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Updated December 18, 2010 - 10:43 PM EST
Manning Offered Plea Bargain to Name Assange
  Assange: We Did Not Conspire With Our Source
  Bradley Manning's Prison Hell
  UK Navy Medic: WikiLeaks Turned Me Against War
Claims of Afghan Progress Convince No One
  Gains in Kandahar Came with More Brutal US Tactics
  Why Night Raids May Doom US Prospects in Afghanistan
US Missile Strikes Kill 54 in NW Pakistan
  Top US Spy Flees Pakistan After His Name Is Revealed in Lawsuit
US: Al-Qaeda in Yemen a Bigger Threat Than in Pakistan
  Official: CIA Officers Escape Yemen Attack
Senate Votes to Overturn Military Gay Ban, Eventually
Report: Turkey Working With Iran on New Enrichment Deal
House Overwhelmingly OKs New $725 Billion Military Bill
North Korea Warns South Over Live-Fire Artillery Drill
UN Faces Resistance in Calls for Regulation of Internet
History Is Repeating Itself in Afghanistan  by Patrick Cockburn
Beware the Campaign for War Against Iran  by Sheldon Richman
Why This Gigantic 'Intelligence' Apparatus?  by Robert Higgs
Journalists Are All Julian Assange  by Robert Parry
Economic Espionage Haunts AIPAC  by Grant Smith
Hell Hath No Fury Like an Empire Mocked  by Pepe Escobar

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House Roll Call Vote on Defense Bill
Fate of Arms Treaty Tied to Policy on Gays
Senate GOP's Concerns on Nuclear Treaty Could Indicate a Close Vote
White House Confident of 'Enough Support' for New START
Nigeria Drops Charges Against Halliburton, Cheney
Court Upholds Ruling on Military Recruitment Bans in Eureka and Arcata
US Pressured Italy to Influence Judiciary
Allawi Says Will Join Iraq Govt if Given Real Power
Sadr in War of Words With Splinter Group

Thousands of Christians Flee Central Iraq After Attacks

Aid Proposed to Keep Iraqi Christians From Fleeing Home
Iraq Offers Iran Anti-Terror Help
UN Raps Sweden for Deporting Iraqi Christians
Iraq Gets First Delivery of Attack Copters From US
AQI Female Bomber Planning to Attack Pilgrims Arrested
Experts Urge Iraq to Get Peaceful Nuclear Reactors
Friday: 8 Iraqis Wounded
CIA Accused of Role in Iran Suicide Bombing
US Urged to Strike Iran Opposition From Terror List
Iran Supreme Leader Blames West for Bombing
Funerals Held in Iran for Mosque Bombing Victims
Iran Releases Family of Imprisoned Filmmaker
Texas Couple Accused of Funneling Money to Iran
Palestinians 'Regret' US House Move Against State
Palestinian Land Appropriated for Israeli Train
Bolivia Recognizes Palestinian State
Ros-Lehtinen: Obama Wrong to Give 'Blank Check' to Palestinians
Palestinians: Navy Killed Teen
Cyprus, Israel Sign Deal Demarcating Sea Borders
Israeli Companies Outsourcing to Palestinians
Norway Upgrades Palestinian Mission
Middle East
Two Soldiers Killed in Attack on Checkpoint in Southern Yemen
Report: France to Send Lebanon 100 Anti-Tank Missiles
Human Rights Watch Urges Syria to Free Critic of Iran Poll
Sudan Tense Before Vote on Permanent Split
Darfur Violence Displaces 12,000 in Week
Cable: Sudan's President Bashir 'Stole Billions'
Ivory Coast
New Calls for Ivory Coast President to Concede Defeat, but He Stands Firm
Bloody Brawl in Ukrainian Parliament Caught on Tape
Belarus Looks East and West as Presidential Elections Approach
French Court Convicts 13 Pinochet-Era Officials
WikiLeaks' Lesson on Haiti
Venezuela Assembly Gives Chavez Decree Powers
US Cable: Cuban Opposition Out of Touch
WikiLeaks: Peru's President Has 'Colossal Ego'
The War at Home
Size Protects Government Contractors That Stray
Former US Ambassador Says Nukes No Longer Serve America's Interests
Former Blackwater Bought by Investment Group
Activists Anticipate Successful Senate Vote to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Loopholes in 'Do Not Board' List Let Infected Travelers Fly
Air Force Officials Overturn Osprey Crash Findings
Bank of America Says It Won't Process Payments Intended for WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks Chief Plots Next Move From Rural Refuge
Freed on Bail – but US Steps Up Efforts to Charge Assange With Conspiracy
Assange Begins Mansion Arrest, but His 'Source' Feels the Heat
Pentagon Denies Mistreating WikiLeaks Suspect
WikiLeaks Founder Proves His Australianness
US Criticizes Court That May Decide on Julian Assange Extradition, WikiLeaks Cables Show
UN Chief Says WikiLeaks Makes Diplomacy Difficult
From WikiLeaks Founder, a Barrage of Media Interviews
He Chose Sweden as a Refuge. It May Turn Out to Be His Undoing
WikiLeaks Is Being 'Attacked' by Banks: Founder Assange
Bloggers Claim WikiLeaks Struck Deal With Israel Over Diplomatic Cables Leaks
Host Vaughan Smith Spends Christmas in the Trenches With Assange
Mullen: Taliban Hideouts Can Be Shut Down
NATO Service Member Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Kabul Silent Over Obama's Afghan War Review
Taliban Reject Obama War Strategy Review
French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan on Reconnaissance Mission
Ashura Attacks Kill Nine in Pakistan: Police
Pakistan Set to Attack Taliban and al-Qaeda Outposts
Visiting Afghanistan, Mullen Voices Confidence in Pakistan
Pakistani Art in 'The Rising Tide,' a Show in Karachi
Maoist Rebels Kill 6 in Restive Eastern India
WikiLeaks: US Fears Bioweapons From India Labs
Leak: India Says Pakistan Must Do More on Mumbai
UN Chief Urges North Korea to Show Restraint
China Warns Possible Korea Clash Could Hurt Region
North Korean Nuclear Plant Targeted for UN Probe, Envoy Says
Failed North Korean Assassin Assimilates in the South
Japan Defense Focus Shifts From Russia to China

Kyrgyzstan Has New Premier and Government

UN Should Halve Its East Timor Police Force: Report
WikiLeaks: Bangladesh Intelligence Backed Islamists' Political Wing
Founder of Filipino Terrorist Group Faces Prison
'War on Terror'
UK, German Officials: No New Holiday Terror Plot
Officials: CIA Gave Waterboarders $5m Legal Shield
Think Tank Plans Study of How US Treats Detainees
Ghailani Fights Conviction in Embassies Bombing Case
Govt Loosens Terror Frozen Funds Requirement
Momin Khawaja: Canada Raises Terrorism Sentence
Weekend Reviews
Evil Empire
The First War on Terror
Swedish Documentary Peeks Behind the Curtain of WikiLeaks

Justin Raimondo
WikiLeaks: The Touchstone

Nebojsa Malic
Boss Snake's Mafia State

Philip Giraldi
Beltway Bunkum

Ivan Eland
Carrots Likely Better Than Sticks in Iran Dealings

Kelley B. Vlahos
Aldous Huxley Would Be Proud

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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