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Updated November 11, 2010 - 12:07 AM EST
US Approval of Russia Arms Pact Looks Shaky
  Ros-Lehtinen: House Can Push Obama to More Hawkish Foreign Policy
  GOP Congressman, Rights Groups Want Bush Probed Over Torture
  Pentagon: Foreign Intervention Is 'Last Resort' in Terror Fight
US Destroying 100s of Kandahar Civilian Homes
  Is Obama Backing Off That July 2011 Deadline?
  US Air Strikes Continue to Soar in Afghanistan
  Audio Recordings Raise New Doubts About Afghan Elections
  NATO to Investigate as Troops Kill Three Civilians in Helmand
Behind Yemen Drones, Struggle Over Covert Ops
  US to Use More Drones to Hunt for al-Qaeda in Yemen
  Brits Say Yemen Mail Bomb Could Have Detonated Over US
Blocs Agree on Iraq Government Deal
  Sun Sets on US Influence in Iraq as Deal on New Government Looms
  Homes Destroyed, Six Killed as Attacks Target Baghdad's Christians
Hawks Step Up Pressure on Obama Over Iran
EU President: Euroskepticism Could Lead to War
Note to Tea Party: End Interventionism First  by Michael Scheuer
Asia Trip: Obama Sticks to Failed Foreign Policy  by William Pfaff
Israel's Latest Building Plan Is a Pointless Provocation  Haaretz
Thank a Vet?  by Laurence M. Vance
Foreign Aid for Scoundrels  by William Easterly
Drifting Into Trouble in the Western Pacific  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Schr÷der Rejects Bush Assertion He Initially Backed War on Iraq
Documents Leak From Notorious US-Backed Unit as Obama Lands in Indonesia
Chinese Sub Pops Up in Middle of US Navy Exercise, Military Chiefs Red-Faced
US Troops 'Goaded' to Kill Civilians
Bioterrorism Risks Seen in Uganda
The Peril That NATO Can't Ignore
Eight Policemen, Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghan Unrest
We Had Nothing to Do With al-Qaeda's 9/11 Attacks, Afghan Taliban Notes
What Surge? NATO Says It Needs More Trainers for Afghan Cops
NATO Wants Russia to Expand Afghanistan Cooperation
Afghan Security Companies to Disband in Stages
Bomb Destroys Afghan Music Shop, Wounds 10
Visiting US Senators Praise Afghan Progress, Say Drawdown Date Is Unrealistic
Insurgency Suspect Seized Aboard Afghan Airliner
Kucinich to Seek Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal Vote Next Year
US Lawmakers Voice Concern About Afghan Corruption
McCain Calls on Obama to Clarify US Drawdown in Afghanistan
Pakistan Criticizes US Support for Indian UN Seat
Pakistan Plans to Scuttle India's Bid for UN Security Council
18 Terrorists Killed in Orakzai Agency
Pakistan Heads Down China Road
Suspected Rebels Kill 2 Indian Soldiers in Kashmir
Tribal Rebels Kill Woman in Northeast India, Death Toll at 24
Indian Minister Asks Obama to End Turban Frisking
Obama Marks Veterans Day With a Warning to North Korea
Security Council to Release Long-Delayed North Korea Nuclear Report
North Korea's Chief Nuke Scientist 'Held for Spying'
South Korean Navy Ship Sinking After Collision
Republican Seeks Obama Pressure on North Korea
Report: Medvedev Concerned Over North Korea's Nukes
Japan May Form New Unit to Watch China Navy
Japanese Coast Guard Member Admits to Leaking Video of Collision at Sea
Aung San Suu Kyi Appeal Rejected
Myanmar Rebel Groups Form New Alliance
Tajikistan Claims to Have All but Wiped Out Militant Group East of Capital
Kyrgyzstan's New Parliament
Philippine Massacre Blamed on Clan Leader
Germany Extends Three of Its Foreign Military Deployments
Germany May Scrap Military Intelligence, Handelsblatt Reports
Top US Lawmaker: Time to Review Russia Ties
Beaten Russian Reporter Convicted of Slander
British Commanders Say Defense Cuts Risk Falklands
Serb Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Kosovo War Crime
In Radio Dabanga Raid, Sudan Targets Last Uncensored Media Outlet on the Ground
US Struggles to Restore Middle East Talks
Israel Rules Out Freeze on East Jerusalem Building
Kerry: Israel May Extend Settlement Freeze
Clinton Warns Palestinians and Israelis Against 'Unilateral' Mideast Steps
Abbas Seeks Urgent Security Council Meeting Over East Jerusalem Construction
Clinton Criticizes Israeli Expanded Building Plan
US Accelerates Funding to PA With $150 Million Transfer
In Jerusalem, East Is Nobody's
Braverman: If No Peace Talks, Labor Should Leave Govt
IDF Arrests Hamas MP From the West Bank in Pre-Dawn Raid
Behind an Israeli Strike in Gaza, Help From Egypt
Despite Ban, Palestinians Build the Settlements
Hamas Admits 600-700 of Its Men Were Killed in Cast Lead
Kirkuk: A Ticking Time Bomb in Volatile North Iraq
With No Govt, Iraqis Struggle to Find Jobs
Eight People Wounded in Rocket Attack on Fortified Green Zone
IED Wounds Two Cops in Fallujah
Sticky Bomb Injures 3 People in Baghdad
Wednesday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 42 Wounded
Iran Won't Talk About Limiting Nuclear Program
Iran Building Its Own Anti-Aircraft Missile System
Hezbollah Chief Provokes Iran: No Such Thing as Persian Civilization
US Keeps Iran Off Board of UN Women's Agency
FBI: Al-Qaeda's Yemen Group Not Behind Dubai Crash
UK Police Suggest Yemen Bomb Disarmed Accidentally
Trial of US Citizen in Yemen Delayed
Middle East
Muslims Say Obama Failing to Keep Cairo Promises
Turkish Action Movie on Gaza Flotilla Raid Unlikely to Calm Regional Tensions
It's About to Get More Complicated for Town on Israel-Lebanon Border
Pro-Government Forces Grab Majority in Jordan Vote
US Military Helping Mexican Troops Battle Drug Cartels
Costa Rica Ready to Appeal to Higher Bodies in Border Dispute
'Kill Fidel Castro' Part of Video Game Angers Cuba
US Military
Administration Asks Court to Let 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Law Stand
Lockheed F-35 Fighter in Deficit Panel's Sights
Lockheed Tapped for New Anti-Ship Missile
'War on Terror'
Paper: Osama bin Laden Appoints New Commander to Spearhead War on West
NY Jury Deliberates at Guantanamo Detainee's Trial
France Says Terror Suspects Were Planning Attack
Attorney General Says 9/11 Trial Decision Is Near
NYPD Intelligence Detectives Go Their Own Way

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Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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