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Updated October 1, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
Gates: US Military Not Ever Leaving Afghanistan
  US Tax Money Goes to Taliban
  Six NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghan Attacks
Pakistan Blocks NATO After Attack Kills Soldiers
  US Tense Over Pakistan
  Dozens of NATO Oil Tankers Attacked in Pakistan
  US Alarm Over Video Showing Pakistani Soldiers Executing Civilians
  Rise in Af-Pak Cross-Border Attacks Spurs Backlash
Parties Unite to Back Maliki for New Term as PM
GAO: US Brigades in Europe Cost Billions
  Admiral Mullen: Cost of Military Health Care Is 'Not Sustainable'
  GAO: Pentagon Is Years From Achieving Clean Financial Books
  Surge in Military Suicides Tops Pentagon's 'Emergency' Issues
'Bin Laden Tape' Slams Muslim Govts for Military Spending
White House Denies Letter Begging for Settlement Freeze
Claims of Coup as State of Emergency Declared in Ecuador
AU Troops Shell Mogadishu Market Again, Killing 11 Civilians
Tea Party vs. War Party?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama-Men: Innocents Abroad; Politicos at Home  by Ray McGovern
Is Obama's Use of State Secrets Privilege the New Normal?  by Ryan Devereaux
The War Addicts  by Tom Engelhardt
The FBI Raids in Context  by Ron Jacobs
The Obama Administration's War on Privacy  by Glenn Greenwald

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WikiLeaks Founder Blasts Pentagon Amid Afghan Files Row
Pentagon Burns 'Operation Dark Heart': Censorship Gaffe?
US Sanctions Selectively Under Its Iran Policy
Woodward: CIA Hired Karzai Brother Before 9/11
Congress Aims to Renew Oversight of CIA Operations
Czech President Questions Global Governance in UN Speech
'War on Terror'
Life Sentence Sought in Failed Times Square Bombing
Europol: Terror Threat Still Real
Has the European Terror Threat Been Overhyped?
Official: Germans, Brits Behind Europe Terror Plot
Report Slams UK Cameras Used to Snoop on Muslims
UK Police 'Deeply Sorry' for CCTV Overkill
US Looks at Ways to Control Militant Websites
US Issues First Penalties Under Iran Sanctions
Four Big European Oil Firms Stop Investing in Iran: US
Japan to Withdraw From Iran Oil Project
Iran Media Subsidies to Be Based on Loyalty to Establishment
Iraq Breaks Record for Longest Time With No Government
Badr Supports SIIC, Both With Iraqiya Against Maliki
US Has First Trade Mission to Iraq Since End of Combat
Failed Bank Heist in Baghdad Leaves Three Dead
Iraq Set to Announce New Oil Reserves
Thursday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
White House Offers Israel a Carrot for Peace Talks
Yonatan and Itamar Shapira Tell What Really Happened on the 'Jewish Boat to Gaza'
Mideast Mystery: Did Israel Cyber Attack Target Iran Nuke Program?
Arab League May Call for UN Security Council Session on Settlement Freeze Expiration
Not 'Settling' for Nothing
Hamas Leader: Arafat Urged Attacks on Israel
Hezbollah Bars Members From Hariri Court Interview
Fighting Radicalism With Reform in Lebanon Refugee Camps
Middle East
Saudis Launch Hunt After 200 Escape From Prison
Kurdish Rebels Extend Cease-Fire Against Turkey
Yemeni FM Confirms Internal US Strikes on al-Qaeda
US 'Surge' Increases Focus on South Sudan Before Vote
Sudan Tribal Chief Threatens Vote in Border Region
Al-Qaeda Group Releases Tape of French Hostages
Dispute Over UN Report Evokes Rwandan Déjà Vu
Ecuador Coup Attempt? President Attacked in Police Revolt
Troops Storm Ecuador Hospital and Free Correa
Troops Seize Ecuador Airport in Protest
Killing for Sport in Afghanistan
Army 'Kill Team' Leader Wanted a Necklace of Fingers
Sergeant Tracked 'Kills' With Skull Tattoos, Military Reports Show
Gibbs Accused of Threatening Soldiers, Family Members
NATO Commander: Herat, Other Parts of Region Ready for Troop Drawdown
Taliban Reject Karzai's Peace Council as 'Failed'
Car Bomber in South Afghanistan Kills 3 Civilians
UN Report: Prices for Afghan Opium Soar Amid Drop in Production
CIA Chief Promises to 'Respect' Pakistan
Kerry Phones Gilani After NATO Strike
NATO Says Aircraft Did Cross Border Into Pakistan
Pakistan Holds Government Worker in NYC Plot
Indian Court: Hindus, Muslims Must Share Holy Site
Stiff Resistance Dogs India's ID Plan
Inter-Korean Military Talks End With No Progress
Koreas Meet Again to Discuss Family Reunions
North Korea Prints Photos of Heir Apparent Kim Jong Un
Young Kim's Debut Isn't Exactly Picture-Perfect
US Says Its North Korea Policy Not 'Personality Based'
Taiwanese Cool to China's Overtures
World's First 'Cyber Superweapon' Attacks China
Myanmar to Free Suu Kyi Days After Polls
US Lawmaker Sees Ploy in Suu Kyi Release Plan
Myanmar Courts Sentence Activists, Monk to Jail
Russia Wary About NATO November Summit Invite
Russian Destroyer Re-Enters Fleet
Serbian Government Wants to Scrap Military Conscription
Czech Department Store Bomb Kills 1, Leaves 6 Injured
Ex-Peru Rebels, Out Prison, Run for Elected Office
US Military
Military, Community Not Ready for Wave of Damaged Soldiers
Standoff Over Pentagon Closure in Va. Escalates With Call to Subpoena Gates
US Army 'Under Threat From Obesity'
US Navy to Purchase $5.3 Billion Worth of Combat Aircraft
Twin Study May Quiet Doubts Over PTSD-Trauma Link

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