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Updated November 4, 2010 - 11:24 PM EDT
Republicans Vow to Cancel Afghan Drawdown
  US Fears Offensive Will Stall as Govt Fails to Fill Kandahar Positions
  Poland to Push for 2012 End to Afghan Mission at NATO Summit
  Russia Vows Help in Afghan War
Most Yemenis See al-Qaeda Presence as 'Myth'
  What Yemen Wants
  Yemen Branch of al-Qaeda Avoids Mistakes Made in Iraq, Report Says
State Dept Lists Anti-Iran Rebels as Terrorists
  Iran Says West's 'Arrogance' Could Doom Nuclear Talks
Israel Hints It Cleared Killing of Islamist With US
  Israeli Officials Cancel High-Level Talks as British FM Arrives
  US Midterm Results: AIPAC Claims Win
  Jewish Settler Leaders Praise Republican Gains
Guantanamo Military Procedures at a Standstill
US Drone Strikes Kill at Least 13 in N. Waziristan
US Conceals Faults Within Saudi Victory  by James Gundun
Israel Is Proud to Present:
The Aggressor-Victim
 by Gideon Levy
British Troops Use Torture – Even if It Is by Another Name  by Ruth Blakeley
Peace Out!  by Justin Raimondo
Killing Reconciliation  by Jeremy Scahill
Why Does Distance Ameliorate a War Crime?  by Hiroaki Sato

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Minister: Algeria to Arm Civilians to Fight Terror
Osama bin Laden and the Sahel
Bush: 'I Was a Dissenting Voice' on Iraq War
Election Outcome May Complicate Obama's Foreign Policy
Britain Used Tudor Law to Deprive Islanders of Home, Says Ex-Envoy
Around the World, Concern Over the Global Impact of US Elections
US Awards $500 Mln Contract to Expand Afghan Embassy
Suicide Attack Kills Two Soldiers in Eastern Afghanistan
Helmand Governor Lauds US Surge
NATO: Taliban Kill Five Afghan Civilians in Attack
Slovakia, Czech Republic to Increase Troops in Afghanistan
British Troops Could Leave Afghanistan Next Year, Says Helmand Governor
Afghan Attorney General Investigates Alleged Voting Fraud
US Goods Are the Top Draw at Afghanistan's Black Markets
Russia, Afghanistan Agree to Step Up Drugs Fight
US Military Medics Use Old and New Techniques to Save Wounded in Afghanistan
Poland's Afghan Mission Purely Training in 2012
China Stages Naval Exercises in South China Sea
China: House Arrest for Rights Lawyer
US Denies Airspace Violation in Pakistan
7 Kashmir Rebels Killed Before Obama's India Trip
Australia: Terror Attack in Manila May Be Imminent
South Korean Navy Fires on North Korean Fishing Vessel
China Accuses Peace Prize Supporter of Subversion
'War on Terror'
Military Ready for War in Cyberspace
CIA Lawyer: US Law Does Not Forbid Rendition
New TSA Pat-Down Procedure Expands Nationwide
'Are Any Parts of Your Body Sore?' Asks the Man From TSA
YouTube Withdraws Cleric's Videos
Ghailani's Trial in Embassies Bomb Case Nears End
Plotters Didn't Know Where Mail Bombs Would Go Off
European Embassies Under Siege From Parcel-Bombs
Swedish Police Arrest 2 on Terror Charges
Affidavit: West Toledoan Preparing for War With 'Shrooms, Beans
Greece Halts Foreign Mail After Letter Bombs Found
After Greek Bombs, Calls for Tougher EU Screening
Russia Flexes Muscles Over Island Spat With Japan
Japan Warns Russia: Stop Disputed Island Visits
NATO Head Urges New Start With Russia
UN: Somalia Vows to Release Child Soldiers in Army
France: Extradition Order for Rwandan Accused of War Crimes in DR Congo
The War at Home
Obama's Star Fades in Muslim World
Oklahoma Bans Sharia Law for Some Reason
Human Rights Campaigners Voice Disappointment With Obama
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens Attacks on Christians
Fate of Iraqi Christians Will Worsen, Catholic Experts Fear
Kirkuk: a Ticking Time Bomb in Volatile North Iraq
EU Condemns Attacks, Calls for End to Iraq's Political Stalemate
In New Iraq, Bombs and Gridlock Produce Familiar Misery
Fear of Bombings Empties Baghdad Streets
Kurdish PM: Iraq 'Close' to Partnership Govt
Iraqi Parliament Meeting to Elect Speaker Next Week
Woman Wounded by Hand Grenade in Mosul
Kurdistan's PM Discusses With US Diplomat Opening Consul in Arbil
96 People Apprehended, 150 Cannonballs Seized in Salah El-Din
Wednesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Yemen al-Qaeda Warned Tribe Against Helping Government
Atop Yemen al-Qaeda, a Militant Who Vows to Hit US
US Concerned About Former Guantanamo Prisoners in Yemen
UK Identifies al-Qaeda Offshoot as Key New Threat
Iran: Russia Gives in to 'Satan' With Missile Ban
Ahmadinejad: Iran to Make No Concessions in Nuclear Talks
British Foreign Secretary to Hold Secret Iran Talks While in Israel
France: Iran Says No Verdict Yet in Stoning Case
PA Official: Israel Intervened in US Vote
Israel to Publish Palestinian 'Incitement Index'
Livni: It's Stupid to Think a Weak Obama Helps Israel
Poll: Gazans Disappointed With Hamas
Israel on Alert for Package Bombs
Ayalon: Israel Will No Longer Cooperate With UNESCO
Israel Blocks Palestinian PM's Entry to Jordan
British FM Backs Non-Violent Struggle Against West Bank Wall
British Foreign Secretary to Meet Palestinian Activists in East Jerusalem
Carmiel Deputy Mayor: Keep Letting Arabs in and Soon They'll Want a Mosque
Turkey Links Suicide Bomber to Kurdish Group
Turkish Court Restores Ban on YouTube
Lebanon Cracks Down on Internet Freedom
US Adds to Support for Hariri Tribunal
Coptic Pope Says God Turned al-Qaeda Threat to 'Good'
Colombia Suspends 7 in Military After Children's Killings
US Military
DoD: Cybercom Ready for Business, One Month Late
Pentagon Awards Jet Fuel Contract to Secretive Company
Corporate Crime, Corroding Planes: the Inside Story of the Air Force's Tanker Mess

Justin Raimondo
Election 2010: A Disaster for Peace

Philip Giraldi
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Ivan Eland
Ted Sorensen's Death Should Cause Reflection

Kelley B. Vlahos
Anatomy of a Pentagon Lie

Nebojsa Malic
At the Crossroads

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Charles V. Peņa
High Alert Schizophrenia

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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