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Updated October 9, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
NATO Chief: Europe Threat Justifies Afghan War
  NATO Air Strike Kills Six Security Force Members in Afghanistan
  Kunduz Governor Among 20 Killed in Mosque Bombing
Pakistan's Convoy Halt Forces US to Back Off
  Pakistan Decides to Reopen Major Supply Route for NATO Forces
  US Drone Strike Kills at Least 10 in Pakistan
  Black Hole of Pakistan: Billions of Dollars of US Aid Going to Waste
  Gunmen in Pakistan Set Fire to Nearly 30 More NATO Fuel Tankers
US Gets One Month to Revive Mideast Talks
  Easing of Blockade Not Enough to Rebuild Gaza
  Israeli Documentary Probes Death of a Peace Activist
Obama Dumps Jones as Nat'l Security Advisor
  Ban Naughty Countries From the Net: Former Intelligence Chief
  Should FBI Get Backdoor Access to Your E-Mail, Texts?
  Court Rejects Gitmo Detainee Appeal Over Secrecy
  Members of Hamburg Group Linked to Euro Plot Are Back in Germany
NATO Sends More Troops to North Kosovo
Dissident Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Enraging China
Yemen Governor: No Indication US Cleric Tied to al-Qaeda
Obama Will End the War or Lose the Elections  by Kevin B. Zeese
The State-Secrets Defense: A Privilege Too Far Gone  by Laura K. Donohue
The Karzai Family Fortune, Courtesy of US Taxpayers  by Michael Tennant
Birth of the National Security State  by Philip Giraldi
The Peace Prize in the Digital Age  by Jillian York
Afghanistan: War Without End  The Guardian

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Documents Detail Murders of Unarmed Iraqis by GOP House Hopeful
Germany to Do Away With US Nukes?
US Citizen Charged in Wake of Botched Israel Spying Attempt
US Never Took Peace Adviser Seriously
UN Weighs How to Answer Any Knock on Earth's Door
I Was Professor at Corrupt American Univ. of Iraq, Until Neocons Fired Me
US-NATO-Pakistan Relations
Petraeus to Pakistan: Stop Collaborating With Taliban
Pakistan Govt Decides in Principle to Reopen Torkham Supply Route to Afghanistan
Pakistan's ISI, a Hidden, Frustrating Power for US
Militants Attack NATO Tankers in Balochistan
NATO Members Are Not Our Friends: Pakistan PTI Chairman
Rhetoric, Interests Strain Pakistan-US Alliance
Pakistan Govt Sees 'Victory' in US-NATO Apologies
Outgoing Security Advisor Jones Voiced Concern on Pakistan
Pakistan Probes Video of Apparent Army Executions
Security Raised After Pakistan Sufi Shrine Attack
Karachi Shuts Down Day After Deadly Shrine Blasts
Killing of Pakistan Doctor Part of Taliban War on Educated
Interpol Issues Pakistan Army Arrest Warrants Over Mumbai Attacks
Five Shocking Findings of the Afghan Contractor Probe
Taliban on Verge of Collapse After Surge Success, Allies Insist
Canada Considers Militarizing Afghan Villagers
Nineteen Servicemembers in Afghanistan Have Malaria
Australian Troops Up Against More Than the Taliban
Sweet Deal for Afghan Kids: Candy in Exchange for Live Rocket
Report: North Korea Moving Toward Nuclear Weapons
South Korea Warns of Problems When NK Power Shifts
North Korean Official Confirms Kim Jong Un as Next Leader
Gates Underscores US Commitment to South Korea Security
Obama Urges China to Free Nobel Successor
Liu Xiaobo: 20 Years of Activism
The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Citation
US, China Clash Amid Fears of Currency War
China's Wen Jiabao Denies Playing Politics With Mineral Exports
Taiwanese Fishing Vessel Reported Pirated Is Free
Thailand Faces Difficult Choice on Alleged Arms Smuggler
NATO Chief Eyes Deeper Dialogue With China, India
Kyrgyzstan Has Become an Ungovernable Country
Feud: Somali Militant Group al-Shabab Could Split
Somali Pirates Strike Further South, Bringing Hostages to 383
UN Members Visit Darfur as Peacekeeper Is Abducted
Uganda World Cup Blasts: 36 Suspects, 7 Countries
US Calls for Withdrawal of UNESCO Prize Funded by African Dictator
Obama Dumps Jim Jones
Was Jones Fired Over Spat With Pakistan?
James Jones Never Made It to President Obama's Inner Circle
Top Officials Slammed Donilon in Woodward Book
'War on Terror'
Germany on the Look-Out for 'Extremely Dangerous' Islamist
Case Raises Questions About FBI Tactics Against Muslims
MN Terror Suspect Deported to Canada
Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back
Iraqis on Edge as Green Zone Rocket Attacks Intensify
Fears of Military Coup Surface in Iraq – Sources
Maliki Expects to Announce Coalition by Next Week
Kurd: Deal Closer on Settling Iraq Political Limbo
Iraq's Political Gambits Move to Regional Stage
Supporters of Radical Shi'ite Cleric Rally in Iraq
Demonstrations Launched in Basra, Karbala, Banned in Kut
Inmates in Basra Attack Guards With Grenades
As War Winds Down in Iraq, So Does US Construction, Influence
For Iraqi Mandaeans, a Journey to Peace
Friday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Russian Image 'Tarnished' Over Iran Missile Deal
Iran Forces Kill Two Suspected of Attacking Police
Iran to Buy Russian Nuclear Medicine
Germany: Iran Has to Come Clean on Nuclear Program
Iran Blasts World Bank for Refusing Loans
US Says Turkey Played Constructive Role in Iran Nuclear Crisis
Diplomats: Arabs Want Return to Indirect Mideast Talks
Settler Leader Drives Into Two Palestinian Kids as They Hurl Rocks
2 Militants Dead in Israeli Raid in West Bank
Arab League Endorses Palestinian Decision to Halt Peace Talks
Middle East
Iraqi Refugees in Syria Not Going Back
Hezbollah's Message to Lebanon: Plant More Trees
China Mounts Air Exercise With Turkey, US Says
Anna Chapman Resurfaces – Blast Off!
US Military
Slots for Soldiers Go Unfilled at West Point
Blackwater Firm's Embassy Dogs Not Up to Speed, Audit Says
Soldier Gets 21 Months for Lying About Money
Weekend Reviews
Behind the Afghan Reputation
Time to Rethink US Bases in Asia
War Everlasting
Iraq War Mobilizes a Collection of Thoughtful Teen Literature

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Study: Vets Are a Massive 'Unfunded Liability'

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Better Safe Than Sorry?

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An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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