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Updated December 7, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST

WikiLeaks' Assange Arrested, Denied Bail

  Gates Applauds Arrest of Assange
  French Judge Overrules Govt Calls to Shut WikiLeaks
  Holder: Action Taken Against ‘Arrogant’ WikiLeaks
  Swiss Cut Off Bank Account for WikiLeaks' Assange
  Australia Shuts Down Entire Post Office That Receives WikiLeaks Mail

Petraeus 'Doubts' 2014 Drawdown Date

  Karzai Abandons Plan to Ban Private Security Contractors
  Poll: Afghans Increasingly Back Insurgents

NATO Says Night Raids to Continue Despite Afghan Objections

US Forced to Release Docs on Domestic Spy Program

At Least 50 Killed in Suicide Attack in Pakistan

Diplomats: Little to Show in 8 Years at Pakistan Border

Top Shi'ite Told US to Back Sistani to Counter Iran
  With US Presence Fading in Iraq, Ex-Militia Faces Uncertain Future

Cables Belie Gulf States' Backing for Strikes on Iran

Aussie Ex-PM Pressed US to Prepare for China Attack
Argentina, Uruguay Join Brazil, Recognize Palestine

Cable: US-NATO Plan to Defend Baltics From Russia

The Lawless Wild West Attacks WikiLeaks  by Glenn Greenwald
What the Media Does Not Say About the Anti-Iran Leaks  by Muhammad Sahimi
WikiLeaks No Threat to Free Society  by Steven Greenhut
Focus on the Policy, Not WikiLeaks  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Hawks Call for War Against Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
Robert Kaplan Is Not Making Sense  by Justin Logan

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'Anonymous' Declares War on WikiLeaks' Censorers
Feds Use Intimidation to Keep Soldiers From Seeing, Discussing WikiLeaks

Petraeus Denies Wanting to Quit

Cables: A Lot of Blood for Little Oil

Did Canadian Official Call for Assange Killing Break Law?

Julian Assange Seeks Consular Assistance While He Weighs Suing Aussie PM
Cable Lists Easily Findable Sites; UK Official Calls Leak 'Reprehensible'

NH Firm Defends Decision to Cut Off WikiLeaks Due to DDoS Attacks

MasterCard Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks Payments

Columbia University Walks Back Anti-WikiLeaks Advice

Assange Warns Govt: More Dispatches to Come

Australian Leader Backs Off WikiLeaks 'Illegal' Comment

Latest Updates on Leak of US Cables, Day 9


US Jets Pound Northern Babel Without Iraqi Notification

An Iraqi Returns to Baghdad After a Trip Abroad

Politics Delay an Iraqi Census

Leak: Diplomats Were Misled by Saddam's 'Cordial' Manner

Leak: US Diplomats Bewildered and Bamboozled in Baghdad

Bombs Kill 2 Kids Playing Outside Home in Iraq

Monday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded


Iran Talks Recess With No Signs of Progress

Iran Cracks Down on Sunni Clerics

Iran's Entrepreneurs Do Business of a Sort in Face of Sanctions

US Military
Navy Serviceman Accused of Trying to Sell Classified Military Documents

Justices Hear Case on Denial of Help to Veteran

Gates Skeptical of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal This Year

Easy Numbers for ID Theft, Tossed Around by the Military

The War at Home

State Dept. Daily Is Window on a Jittery Planet


Ivory Coast Standoff Leads to Fears of Violence

Norway Convicts Man of Breaking Somalia Embargo

Nigeria Army Admits Civilians Died in Multiple Battles


British Soldier Died in US Friendly Fire Incident

WikiLeaks Cable: US Angry That Afghans Banned Cluster Bombs

Two Journalists Killed Near Pakistan-Afghanistan Border


US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan

Pakistani Taliban Takes Special Aim at Pro-Government Tribal Militias
In WikiLeaks Cables From Pakistan, US Officials Struggle for Leverage

FM: Israel Sees 'No Reason' for Settlement Freeze

Leak: US Used Israel Intelligence to Stifle Arms Trade

Obama Urges China to Check North Koreans

Diplomatic Impasse Over Korean Crisis

South Korea to Make Islands Near North Fortresses

International Criminal Court Probes Alleged North Korean War Crimes

Sweden's FM a 'Medium-Sized Dog,' the US Said

CIA Rendition Flights Stopped by Swedish Military

Leak: French Plans for Ship Upset US

WikiLeaks: Obama Administration Shocked by Europe Banking Transactions Rebuke

UN Prosecutor Urges Faster Serbia War Crimes Action

Russia and Her Neighbors

Leaked Memo Offers Insight to Russian Security Agencies

Russian Blogger Creates WikiLeaks-Style Anticorruption Site

In Other News

Filipino Troops Kill 5 Rebels Ahead of Xmas Truce

US Commander Praises Algeria for Progress in Fight Against Al-Qaeda

US Travel to Cuba Spikes to More Than 1,000 Daily


Justin Raimondo
Defend WikiLeaks – Boycott Amazon

Kelley B. Vlahos
COIN and the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Nebojsa Malic
Eastern Frontiers

Philip Giraldi
Thirty-Nine Congressmen Can't Be Wrong

Ivan Eland
US Policy Toward the Koreas Is Unrealistic

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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