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Updated September 26, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Helicopters Attack Pakistan, Killing Over 34
  CIA Used 'Inaccurate Code' to Target Drones
  US Missiles Kill 7 in NW Pakistan
At Least 70 Taliban, Civilians Killed in Airstrikes
  Surge Moves Into High Gear in Kandahar
  Former Top UN Official Call for 'Gaza Style' Inquiry on Afghan Deaths
  Documents Shed More Light on Early Taliban Offers, Pakistan Role
FBI Raids Bring the Terror War Home
  Inspector General Criticism Doesn't Phase FBI Raids on Antiwar Activists
  Illinois Antiwar Activists Targeted by FBI Speak Out
  Top Iowa FBI Official Defends '08 Investigation of Antiwar Groups
US Seeks Settlements Compromise to Save Talks
  UN: Two Killed on Aid Ship Held Cameras When They Were Shot
  Abbas: Our Wounded Hands Still Capable of Holding Olive Branch
The Iraq War: US Prepares for Conflict, 2001
Justice Dept: Assassinations Up to President, Not Courts
It Is Official: The US Is A Police State  by Paul Craig Roberts
Murderers, Cowards, Morons and Thieves: Portrait of an Empire in a Political Season  by Chris Floyd
Decrypting the Shadow Behind Hamid Karzai, the Long Intended Chaos  by Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould
Obama Knows the War is Dumb, but Prefers Power Over Peace  by Ray McGovern
Wisdom of the Terrorist's Son  by Chris Hedges
A Better Way to Get Awlaki  Los Angeles Times

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Activists Rally After FBI Raids on Antiwar Groups
Internal Strife at WikiLeaks: German Spokesman Says He Will Leave Website
China Rises and Rises, Yet Still Gets Foreign Aid
Pentagon Destroys 9,500 Copies of Afghan War Memoir
In World of Cybersecurity, a Question of Who's in Charge
In 1975 Mayaguez Incident, Officials Considered US Prestige
'We Were Looking for a Nice, Peaceful Place Near Jerusalem'
Infant Dies After Inhaling Tear Gas in Jerusalem, Clashes Sparked
AP Photographer Wounded During West Bank Protest
While Netanyahu Decides on Settlements, Experts Fret Over Hamas Response
Hamas, Fatah Slated to Resume Reconciliation Talks
Settlers Brace for End of Building Freeze
Palestinian Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike in Israeli Jails
Arab League Chief: No Peace Talks if Israel Continues Building
Palestinians Throw Firebomb at Jerusalem Flat
Israeli Leaders Praise Fidel Castro
Germany Will Host Palestinian Refugees to Reach Peace, Says German Envoy
Islamic Movement: Israeli Arabs Will Reject Peace Achieved by Current PA Leaders
Despite Canceling Missile Deal, Russia Still Opposes Iran Sanctions
Iran Accuses UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief of Partiality
Iranians at Home and Abroad Evaluate Ahmadinejad's UN Speech
Ahmadinejad's UN Speech May Have Just Helped Israel
Iran Fights Malware Attacking Computers
Iranian Nuclear Plants Likely Target of Foiled Cyber Sabotage
Stuxnet Worm Mystery: What's the Cyber Weapon After?
Barney Frank Wants All Troops Home From Iraq: 'What the Hell Are They Doing There?'
US Gift for Iraqi Students Offers a Primer on Corruption
As Iraq's Schools Open, Children Struggle
Iraqi Journalists Face Daily Threat
Anti-US Iraqi Cleric Asks Arabs to Boycott Baghdad Summit
14 Kidnapped Iraqis Freed Near Amara
Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis Killed; 16 Iraqis Wounded
Lebanese Army and French Navy Stage Military Exercise
Quest for Hariri Killers Threatens to Tear Lebanon Apart
Sleiman Reiterates Refusal to Settle Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
2 Intelligence Agents Killed, 8 Injured in al-Qaeda Attack in Yemen's Capital
Friends of Yemen Discuss Extremist Threat
Middle East
Egypt and Thirsty Neighbors Are at Odds Over Nile
US: Syria Is Essential to Achieving Mideast Peace
Saudi King, British Defense Minister in Security Talks
Amman Activists Protest Israel's Detention of Jordanians
Turkey Rules Out Education in Kurdish at Schools
South Sudan Referendum Plans Seem Shaky
Sudanese Official: South Sudanese May Lose Citizenship
South Sudanese Urge World to Honor Referendum Backing
Somalia Chief Says al-Qaeda Seeks Growing African Base
Kenya Says West Wasting Money on Anti-Piracy Ships Off Somalia
Pirates Seize Cargo Ship Off Somalia's Coast With 12 Ukrainians Onboard
France: No Military Rescue for Hostages in Niger
'Every Reason' to Believe French Sahara Hostages Alive
More Reports of Rwandan Troops Deploying to Congo
Kidnapped Ukraine, Congo Pilots Freed in DR Congo
Nigeria Flooding Displaces 2 Million People
Chavez Fights to Keep Control in Legislative Vote
Colombian Police Examine FARC Rebels' Laptops
Colombia Strengthens Security After Chief Militant's Death
Chavez Urges Peace in Colombia After Rebel's Death
US Military
Christian Concert at US Base Challenged
Survey: Military Officers Favor 'Soft Power'
Veterans Speak Out to Prevent Marine Suicides
Army Limits Use of Images of Casualties in GI's Case
Army Guard Gets Its First Muslim Chaplain
Wounded in Iraq, Double-Amputee Returns to War
Weekend Reviews
When Time as Superpower Ends
It's Obama vs Infinite War
Linda Polman on 'Afghaniscam': Is US 'Aid' Making Things Worse?
An Examination of America's Path to Permanent War
Howard Zinn's Last Testament to the Immorality of War
Britain's Four Wars in Afghanistan, None a Victory
Bomb Blasts Kill NATO 3 Troops
IEDs Wounding More, Killing Fewer Troops in Afghanistan
Afghanistan-Bound Soldier Pays $5000 to Replace 'Dodgy' Army Kit
US Strategists Seek Afghan Fixes Outside the Box
Driver Killed as Militants Attack NATO Tankers in Afghanistan
Review of Australia's Role in Afghanistan
Road-Side Mine Blast Kills Two of a Family
Massive Afghan Iron Ore Deposit Up for Tender Again
Pakistan Airlines 'Bomb' Suspect Released in Sweden
Young Pakistan Is Moderate, Finds Results of New Study
US Wants More Aid Recognition in Pakistan
Two Killed in Terrorist Attack on Bahawalpur Mosque
Houses of Eight Militants Torched in Bajaur
Trio Cleared of Bombing Danish Embassy in Islamabad
Pakistan Minister Sacked After Maligning Army, Chief Justice
India Makes Major Shift in Policy in Kashmir
Detainee Releases Offered to Ease Kashmir Unrest
New 'Dialogue Group' to Hold Talks With People of Kashmir
Kashmir Unrest India's Internal Issue, Says Obama Administration
India: Mock Drills Held Hours Before Real Attack
Govt Trooper, Rebel Killed in Fighting in East Indian State
Commonwealth Games 2010: Athletes Warned of Rising Terrorism Threat
US, South Korea to Hold Naval War Games Next Week
North Korean Elite Secretly Jostle for the Reins of Power
5 Key People to Watch in North Korea
North Korean Leader's Son Enjoys Pampered Life in Macau
Three North Koreans Rescued at Sea Granted Asylum in South Korea
China Demands Compensation as Skipper Returns From Japanese Detention
Japan Refuses China Demand for Apology in Boat Row
US Sailor Ordered to Pay Japanese Murder Victim's Family $593,000
Thai Police to Up Security After Twin Bomb Attacks
Rights Groups Condemn Arrest of Thai Internet Editor
Official Myanmar Election Campaign Begins
Police-Student Clash Injures 50 People in Capital of Bangladesh
Closing Ceremony of Peace Mission 2010 Held in Kazakhstan
At Least 42 Injured in Suicide Bombing in Russia's Dagestan
Dagestan Home Surrounded After Bombing
Senior Caucasus Rebel Killed in Dagestan Fighting
Russian Opposition Stages Rare Authorized Protest
Russian-Azerbaijani Border Pact to Soothe Separatist Sentiments
Northern Ireland
Blast Bomb Found in North Belfast
Terror Threat to British Mainland Demands Better Police Resources, Says N. Ireland First Minister
ETA Ready for Verifiable, Permanent Ceasefire: Report
Serbian President Says Kosovo Talks to Start 'Soon'
UK: Firefighters 'Lost Control' of Blaze at Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Base
Americans Still Dying
Maryland Soldier Died in Iraq Awaiting Treatment for Illness
Mother Didn't Want Son to Enlist Because of Ongoing Wars (TX)
Illinois Spec Ops Soldier Killed on 9th Deployment
Slain Mesa (AZ) Soldier Was Mother of a Young Daughter
Soldier (NY) Killed in Afghanistan on First Wedding Anniversary
Family of Fallen Saginaw (MI) Soldier Honors His Memory
Body of Fallen Utah Soldier Escorted Home by Twin Brother
New Jersey Family Mourns Navy Seal Killed in Helicopter Crash
Orem (UT) Helicopter Pilot Killed in Afghanistan
Grandparents Remember Navy Seal (MO) Killed in Afghan Helo Crash
Marietta (GA) Marine Killed During Afghan Security Mission
Rineyville (KY) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Parents of Fallen Hernando (MS) Marine Talk About Their Son
Chopper Crash Takes Life of Former Naval Academy Lacrosse Player (MD)
Decorated Richmond (VA) Soldier Killed in Action
Bethlehem (PA) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Ambush

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