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Updated October 17, 2010 - 11:23 PM EDT
Petraeus Turns Up Heat on Pakistan, Afghanistan
  Casualties at Highest Level Since Taliban Ousted in 2001
  Australia Brigadier: Troops 'Overwhelmed and Cannot Defeat Taliban'
  NATO Casualties Soaring as 45 Soldiers Killed in First Half of October
Pakistani Taliban Leader 'Wasn't Killed in Strike'
  Two US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill 10
  Gunmen Kill 25 in Pakistan's Largest City
  US Understates Civilian Casualties in Pakistan, Makes No Amends
US Won't Support a Maliki-Sadr Alliance for Iraq
  Sunnis in Iraq Allied With US Quitting to Rejoin Rebels
  Iraq Police Death Toll Close to Insurgency's Darkest Days
  Iraq's Allawi Tells CNN Iran Funds, Directs Terrorism in Mideast
US Optimism Over Stalled Peace Talks Puzzling
  Cracks Widen in Netanyahu's Coalition
  Palestinians Weighing Alternatives to Peace Talks
  Israel Ministers Unfazed by Global Condemnation
Time to Admit It: It Was Wrong to Invade Afghanistan  by Jacob Hornberger
The Imperial Defense of Pentagon Bloat  by David Sirota
The Same Neocons Who Peddled the al-Qaeda-Iraq Connection Are Targeting Iran  by Ali Gharib
The War On Terror  by Paul Craig Roberts
Then They Came for Me  by Robert Koehler
A Political Culture Free of Accountability  by Glenn Greenwald

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US Backing International Terrorists: Turkish PM
Superbombs and Secret Jails: What to Look for in WikiLeaks' Iraq Docs
US Studying Australian Internet Security Program
US Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack
MoD's Own Experts Reveal Britain's Nuclear Arms Safety Flaws
Activists Urge Canada to Ditch US Army-Deserter Policy
Iraqiya Spokesman Warns Kurds to Not Back Maliki
Bateekh: No Iraqi Govt to Be Formed Without Iraqiya Party
Iraqi PM Seeks Neighbors' Support to Stay in Power
Iraqiya: State of Law's Statements Do Not Help Build Confidence
Powerless in Baghdad
Seven Iraqis Arrested in September Army Base Attack
2 Sadrist Politicians Wounded in Baghdad
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded
US to Iran: Help Us Against al-Qaeda
Detained US Hikers Must Be Tried, Iranian Official Says
Iran Frees US Businessman Held for 30 Months
Germany Steps Up Efforts to Get Detained Journalists Released
Ahmadinejad's Visit to Lebanon Has Symbolic Worth
US Deal With European Oil Firms Hobbles Iran Air
Shalit Talks
Signs of New Effort to Free Israeli Held in Gaza
Top Shalit Activist: Say Yes to Hamas
Govt Confirms German Mediator Renewed Schalit Talks
Hamas Confirms Shalit Swap Talks Have Resumed
Israel: Where Does the Prisoner Deal Stand Now?
Shalit Campaign: Family Knows Nothing Regarding Resumption of Prisoner Swap Talks
Israeli Police Launch Drive to Fill Ranks With Settlers
Thousands March in Tel Aviv Against Loyalty Oath Bill
Settlers Set Fire to Olive Farms in West Bank
PM's Office: Construction Plans in East Jerusalem Are Nothing New
Egypt: New Israeli Building Permits Are a Sign That Talks Could Collapse
Russia Urges Israel to Cancel Construction Works in East Jerusalem
Gaza Restrictions an Obstacle to Peace: Elders
2 Israelis Suspected of Bribing Georgian Minister
New Date Sought for Paris Peace Summit: Israel
Arab States: World Must Put an End to 'Israeli Arrogance'
Hariri Tribunal Tensions Could Ignite Lebanese Civil Strife
Lebanon's Hariri Denies Iran Offered to Act as Domestic Mediator
Lebanon Army 'Will Remain' Guardian of National Unity
US Terror War in Yemen Frustrated by Politics
Deadly Attack Hits Yemen Convoy
Yemen Arrests Man Suspected of Financing al-Qaeda
Yemen Clamps Down on 'Strike by Bike' Jihadis
Australia Says Very High Risk of Terror Attack in Yemen
Middle East
Saudi Study: Extremist Websites Number 300 – Less Than Thought by West
Egypt Sees Tension Rise Between Muslims and Copts
Jordan's Bedouin 'Desert Forces'
Kuwait Seizes Eight Iraqi Fishermen
Winner of Nigeria's Longest Electoral Legal Tussle Installed
Nigerian Soldiers 'Arrest 100 Suspected Kidnappers'
Nigerian President Vows to Toughen Anti-Terorism Law
4 Die, 12 Injured in Militant Attack
Save the Children Demands Release of Briton Seized in Somalia
Sudan Objects to UN Plans for New Border Troops
LRA Rebels to Be Given 'Terrorist' Status: African Union
Niger Former Junta Number Two Held: Security Source
Rights Group Urges Rwanda to Respect Opposition
Americans Still Dying
Grandfather of Slain Texas Soldier: 'It's So Senseless.'
Albany (OR) Marine Planned to Marry on Return From Afghanistan
Reno (NV) Marine Sergeant Leaves Behind Wife and Two Stepdaughters
Florida Sailor's Medical School Dreams End With Deadly Afghan Blast
Cordele (GA) Soldier Remembered by His Former Teachers
Lexington (SC) Father of Four Killed in Afghanistan
Minnesota Soldier's Death Sends Sad Shockwaves Through His Former College
Family, Friends Pay Homage to NY Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Ruskin (FL) Soldier With Ties to WV Killed by Roadside Bomb
Chiefland (FL) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Granite Bay (CA) Marine Mourned by Fiancee
Family Remembers Fallen Slidell (LA) Soldier
Soldier From Norfolk (VA) Killed by Afghan IED
Afghanistan Occupation
In Afghan South, US Faces Frustrated Residents
Afghan Security Contractors May Pose Threat
US and Afghan Forces Hit Taliban Near Kandahar
Two Coalition Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan, NATO Forces Destroy Taliban Prison, Arrest 37 Prisoners
In Afghanistan, the Exit Plan Starts With 'if'
Gates Weighs Afghanistan and Leaks
US Military, Civilian Officials Claim Progress in Afghan War
Herat Could Be Handed to Afghans by 2011
British Aid Worker Was Close to Freedom, Afghan Tribal Elders Claim
Petraeus Disturbed by Confusion Over Hostage Death
Rap for US Troop Leadership in Afghan Killings Case
Britain, Italy Announce Extra Trainers for Afghanistan
NATO Must Keep Military Pressure on Taliban: Rasmussen
Mullah Omar Close to al-Qaeda: US State Department
Troops Capture Insurgents' Leader in Eastern Afghanistan
6 Militants Killed, 4 Detained in Southern Afghanistan
Mother of Military Policeman Killed by Sniper Learned at Reunion How He Died
'My Son Was Shot by a British Sniper, Now All I Want Is the Truth'
Karzai: Afghan Peace Council Is Hope for Future
Afghan Election Commission Adjudicates Over 4,500 Electoral Complaints for Preliminary Results
Taliban Publicly Execute Man in Eastern Afghanistan
Attacks Hit Kandahar, Killing 2 Afghan Civilians
Blasts Hit Southern Afghan City, at Least One Dead
Pakistani Taliban Kill 5 Soldiers After Commander Dies in Drone Attack
Report: Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan Plans Poisonous Gas Attacks
New War Rumors: US Plans to Seize Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
Government Critics Cite Pakistani Cabinet's Bulk
Taliban Blow Up Another School in Peshawar
Three Killed as NATO Supplies Attacked in Kalat, Khyber
Pakistan Seeks Drone Technology
Pakistan Rejects Allegations by Indian Army Chief
ANP Boycotts By-Polls in Karachi Over Security Situation
Dawn News Vehicle Targeted, Torched by Gunmen
Two Militants Killed in Indian Kashmir
104 Army Men Punished for Jammu & Kashmir Rights Violations
Sri Lanka
500 Former Rebels Released in Northern Sri Lanka
Over 4000 Ex-Sri Lankan Rebels Rehabilitated
Sri Lanka Probe Panel Slams Rights Groups
North Korea
North Korea Threatens '1,000-Fold' Increase in Weapons
North Korea Ready for Resumption of Six-Party Talks
Thousands in China, Japan Rally Over Island Claims
China Wants to Maintain Ties After Japanese, Chinese Protests
US Backs Off in Currency Dispute With China
US, China Hold Maritime Security Talks in Hawaii
Philippine Police Rescue 2 Indian Nationals, Kill 5 Kidnappers
Three Soldiers Wounded in Clash in Philippines
UN Concerned Over Fate of Nepal's Maoist Fighters
Lawmakers Sow Disillusion in Indonesia
Kosovo's Coalition Set to Break Up After Junior Partner Move
Georgia Amends Constitution, Reduces Presidential Powers
Defense Cuts to Be Kept Under 10 Percent: BBC
Britain Won't Increase Naval Presence Around Gibraltar
US Military
Witnesses Say Fort Hood Gunman Kept Firing Outside
Military Medics Combine Ultramodern and Time-Honored Methods to Save Lives on the Battlefield
Finally, US Army Makes Progress for Women in Uniform
'War on Terror'
Wife of Convicted Terrorist Headley Spoke to FBI in 2005
X-37b Update: Space Plane Spotted Again in Orbit
Australian Says Guantanamo Was 'Six Years of Hell'
Pipe-Bomb Found in Car in Ireland
French MP Says UK Is 'Losing Fight Against Islamic Extremists'
Dutch Terrorism Suspect Renounces Radicalism

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An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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