is 1st Killed in Action Since '70
Gen. Petraeus Calls Relationship With Karzai Sound
Karzai: Afghan Govt Will Back Kabul Bank
2 American Troops Killed in Separate Attacks in Afghanistan
Marine General Says Taliban Drug Trade Faltering
Gates: Afghans Should Lead Corruption Fight
India Maoists Kill Police Hostage in Bihar State
A Kashmir Hospital Is Witness to Conflict
Google, Skype Targeted in India Security Crackdown
North Korea
US Non-Committal on Resuming North Korea Nuclear Talks
North Korea Takes Steps to Extend Dynastic Rule
China Calls for Compromise on North Korea Talks
China Census Highlights Growing Rights Awareness
Official: South Sudan Lawmakers May Vote to Secede
Sudan's North-South Faultline Worries About War
Somali Pirates Ally With Both Sides in War
UN: Somalia Showing Signs of Progress
US Somali Elders Meet With FBI, Denounce al-Shabaab
DR Congo
Rape Victims in Congo Raid Now More Than 240
UN Delays Release of Report on Possible Congo Genocide
HRW Denounces Alleged Abuse of Islamists in Morocco
US Military
Hexavalent Chromium Issues: Army Secretary Says KBR Contract Still Classified
Army 'Birther' Loses Ruling on Evidence
Vets With Stress Disorder More Likely to Develop Dementia
Some Vets to Get Ecstasy to Treat Their PTSD
$13m Reaper Drone Crashes During Test Flight in California

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