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Updated January 2, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
The Afghanistan War Gets Ultraviolent
  Afghan Situation Will Get Worse in 2011
  With Air Force's New Drone, 'We Can See Everything'
  Karzai Rejects US Request to Replace Minister
US Missiles Kill 19 in Pakistan Tribal Area
  Pakistan: US Will Ultimately Stop Drone Attacks, Says PM Gilani
Total 2010 Iraq Death Toll Tops 2009: Govt
  Iraq Attacks Kill Two Policemen, Mayor's Wife
US Furious at Barak for Exaggerating Role in Peace Process
  Bil'in Protester Dies After Exposure to Tear Gas Shot by IDF
  Gazan Youth Issue Manifesto Against All Sides in the Conflict
Clashes Follow Deadly Egypt Church Bombing
UK Would Back Use of Force to Oust Ivory Coast Regime
Whatever Happened to the 'Ground Zero Mosque'?
Bradley Manning: One Soldier Who Really Did 'Defend Our Freedom'  by Kevin Carson
Encouraging Enemies to Gang Up Against Us  by Paul Pillar
Obama's Selective Outrage: Rage Against Russia, Silence at Indian Injustice  by Chris Floyd
Birth of Pakistan's Islamic Extremism  by Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Media Spreading Falsehoods About WikiLeaks  by Julianne Shepherd and Tana Ganeva
The TSA's State-Mandated Molestation  by Jennifer Abel

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MPs Refused the Facts on UK's Part in Rendition Cases
Obama Offers Help After Attacks in Egypt, Nigeria
Romanian Paper Honors WikiLeaks' Julian Assange
Mercs (Kinda Sorta) Lose Out in the Defense Bill
General Fail: The Military's Worst Tweeters
Arab World: Fighting for Autonomy
Cameron Warns of Terror Threats in 2011
Britain's Anti-Terror Control Orders Condemned as 'Trademark of Despots'
Israel Says Direct Negotiations Best Path to Peace
Middle East Peace Process Strategically Fails, Focus on Alternatives: Barghouti
Abbas: Latest Palestinian Death Another Israeli Crime Against Our Helpless Nation
Police Clash With Leftists at Tel Aviv Demonstration of Bil'in Protester's Death
Ex-MK Arrested During Protest of Bil'in Activist Death
Netanyahu Launches Last-Ditch Effort to Stop General Strike Across Israel
Case Against IDF Officer Who Condoned Violence Against Palestinians Closed
Former IDF Chief: Israel Could Have Paid to Have Ron Arad Returned
Iran Says Israel Abducted, Killed Top Defense Official
Top Iran Prosecutor Vows to Charge Opposition Leaders
Iran Stoning Woman Says Will Sue German Journalists
Son of Iranian Woman Sentenced to Be Stoned Tells Reporters He Has Been Released on Bail
Iran Revamps Education System to Strip Out Western Influence
Iraqi Senior Officer Assassinated in Central Baghdad
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 1 Wounded
Israeli Amb. to Egypt Leaves Cairo Without Prior Notice
Egypt Church Bombing: Why Some Point to al Qaeda-Linked Group
Egypt President Vows to 'Cut Off Hand' of Terrorism After Church Attack
US Says Egypt Military Resists Change: WikiLeaks
Report: US in Secret Talks With Syria Over Peace Accord With Israel
Syria Welcomes Appointment of US Ambassador After Obama Bypasses Senate's Approval
Middle East
Lebanon Labor Minister Drafts Law Preventing Inter-Religious Property and Land Sales
Yemen Parliament Debates Constitutional Amendments
Ivory Coast
Don't Count on Foreign Troops, Gbagbo Tells Rival
Ivory Coast Leader Says He Is Victim of 'World Plot'
Laurent Gbagbo Rejects Ivory Coast Resignation Deadline
Ivory Coast Leader Accuses Rival of Plotting Coup
Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Entrenched Unless Ousted by Force Soon: Rival
UN Peacekeepers Focus on Reported Ivory Coast Abuses
Nigerian Leader Vows to Rid Country of 'Terrorists'
Questions Surround Latest Bomb Attack
Boko Haram Killing Spree Spreads
Sudan's President Says He Will Accept Referendum Result
Top Sunni Scholar Fatwa Against Sudan Muslims Voting for Separation
Prosecutor Confirms Accusation Against Sudan Leader in Cable
Rights Unclear for Sudanese if Divided by Border
Anonymous Hackers Target Zimbabwe Govt Over WikiLeaks
Frosty Relations Between Senegal, Gambia After Iran Arms Deal Revealed
UN Downsizes Burundi Office
Mali Tries to Form Bulwark Against Extremists
EU Force: Somali Pirates Hijack Fishing Vessel
Weekend Reviews
Power Struggle With a Bloody End
Shooting Hope
Cultures of War
The Gutted Writ: on Habeas Corpus
Hidden Histories: Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean
Napolitano Meets With Karzai, Talks About Ways to Intercept IED Chemicals
US to Send Agents to Fight Afghan Money Smuggling
Two NATO Troops Die in Afghanistan on First Day of 2011
NATO: 5 Taliban Militants Killed in North Afghanistan Raid
Warnings Missed Before Soldier's Lonely Afghan Death
Afghanistan Asks Iran for Number of Afghan Prisoners
Taliban: Demands Not Met for French Hostages
France Rejects 'Absurd' Taliban Hostage Spy Claims
Violence, Tradition Keep Millions of Afghans From School
Drone Technology Should Be Given to Us: Pakistan Prime Minister
Malik Says Govt Unwilling to Amend Blasphemy Law
Names of Benazir Bhutto's Killers Be Made Public: Tasneem
Act Before It's Too Late, IMF Officials Warn Pakistan
Pakistan, India Swap Nuclear Sites Lists
Pakistanis, Indians Want Peace and Friendship: Poll
Jammu and Kashmir: Two Soldiers Killed by Militants
Kashmiri Teacher Arrested for Controversial Exam Questions Released on Bail
'Separatists' Held, Kashmiri Student Goes Missing
Freed Indian Rebel Leader Invites Peace Dialogue
Indian Police Arrest Two Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami Suspects
2 Policemen Killed in Bombing in South Thailand
Military Braces for End of Truce in Philippines
Japan to Consider Using Drones: Report
Pipeline Begins Supplying Oil From Russia to China
Is This China's First Stealth Fighter?
Hungary Introduces Europe's Most Restrictive Media Law
Media Law Overshadows Hungary's EU Presidency
Belarus Kicks Out European Watchdog Agency
Danish Plot Suspect Linked to Islamic Extremists
Greece to Build Fence Along Turkish Border
Baltic State of Estonia Adopts the Euro
Anna Chapman Named Russia's Woman of the Year
Stalin Statue Blown Up in Ukraine
Pope Benedict to Hold Religious Peace Summit
Pope Denounces Abuse of Christians
Without Ambassadors, US-Venezuela Tensions Grow
Former Marxist Guerrilla Sworn in as President of Brazil
Cardinal Says Cuba Will Free Prisoners as Promised
Protesters Use Haiti's Independence Day Celebrations to Demand New Elections
The War at Home
FAA: Pilot Error Led DC-Bound Airliner to Lose Radio Contact, Prompting US Capitol Evacuation
Docs Detail CIA's Cold War Hypnosis Push
Iraq Vet Dies; Cancer Linked to Iraq Burn Pits
Meet the Xb-70 Valkyrie, Almost the World's First Nuclear Aircraft
Americans Still Dying
A Devastating Christmas for a Bethalto (IL) Marine's Family
Killed on First Combat Tour, Hutto (TX) Marine Leaves Behind Infant Son
A Father's Grief: Marine (TN) With Ties to New Mexico Killed in Afghanistan

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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