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Updated December 15, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Suicide Bombers Kill 41 at Mosque in SE Iran

Obama 'Pleased' With Afghan War

  NATO Air Strike Destroys Afghan School, Kills 30 'Suspects'

NATO Admits to Killing Civilian in Marjah Air Strike


Red Cross Says Afghan Conditions Worst in 30 Years


Afghan Ultra-Violence: Petraeus Triples Air War


Holbrooke's Last Words: 'You've Got to Stop This War in Afghanistan'

The Inhumane Conditions of Manning's Detention
  Pending Swedish Appeal, Bailed Assange Still Held in Prison
  Berkeley Defers Vote on Honoring WikiLeaks Soldier Manning
  UK Outrage at 'Dangerous' Belief Foreign Policy Has Consequences
Mullen Demands Pakistan Attack N. Waziristan
Gen.: Israel Missile Defense For Bases, Not Cities

Israel Bars Entry to Palestinian Firemen Who Fought Blaze

Report: Kosovo PM Is Head of Human Organ Ring
US Terror Rules Thwart Cigar Imports
Campaign Against WikiLeaks Is Lawless  by Gene Healy
Why Did I Back Julian Assange? It's About Justice and Fairness  by Jemima Khan
The Moral Relativism of US Interventionists  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Fear of a Muslim Planet  by Leon T. Hadar
Politics in the Terrordome, 2011  by Stephan Salisbury and Tom Engelhardt
Slouching Towards Tyranny  by Bruce Fein

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UN to End Saddam-Era Sanctions on Iraq

Holbrooke's Death Leaves a Hole in Afghan Policy

White House Downplays Holbrooke's Last Words as Joking Exchange

Japan to Continue Paying $2 Billion a Year for US Troops

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Signs His First Book in Beirut


Air Force Blocks Media Sites That Post WikiLeaks

Berkeley Weighs Calling Alleged Leaker a Hero

Columbia Journalism School: WikiLeaks Prosecution 'Will Set Dangerous Precedent'

Sunni-Backed Politician to Join Iraqi Government

Bombs Kill 3 Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq, Police Say

Tuesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 69 Wounded


Minister Firing Sparks Outcry at Iran's President

US Irked by Swiss Helpfulness on Iran

The War at Home

'Bangor 5' Antiwar Protesters Convicted

LA Museum Whitewashes Antiwar Mural

'War on Terror'

Senate Plans Block on Guantánamo Transfers

Feds Need Warrant to Read E-Mails, Appeals Court Says

TSA Pat-Downs Still Stir Anger, Humiliation

US Military
Senate Appropriators Fund Second F-35 Engine, Defying Both Obama and Gates

'Birther' Soldier Faces 18 Months in Prison for Disobeying Orders


US Court Indicts Dutch FARC Rebel on Kidnapping Charges

WikiLeaks Drug Corruption Report Hits Peru General

Chavez's Decree Move Enrages Foes in Venezuela


WikiLeaks: Berlusconi Tries to Control Internet Content

Riots Erupt as Italian PM Berlusconi Wins Vote


Afghan Lawmakers Urge Karzai to Inaugurate New Parliament

Afghanistan Awards First Oil Contract

Taliban Kill 3 Custodians of Shrine in Peshawar

Gibbs: No Surprises in Afghanistan Review

German Defense Minister Criticized for 'Publicity Stunt' Trip to Afghanistan

Ruggiero Replaces Holbrooke as Acting Af-Pak Envoy

NATO Soldier Dies in Southern Afghanistan


Party Defection Threatens Pakistan Government

Mullen Expresses Impatience With Pakistan on Visit

Despite Fresh US Approach, Palestinians Say No Mideast Talks Without Settlement Freeze

Palestinians to Mitchell: US Must Demand Talks Based on 1967 Borders

Arab Family's Home Win Blow to Israeli 'Jews Only' Policy

Despite Having Lots of Plutonium, North Korea 'Enriching Weapons-Grade Uranium at a Number of Sites'

Richardson Hopes to Reduce Tensions in North Korea Trip


Senate to Push Ahead on US-Russia Nuclear Treaty

Russian Arms Sales to Reach $10 Billion This Year

In Other News

EU to Hit 'Uncooperative' Bosnian Politicians With Sanctions

US Memos: Mubarak's Son as President Tough Sell

US Official Says Leaks Did Not Hurt Yemen Ties

China Expanding Its Influence in Europe


Justin Raimondo
Holbrooke's Legacy

Ivan Eland
Carrots Likely Better Than Sticks in Iran Dealings

Kelley B. Vlahos
Aldous Huxley Would Be Proud

Philip Giraldi
Leaks and Leakers

Nebojsa Malic
Eastern Frontiers

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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