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Updated November 6, 2010 - 11:21 PM EDT
Two Mosque Bombings Kill 72 in NW Pakistan
GOP to Challenge Obama on Foreign Policy
  Ex-Clinton Aide: Obama Needs Terror Attack to 'Reconnect' With Voters
  Lawyers Balk at Cyber Command’s Desire to Go on Offensive
Afghan Taliban Rallying Despite Petraeus' Claims
  Sources: Most of the Stupid Taliban Are Dead
US Edging Toward 'Clandestine War' in Yemen
  Al-Qaeda Group in Yemen Takes Responsibility for Mail Bombs
  Yemeni al-Qaeda Claims It Caused UPS Plane Crash in Dubai
Iraqi Christians Seek Autonomous Region
  Footage Exposes Abuse in 'Britain's Abu Ghraib'
  US Censors Muslim Website's List of UK MPs Who Supported Iraq War
US Warns Syria of 'IAEA Action' Over Attack Site
  Bush: Olmert Asked Me to Bomb Suspected Syria Nuclear Plant
France: World United Behind Already-Rejected US Offer to Iran
Midterm Election Results a Setback for Peace  by Tom Hayden
What Did WikiLeaks Really Tell Us About Iran?  by Ali Gharib
Obama's National Security Policy: The Death of Hope and Change  by Andy Worthington
Will the Elections Change Obama's Iran Policy?  by Tony Karon
The Future of Bloated Defense  by Lewis McCrary
Liberty and Revisionist History  by Anthony Gregory

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Spy Agencies Infiltrate al-Qaeda
Obama Is Not Likely to Push India Hard on Pakistan
Mongolian Spy Invited to UK, Arrested at Airport
Algeria Acquits Ex-Guantanamo Inmate
FBI to Military Buildings Shooter: Call Us
In Córdoba, 'Mosque-Cathedral' Reflects Clash of Faiths
Rapes at Congo and Angola Line Spur Call for Inquiry
US Defends Human Rights Record at UN
'War on Terror'
Saudis Warned US of Attack Before Parcel Bomb Plot
Is France Right That Yemen Bomb Was Defused 17 Minutes Before Detonation?
Flying Lessons for Suspected Illegal Immigrants Prompt Inquiry
Appeals Court Overturns Release of Gitmo Detainee
British Citizenship Restored to Cleric Wanted on Terrorism Charges in US
Germany: 18-Year-Old Faces Charges of Terrorism Over Internet Videos
Wife of Convicted Terrorist on Trial in Germany
Man in Disguise Boards International Flight
US Agencies Were Forewarned About Suspect in 2008 Mumbai Bombings
TSA Workers Pulled Drug Prank Twice With Air Passengers
California Man Accused of Terror Funding Held Without Bail
Iran Dismisses Report of New US Nuclear Fuel Offer
Iran Cleric Accuses US of Anti-Iran 'Conspiracy, Arrogance'
Iran, Georgia: Washington Wary of Warming Ties Between Tehran and US Ally
Iraqi al-Qaeda Claims Bombs Against Shi'ite 'Insults'
Iraqi Civilians Systematically Abused, Court Hears
Lawyers Sue for UK Inquiry Into Iraq Abuse Claims
Outlook Improves for Two Large Southern Iraq Oilfields
Friday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
Israelis Mull Leaving Settlers in Palestine
Middle East Peace Will Remain a Priority for Obama, US Says
Livni: 'Netanyahu's Refusal to Extend Settlement Freeze Is Hurting Israel'
Israeli Fast Train to Run Through West Bank
Report: Lebanon Says Israel Erecting 21 Spy Posts Along Its Border
Weekend Reviews
Liberty and Revisionist History
A Revisionist's Korean War
Movie Review: Fair Game
Washington Rules
PTSD, by Any Other Name, Still Haunts Troops
Newly Published WWI Memoir Recalls Horror of Western Front
Teenage Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Afghanistan
Afghan Taliban Threaten Death to All Talking Peace
Clinton Hopes New Zealand Forces Stay in Afghanistan
Afghans Turn to Pakistan for Medical Treatment
Eight Terrorists Killed in Orakzai Airstrikes
Major Militant Attacks in Pakistan in 2010
Myanmar Election Campaign Not Much in Evidence
Myanmar Election Holds Little Hope for Democracy
UN Chief Says He Discussed Human Rights Privately in China
Beijing Denounces Nobel Prize as a Western Tool
The World Powers Court Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan Slams Pentagon Fuel Deal
An Islamist Uprising in Tajikistan
Georgia Nabs Russian 'Spy Ring,' Angering Moscow
12 Killed in Attack on Russian Village Home
In Russia, Search for Identity Is Caught in a Swirl of Symbols
Russia's Military Reform Leaves Officers Behind
Bosnia War Crimes Court Acquits 3 Serb Ex-Officials
No Bomb in Package Detonated Near Greek Parliament, Police Say
UN: 3 Latvian Helicopter Crew Kidnapped in Darfur
UN: Southern Sudan Vote Holds Unprecedented Risks
Spain Takes in 4 More Cuban Prisoners Freed Following Church Negotiation
Peruvian Judge Orders American Lori Berenson Freed
US Military
Rolling Stone Reporter Defends McChrystal Story
Facebook Brings the Afghan War to Fort Campbell
$69.3 Million Afghan-Contracting Fine May Be a Record
Little-Known Firm Keeps Getting Huge US Military Fuel Contract
Controversial Defense Contractors Mina and Red Star Reveal Owners

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A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

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Anatomy of a Pentagon Lie

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Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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