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Updated December 23, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
South Korea Drills to 'Punish the Enemy'
  UN Resolution Condemns North Korea Over Rights
Assange Warns US Media of Censorship Attempts
  UN Probing Bradley Manning's Mistreatment
UN Envoy: Spectacular Afghan Attacks in Offing
  Another Record: Over 800 Afghan Troops Killed in 2010
  25,000 US Soldiers Headed to Afghanistan in 2011
GAO Report Doubts Obama Missile Defense Plan
  In 71-26 Vote, Senate Ratifies New START Treaty
In Baghdad, Christmas Canceled
  Preparing for the Return of Moqtada al-Sadr
Settlement-Building Soars in Israel
  Minister Braverman Threatens to Quit, Says Israel Turning Into Iran
  Democrats Up in Arms Over Hints of Reduced Aid for Israel
Parcel Bombs Hit Two Embassies in Rome
US Plan for Pakistan Raids More Than Psywar
UN Calls for Major Escalation in Somalia
It Is Treason To Call WikiLeaks Treason  by John Jay Myers
Is Julian Assange a Journalist? It Doesn't Matter  by Jacob Sullum
No Perle of Wisdom on START  by David Corn
The Most Dangerous Man in Korea  by Peter Lee
Eisenhower's Lament  by Christopher Preble
Death of the Afghan Surge  by James Denselow

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Congress Approves Defense Bill, Sends to President
Chicago Antiwar Activist Subpoenaed Over 'Terror' Allegations
Are You in FBI's Suspicious Activities Database?
Air Force Suicide Rate Highest in 17 Years
Guantánamo Closing Set Back by Vote in Congress
Travel 'Harder and Riskier for Arabs', Says Survey
Leaked Cable Stirs Tension Between Palestinian Sides
Tensions Mount on Gaza Border After Increase in Rocket Attacks
UN Condemns Gaza Militants Over Rocket Attacks
Israel Moves to Counter Gaza Militants' New Weapon
Bolivia Sends Formal Letter Recognizing Palestine
Palestinian Christians Get Head Start on Christmas
Arabs: Political Environment to Blame for Attacks
Palestinians: Draft Condemning Settlements Ready for UN
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens Attacks on Christians
Stark Challenges Ahead for Iraq's New Government
Iraq's Criminal Court Releases Three Former Regime's Convicts
White House Congratulates Iraq on New Government
Oil Minister: Iraq's Oil Production Sees Increase
Georgia to Open Embassy in Baghdad
Wednesday: 3 Iraqis, 1 Syrian Killed; 4 Iraqis Wounded
GOP Figures Criticize Obama's Iran Policy in Rally for Controversial Exile Group
Ahmadinejad Arrives in Turkey Ahead of Nuclear Talks
Report: Iran Sunni Militant Group to Kill Hostage
Energy Policy in Iran Leaves Many Gasping
Iran Opposition: 'Dark Future' Awaits the Economy
Texans Charged in Iran Funds Investigation
Middle East
Lebanon's Hariri Denies Report on Ending UN Tribunal
Saudi Pro-Democracy Group's Protest Banned
In Poverty-Struck Yemen, al-Qaeda a Low Priority
Egypt: Stop Israeli Aggression Against Palestinians in Gaza
Ivory Coast Opposition Says 200 Dead, Calls for Protests
Kenya and Uganda Boost Security After Grenade Blast Linked to al-Shabab
Ballot Papers Arrive in South Sudan for January Vote
Former Argentine Dictator Sentenced to Life
Venezuela Bars Foreign Funding for NGOs
Cuba Convicts Salvadoran on Terror Charges
Norwegian Newpaper Gets Its Hands on Complete WikiLeaks Cable Files
Military Rescinds Memo on Restricted Access to WikiLeaks Documents
All Eyes on Bank of America as WikiLeaks Hints at New Bombshell
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Is Le Monde Newspaper's Man of the Year
Organization of American States: Joint Statement on WikiLeaks
Australian Journalists' Union Shows Support for Assange
US Medicines for Afghan Soldiers Disappear
Suicide Attack Kills 1 Police in Afghanistan
Taliban Derides UN Civilian Casualty Report as 'Propaganda'
UN Envoy Says Taliban Realize They Can't Win
Afghan Official Urges NATO to Eliminate Terrorist Centers
Afghan Official Says Iran Bans Fuel Exports
US Suits Against Pakistani Spy Chief Face Hurdles
Don't Make Pakistan Scapegoat for Afghan Failure, Haqqani Tells US
North Korea Response Muted to South's Planned Drills
NATO Weaves S. Asian Web
India Test-Fires Prithvi-11 Ballistic Missile
The Limits of Chinese Expansionism
Thailand Ends State of Emergency in Bangkok
Moscow Police Chief Questions Civil Liberties
Russian Paper to Air WikiLeaks Corruption Material
Elements of New Start US-Russia Nuclear Pact
'War on Terror'
UK Terror Plot Aimed British Landmarks, Shopping
Report: Memphis Police Not Complying With Federal Ban on Spying on Dissidents
Human Rights Watch: Detainee Transfer Ban Will Hinder Terror Fight
Jordanians Play Active Role in al-Qaeda
Three Guilty Over Jihadist Gun Plot on Sydney Army Base
The War at Home
Your Country Needs You, Obama Tells Gay Troops
White House Backs Top US Spy After Interview Slip
Halliburton Settles Bribery Case, Says Charges Against Cheney Dropped
FBI Investigating Alleged Hate Crime Outside Mosque
Carl Levin to Look Into Air Force Mix-Up

Justin Raimondo
WikiLeaks on Cuba:
US Undermines Dissidents

Philip Giraldi
Stealth Resolutions by Congress

Ivan Eland
A Radical Solution for the War in Afghanistan

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Richard Holbrooke and the Clinton Curse

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Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

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Boss Snake's Mafia State

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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