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Updated October 13, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
Civilian Casualties Soar in South Afghanistan
  Petraeus Ushers in Dramatic Increase in Afghan Air Strikes
  NATO Lies About Civilian Death Toll, Claims 'Sharp Decline'
  Six NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan Attacks
Deputy PM: Israeli Officials Doubt Peace Possible
  Israeli MP: Ahmadinejad Must Not Leave Lebanon Alive
  PLO Official: We Will Recognize Israel in Return for 1967 Borders
  US Backs PM: Israel Is Jewish State
  US Nudges Palestinians to Answer Israeli Proposal
  Eggs, Shoes Hurled at Obama Poster During Tel Aviv Protest
  US Jews Increasingly Hawkish on Iran, Skeptical of Obama
Turkey Extends Mandate to Attack Kurds in Iraq
  Are Iraq's 'Disappeared' Detained in Secret Prisons?
Aid Groups: US 'Branding' Endangers Aid Workers in Pakistan
  NATO Copters Violate Pakistan Airspace, Again
Al-Qaeda's Fall Magazine Floats Ideas for Soft US Attacks
Government Secrets Can Be Pretty Killer  by Gene Healy
They Hate Us for Our Occupations  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama Takes Spying on Us to a New Level  by Nat Hentoff
Pipelineistan's New Silk Road  by Pepe Escobar and Tom Engelhardt
New START Treaty Falls Short  by Jason Ditz
Cut (Really Cut) Military Spending  by Christopher Preble

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Researcher: Suicide Terrorism Linked to Military Occupation
CIA Drones Could Be Grounded by Software Suit
Gates Says US Has Say in Disputes on Asia's Seas
Yemeni al-Qaeda Publishes Second English Magazine
Canadians, Americans Drifting Apart on Shared Security Since 9/11
Sri Lanka's Peace Dividend Perks Up Economy
Italy to Begin Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal in Mid-2011
Afghan Peace Council Members Want Gesture From US
Eight Dead as Cargo Plane Crashes Near Kabul
US: More Taliban Could Be Removed From UN Blacklist
Afghan Army Advances in Training, if Not in Field
Obama Pledges Probe in Kidnapped Briton's Death
Linda Norgrove Death: Brits Question What Really Happened
Pakistan Says It Is Key to Taliban Peace Talks
Pakistan's Judiciary Threatens Government Stability
Pakistan's Sindh Province on High Alert
Militants Bomb Girls School in Pakistan
Pakistan Needs Up to $30 Billion for Flood Recovery
North Korea
Russia Wants No Nukes in North Korea
Eldest Son of North Korean Leader Opposes Succession Plan
Top Chinese Leader Praises North Korea
US Alarmed by Harsh Tone of China's Military
China Tries to Calm Nerves Over Asia Sea Activity
China Calls Nobel Prize Internal Interference
Taiwan Developing Unmanned Military Aircraft
Azerbaijan Seeks 90% Hike in Defense Spending in '11
US Airbase Threatened in Kyrgyzstan as Russian-Backed Parties Poised to Take Power
Philippine President Grants Amnesty to Rebel Soldiers
US and Vietnam Build Ties With an Eye on China
Red Shirts Given 'Terrorism Training' in Cambodia
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Says She Won't Vote in Elections
Russia's Inflatable Military
Organizers of Suicide Bombing in Russia Arrested
Cameron to Set Out Defense Cuts as He Warns of 'Tough Road' Ahead
Clinton Eyes Serb Movement on Kosovo
Clinton, Citing Work With Obama, Urges Unity in Bosnia
Clashes Leave 12 Civilians Dead in Somali Capital
Rioters Burn Police Station in Northern Nigeria
Uganda: Court Dismisses Trial of Opposition Presidential Candidate
Zimbabwe PM: Don't Recognize Our 6 Ambassadors
US Military
Calif. Guard Auditor Blows Whistle on Slush Fund
Army Investigative Command Recruiting Agents
Report: Army Didn't Warn of Slain Soldier's Intent
Family Questions Soldier's Treatment Before Death
Police, Family Say Soldier Took Her Own Life, Was to Deploy to Afghanistan
Fort Hood Shooting Hearing Delayed
Families, Veterans Call Operation Name on Arlington Headstones Propaganda Move
12 Soldiers Killed, 20 Injured in West Iran Blast
Tehran 'To Show Proof' Israel's Nukes From US
Iran Blocks Tech Blog for Reporting on Stuxnet Worm
Two German Journalists Arrested in Iran
Iran: Reporters Had 'Contact With Counter-Revolutionaries'
Iran Accuses EU of Not Taking Resumption of Nuclear Talks Seriously
Saudi King, Ahmadinejad Talk Politics on Phone
Al-Qaeda Threatens to Nab Iraq Ministers' Families
Hakim, Sadrists Exchange Views on Govt. Formation
Oil Industry Looks to Iraq After Gulf Spill
Threats, Tension in Kirkuk as Iraq Census Delayed
UK: Two Civilians Jailed by Court Martial for Vicious Attack in Iraq
Barely Off the Ground: Iraqi Air Force Not Ready to Defend Nation
Iraq Seeks Diplomatic Thaw With Syria
Blasts Kill Three in Iraq
Tuesday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Lieberman: Palestinians May Try to Form Autonomous Arab Regions Within Israel
Fatah Official Says Two-State Solution Is Over
US: We Want Clear Path, Not Two-Month Delay of Peace Process Deadlock
Likud Slams Olmert After Speech Criticizing Netanyahu
Kadima Refuses as Yet Unmade Coalition Offer
Israel Says Flotilla Detainees Were Treated Well
EU Says Israel Must Guarantee Equality for All
Palestinians to Court: Let Us Harvest Olives Beyond Fence
Hopes and Olive Trees Wilt in West Bank
'Ex-Pentagon Official Says Pollard Sentence Was Too Harsh'
Poll: 76% of American Jews Think Arabs Want to Destroy Israel
Helen Thomas: You Cannot Criticize Israel in the US and Survive
Slain US Activist's Parents Seek Justice in Israel
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Threatens to Topple President
Deadly Blasts Raise Fears Ahead of Yemen Football Tournament
Middle East
Lebanese Army Arrests Nine Suspected of Spying for Israel
Canada: Airline Dispute Causes Eviction From Arab Air Base Used for Afghan Mission
Jordan Valley Joins List of Peace Obstacles
Colombian Army Officer Jailed for Hacking Deaths

'War on Terror'

Italy Appeals Trial of CIA Kidnapping Case Begins
Court: Does Terrorism Law Apply to Wife Attack?
Guantanamo Detainee's Trial Opens in New York
Juror Removed in Bronx Bombing Terror Trial
Unscathed Germany Is in Eye of Terrorism Scare
Alleged Qaeda Bomber Just Innocent Dupe, US Court Hears
How to Deal With Terrorist Hostages: Rescue or Ransom?

Justin Raimondo
Those 'Crazy' North Koreans

Ivan Eland
Woodward's Exposé Documents What We All Suspected

Kelley B. Vlahos
Are Veterans Our Only Hope?

Nebojsa Malic
The Bosnian Standoff

Philip Giraldi
Six More Years

Charles V. Peña
Better Safe Than Sorry?

David R. Henderson
An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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