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Updated November 18, 2010 - 10:39 PM EST
US Support for Afghan War Plummets
  NATO in Afghanistan: 2015 and Beyond
  British Defense Chief: 30 to 40 Years of Afghan Occupation Ahead
  NATO Envoy: 'Eye-Watering' Violence in Afghanistan After Troops Leave
  New French Defense Minister Says Afghanistan a Trap
  Coalition Violence in Southern Afghanistan
US General: Iraq At Risk of Air Attack in 2012
  Iraqi President: I Won't Sign Aziz Death Order
  President Talabani Has No Objection to Form Christian Province
US Paying for Israel's West Bank Occupation
  State Dept Agrees to Put Pledges in Writing for Israeli Cabinet
  Despite US Effort, Syrian Mideast Role on the Rise
TSA Chief: Submit or Don't Fly
  GOP Lawmaker: Full-Body Scanners Violate Fourth Amendment
  Calif. Prosecutors Say They'll Charge Agents for Inappropriate Pat-Downs
  Civilian Court Clears Gitmo Detainee of 284 Terror Charges
Obama Denies Backing Down on Nuclear Pact
21 Civilians Killed as AU Shells Somali Market
Second Govt Panel Calls for Cutting Military Spending
Do Neoconservatives Really Care About the Iranian Opposition?  by Ali Gharib
The Arms of King Abdullah  by Brian Anderson
Obama's Choice: Military Quagmires or Economic Opportunities  by Leon Hadar
Just What Is the Army For, Exactly?  by Christina Patterson
Introducing the American Traveler Dignity Act  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Bad Bargain With Netanyahu  by Paul Pillar

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German Government Issues 'Concrete' Terror Warning
Antiwar Activists Called Back to Grand Jury
Hillary Clinton's Links to GOP May Aid Treaty
'Mission Accomplished' Banner May Hang in Bush Library
AIPAC Dirty Laundry Aired as Former Staffer Sues for Defamation
Pentagon Stops Shielding Sr. Mentors From Disclosure
US Spy Hive in Mexico City
Official: Iran, West Agree on Timing of Nuke Talks
Israeli Military Chief Says Time Needed to Measure Iran Sanctions
US Spares Japan Firm From Iran Sanctions
Iran Holds War Games, Set to Launch S300s
Iran Says Foreign Planes Violated Its Airspace
Ex Iran Pilot Claims Military Rife With Dissidents
Iran Warns Against Meddling With Its Russian Ties
Activist: Iran Pressured Germans to Fake Testimony
Iraqi Christians Flee After Violence
Iraqi Prime Minister Celebrates Eid Holiday in Palatial Setting
Sweden Slams EU Court for Iraqi Asylum Reviews
Iraq Officials to Discuss Trade With Mich. Arabs
Wednesday: 3 Iraqis Killed
Attorney General: Settlers' Building in East Jerusalem Must Be Sealed Off Immediately
Israeli PM Races to Bolster Support for Peace Deal
Shas Threatens Netanyahu Over Freeze
Half Netanyahu's Party Faction Against New West Bank Freeze
Fatah Accuses Hamas of West Bank Assassination Plot
Gaza: Airstrike Kills a Militant and His Brother, Israeli Military Says
Former Israeli Soldier Seeks to Shine a Light on Hebron
Top Israeli Cop Met Dubai Police Chief: Report
Ashkenazi: US Losing Foothold in Region
Israel to Withdraw From Half of Ghajar, on Lebanon's Border
Israel Pullback Alarms Lebanon Border Town
US Applauds Israel for Approving Lebanon Border Pullout
BBC Series on al-Hariri Pulled as Tension Rises in Lebanon
The Graves and the Greens of the Lebanon Golf Club
Egypt Frees Blogger Critical of President Mubarak
Madagascan Military Revolt as Leader Tries to Tighten Grip
Madagascar Troops Vow to Crush Any Rebellion
Madagascar General Claims to Have Seized Power
Nigeria: 19 Oil Hostages Released in Military Raid
Guinea: Post-Election Violence Prompts a State of Emergency and a Curfew
3 Civilians Killed in Truck Ambush by Hutu Rebels in Congo's Volatile East, UN Says
Norway Says It Knew About US Embassy 'Spying'
US Military
Army Investigators Say Soldier's Death in Iraq No Accident
Pentagon to Contractors: How About You Pay for Your Overbudget Gear
Marines to Restrict Spending on Ground Combat Equipment as Costs Soar
John McCain Backs Calls to Curb Military Spending
Veterans With PTSD May Be at Higher Risk for Heart Disease
The War at Home
Clinton: US Opposes Religious Defamation Bans
In Small US Muslim Enclave, a Plea to Pray in Peace
TSA vs. America
TSA Boss: New Pat-Downs Are More Invasive
GOP Congressman Regrets Creating TSA
TSA Full Body Scanners, Hand-Slide Searches Raise Privacy Concerns
TSA Decides to Stop Molesting Children
Rep. John Mica Urges Airports to Opt Out of TSA Screening
Southeast Airports Debate Dropping TSA Scanners
TSA Screenings Worry Sexual Assault Survivors
Bad Timing: Video of TSA Pat-Down of 3-Year-Old Girl Resurfaces After Two Years
California DA Vows to Prosecute Airport Screeners Who Touch Travelers Inappropriately
TSA Increasing Security at Logan Airport
How to Steal a Body-Scan Picture
Two Pilots Fight TSA Body Scanning
3D News Animators Take on the TSA
'War on Terror'
Cyber Attacks Present 'Huge' Threat, Gates Says
Agent Will Not Be Prosecuted Over Torture Claims
Police Continue MI5 'Torture' Investigation
London Asks US to Return Guantanamo Prisoner
Guantanamo Bay Ex-Prisoners, Britain Reach Deal
US Govt Websites 'Hijacked' by Chinese Hackers in Massive April Attack
Stuxnet a Threat to Critical Industries Worldwide
Son of Stuxnet? Variants of the Cyberweapon Likely, Senators Told
Karzai Criticism 'Not Helpful,' NATO Envoy Says, Citing Progress in War
US Wants Tribesmen to Fight Taliban in Afghanistan
Oversight Hearing Turns Focus to Embattled US Head of Afghan Recovery Agency
Australian PM Wants NATO 2014 Afghanistan Target
Pakistan Mosque Shootout Leaves 18 Injured
Pakistan's Biggest City on Edge of Gang-Led Civil War
Rift in Pakistan Coalition Widens Over MPs' Body for Judges
South Korea Urges North Korea to Give Back Buildings
South Korea Rejects North Korea Offer of Talks on Tourism
North Korea Urgently Needs Food Aid, UN Says
South Korea Says 3 Soldiers Killed During Routine Drill
Chinese Scrutinized for Meddling With Web Traffic
Wu Yuren, Activist Chinese Artist, Goes on Trial
Old Anti-Tank Mine Kills 14 in Cambodia
US, Kazakhstan Complete Secret Transfer of Nuclear Materials
On the Streets of Myanmar, Little Hope for Change
Anti-India Protests in Kashmir During Eid al-Adha
Kyrgyzstan: Exiled President Tried 'in Absentia'
Question Marks Hang Over Russian Spy Handoff Purveyor Vision Airlines
Feds: Russian Arms Suspect Not Beyond Law's Reach
Bout Pleads Not Guilty to US Arms Dealing Charges
Russian Secret Service Shows Off Stalin's Dacha for the First Time

Justin Raimondo
A 'Sustainable' Empire?

Philip Giraldi
Liar, Liar

Ivan Eland
Government Sexual Molestation in Airports Is 'Over the Top'

Kelley B. Vlahos
How Veterans Day Became a Farce

Nebojsa Malic
Diplomats Gone Wild

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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