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Updated September 13, 2010 - 11:07 PM EDT
US Aims to Pare Back Afghan War Expectations
  US Report: Afghan Elections Likely to Be Marred With Fraud
  NATO Admits 'Possibly' Killing Afghan Campaign Workers
  NATO Chief: Taliban Can Never Return to Power
  US Ready to Back Down to Karzai Over Afghan Corruption
US Troops Involved in Iraq Combat Again
  British Servicemen Suspected of Murdering Iraqi Civilians
  2nd Soldier Alleges Commander Ordered '360 Rotational Fire' in Iraq
Netanyahu Vows to End Settlement Freeze
  Israeli Troops Kill 91-Year-Old, Grandson in Gaza Attack
Ex-Mossad Chief: World Must Attack Iran Now
  Iran to Release US Hiker on $500,000 Bail
Pentagon Warns UK Not to Cut Military Spending
US Drone Strike Kills Six in North Wazirsitan
Another Reason to Close Guantanamo: It's Expensive
How Much 'Success' Can Afghans Stand?  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Now We Know the Cause of Islamic Terrorism  by Jim Cox
Nine Years, Two Wars, Hundreds of Thousands Dead – and Nothing Learnt  by Robert Fisk
America the Exceptional  by Glenn Greenwald
Is This America?  by Nicholas D. Kristof
US Against Safe Havens for WikiLeaks  by Tom Hayden

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NSA Chief: 'Internet Is Fragile'
Quran-Burning Outrage Builds Across the Globe
Rauf: I Don't Support Hamas
Report: Saudi Diplomats Seeks Asylum in US
Australia Paying Troops Who 'Torture'
Anti-Terror Unit Deals Out Own Terror
Watchdog: 52 Journalists Killed Through August
Afghan Protesters Killed as Quran Tensions Simmer
Even the Moderates in Afghanistan Are Hardline Now
Taliban 'Surge' Leaves Afghanistan Less Secure
Pakistani Insurgent Group Expands in Afghanistan
British Troops Investigated for Heroin Smuggling
Afghan Commander Issues Rules on Contractors
Poll Violence, Fraud Could Fuel Anger Against Karzai, US
NATO Says 5 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan
Clashes Erupt in Kashmir; Hundreds Defy Curfew
Indefinite Curfew Imposed in Kashmir After Protests
Two Thirds in Indian Kashmir Want Independence
Minister's House Attacked Amid Curfew in Indian Kashmir
Indian Police Accuse Kashmiri Leader of Treason
India Braces for Ruling on Bitter Religious Dispute
Japan Frees Chinese Boat Crew but No Mention of Captain
China Rejects Japan Probe of Ship Incident
South Korea to Propose Flood Aid to North Korea
Nepalese Prime Minister Lobbies Against Maoist Premier Candidate
Eight Rebels Killed During North Caucasus Anti-Terrorism Sweep
Gunmen Kill Senior Dagestan Lawman: Report
Russia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent
Denmark Raises Terror Preparedness After Hotel Blast
Danish Police Play Down Report on Newspaper Threat
Kosovo: French Gendarme Injured in Kosovo Clash
'War on Terror'
Homeland Chief Says US Will Always Face Threats
Napolitano: Changes to Color-Coded Security Threat System Under Review
Iraq Holds 30,000 Without Trial: Amnesty
Amnesty: US Handover Puts Iraqi Prisoners at Risk
Journalist: Women Raped at Abu Ghraib Were Later 'Honor Killed'
Nelson Mandela 'Felt Betrayed by Tony Blair Over Decision to Join Iraq Invasion'
Police Officer Shot Dead by Sniper Bullet in Diyala
Seven Killed as Iraqi Army Clashes With Militants
Sunday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded
Jailed Iranian Activist, in a Letter Smuggled Out of Prison, Says He's Being Tortured
Sen. Scott Brown Calls Iran Greater Threat Than al-Qaeda
PM: Israel Must Be Recognized as Jewish State
Israel Refuses to Meet European Ministers for Settlement Talks
PA in Dispute Over Who Should Lead Negotiating Team
Soldiers Pictured Aiming Rifle at Palestinian Detainee
Gaza Rocket Strikes Israel, No Casualties
Three Palestinians Killed, Two Wounded in Gaza Strip
Peace Now: 2,066 Settlement Homes to Be Built as Soon as Freeze Ends
Official: Terror Attack Averted at Pro-Israeli Military Event in Paris
US Diplomat Fears Condemnation of Israel at IAEA Meeting
Turkish Reforms Pass by Wide Margin
Turkey's Constitutional Referendum
Clashes Mar Turkish Charter Poll Vote in Several Provinces
Boycott Supported in Kurdish Areas, Reducing 'Yes' Votes
Pro-Kurdish Protesters Attack Voting Booth
Military Vehicle Escorting Ballot Boxes in Turkey Attacked
Key Issues in Turkey's Referendum on Amendments
US Steps Up Efforts on Sudan Vote

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No Tears Needed Over the Demise of the US Empire

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Marked Imam Tests Lawn-Chair Constitutionalists

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The Curious Case of al-Soofi and al-Murisi

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P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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