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Updated September 15, 2010 - 10:07 PM EDT
Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade
  Afghan Govt Takes Control of Kabul Bank

30 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan Ahead of Vote

US Drone Strikes Kill 24 in North Waziristan

US, Iraqi Troops Kill Civilians in Fallujah Raid


US-Aligned Sunni Fighters Under Threat in Iraq


Iraqis Outraged at Payout for US Victims of Saddam

Israeli Rights Group Slams Army Over Civilian Killings
  Israeli Govt: They Hate Us For Our Freedom
  Israeli-Palestinian Accommodation: A Circle Not Easily Squared
Zawahiri Urges Jihad in Speech Marking 9/11 Anniversary
The American Way of War Quiz  by Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse
The Ghost of Munich: America's Appeasement Complex  by Fredrik Logevall and Kenneth Osgood
Obama's Hollow Guantánamo Apology  by Andy Worthington
A New Season in Military Fashions  by William Pfaff
How Smart Are the Iran Sanctions?  by Joy Gordon
Still Overreacting to 9/11  by Ron Hart

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Former Polish PM Denies Existence of CIA Prison

New Information Emerges on Post-9/11 Hunt for bin Laden

French FM: Mullah Omar Is in Pakistan, Everyone Knows It

Daniel Ellsberg Calls for Release of WikiLeaks Whistleblower Manning

Afghanistan: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same....

Allow Ground Zero Mosque, Says Salman Rushdie


Allawi-Bloc Legislator Says Won't Join Maliki-Led Govt

Iraq: Transferred Prisoners Have Reason to Fear New Jailers

Tuesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded

The War at Home

Iraq Vet Admits Killing 2 Roommates

GI Accused in Iraq Killings Due in Court

2 More Bodies Found in Wrong Plots at Arlington Cemetery

Convictions Hard to Get in Cases Like Blackwater's

President of Ex-Blackwater Firm Leaves Post

Veterans Court Takes a Chance on Violent Offenders

Military Families Cope With Multiple Deployments

Contractor With $100,000 Belt Buckle Found Guilty

US Military

Gates Starts Outlining Cuts to Save $100 Billion for Defense

Army Missteps in Basing Troops in Europe Could Cost Taxpayers Billions, GAO Report Finds

Army Band to Get a $4.4 Million Home

US Holding 324 Metric Tons of Bomb-Grade Uranium, Report Says

'War on Terror'

New Charges Brought Against NY Men in Terror Case

Judge Weighs Govt Terror Case Witness Testimony

US Eyes Terror Charges for Yemeni Cleric Al-Awlaki

Legislation Would Federalize Private Guards Who Protect US Government Buildings

Thousands Flee Eiffel Tower Bomb Scare

Middle East

5 Wounded in Turkish Artillery Fire on Border Areas in Kurdistan

Gay Saudi Diplomat Seeks US Asylum


Gates to Meet With Russian Defense Minister Serdyukov

Yanukovych: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia to Enrich Nuclear Fuel


Warlords, Alleged Killers Seek Re-Election to Afghan Parliament

Fears Raised Over Influx of Fake Afghan Poll Cards

US Debates Karzai's Place in Fighting Corruption

Afghan Residents in the North Keep Taliban at Bay

2 Blackwater Contractors Go on Trial in Virginia for Afghan Killings

Canada Probes Commando Conduct in Afghanistan


More Troops Sent Across Kashmir After Koran Protests

Kashmir Is Locked Down, but Bloodshed Continues

Death Toll Rises, Fresh Protests Hit Indian Kashmir


Iran's Former President Says Sanctions Are No 'Joke'

Ex-FBI Agent Levinson's Iran Disappearance Still a Mystery

Iran Releases Detained American Hiker on $500,000 Bail

Sanctions Deter Some Turkish Banks From Iran Trade

Iranian Defections Hint at Fissures Over Election

Israelis: 'This Is Our Last Chance for Peace'

Peace Talks: In Whose Name, Gazans Ask

Israel and Palestinian Leaders Extend Egypt Talks

In Talks, No Progress Seen on Israeli Settlements

Israeli Enclave Thrust Into Debate

Netanyahu to Abbas: Don't Let End of Settlement Freeze Foil Peace Talks

Palestinians, Israelis Show No Sign of Narrowing Gaps

Mitchell: Settlement Freeze Must Continue

Sources: Palestinian Killed by Israeli Fire on Gaza Border


US Steps Up Pressure, Incentives for Sudan

Ugandan Army Dismisses UN Accusations of Congo Crimes


US Charges Florida Pair With Selling Counterfeit Computer Chips From China to the US Navy and Military

China Hits Back at Japan as Boat Row Rumbles On


Justin Raimondo
Blaming Obama

Ivan Eland
The Koran Burning-Islamic Center Brouhaha

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Picture of Erik Prince

Nebojsa Malic
Capitulation, Not Compromise

Philip Giraldi
A Modest Proposal

Charles V. Peņa
The Curious Case of al-Soofi and al-Murisi

David R. Henderson
P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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