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Updated January 11, 2011 - 11:05 PM EST

Congressmen Eye New Curbs on Political Speech

Biden: US to Stay in Afghanistan 'Well Beyond 2014'

  Petraeus: Deal Proves Taliban 'Weaker' in South
  US Watchdog for Afghan Projects Resigns
  NATO Kills Three Afghan Police in Air Strike

Afghan Insurgents Match Surge With More IEDs

Did Facebook, Google Get WikiLeaks Subpoenas?
  1000s of WikiLeaks' Twitter Followers 'Unfollow' in Face of Subpoena
60 Killed in Sudan Border Clashes
Pakistan PM Warns Media to Stop Reporting on 'Extremists'
The Other Eisenhowers  by Bill Kauffman
Bradley Manning's Inhumane Imprisonment  Los Angeles Times
Silent Surge: A Shocking Act of Political Violence  by Chris Floyd
I Don't Like Ike  by Lew Rockwell
Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law  by Kevin B. Zeese
Guantánamo Forever?  by Andy Worthington

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Eisenhower's Farewell Address, 50 Years Later
Drafting History: How – and Why – Ike's Farewell Was Written

Gates May Cut at Least One Army Brigade From Europe

Appropriators Sound Support for Israel Missile Defense

Assange: WikiLeaks Losing Half a Million Euros a Week

Judge Finds Officer Kneed Antiwar Protester in Cell


Iraq-US Accord to Supply Iraq With Advanced Combat Weapons

MPs From Iraqiya Bloc Visit Tehran


US Says Sanctions Hurt Iran Nuclear Program

Clinton: Arab World Must Confront Iran Together

Iran Claims to Have Broken Up Israeli Spy Ring

Iran Sentences Human Rights Lawyer to 11 Years in Jail


Assange Due in UK Court Over Swedish Extradition

Singapore: WikiLeaks 'Disastrous' for US Diplomacy

US Military
Pentagon Kept Defense Lawmakers Mostly in Dark on Cost-Cutting Proposals
Justice Deferred: Army Deploys Soldiers Accused of Felonies, Leaving Victims, Judges, to Wait for Court Date

Despite Weekend Clash, South Sudan Voting Is Peaceful

Huge Turnout Again on 2nd Day of South Sudan Vote

North to Take on All Sudanese Debt if South Secedes

North Africa

At Least 20 Killed in Economic Protests in Tunisia and Algeria

Tunisia Closes All Universities to Quell Unrest


Belarus Facing Unprecedented Sanctions

Belarus Suggests It Will Take Custody of Opponent's Son


South Korea, Japan to Discuss Military Pact

In Possible Thaw, North Korea Invites South to Talk


US Troops Wage War With Cash in Afghanistan

Biden Makes Unannounced Visit to Afghanistan

Senior Taliban Commander Among 15 Killed in Afghanistan

Suicide Bombing Kills 3 in Afghanistan


Pakistan Frees Leader With Links to Al-Qaeda and Taliban

Pakistan Reaffirms Ban on Onion Exports to India

Qadri Pleads Guilty to Pakistan Slaying

Killing Underlines Pakistan's Religious and Generational Divide


Palestinians Lobbying to Secure State Recognition by UN

Knesset Committee Okays Citizenship Law

Israel Kills Palestinian Farmer Near Gaza 'Buffer Zone'

Netanyahu Backs Sheikh Jarrah Construction

Lieberman Slams Rightist MPs for Opposing Probe of Antiwar NGOs

UN Chief 'Deplores' Demolition of East Jerusalem Hotel

Arab Bid for Housing at Risk From Jewish Rivals

UK Jews Angered Palestine Tourism Ad Ignores Israel

Report: Chinese Troops Cross Into Indian Territory

Chinese Defense Chief Tepid to Gates

Chinese Media Says Gates Visit Alone Cannot Heal Ties


Fear of Deportation Hangs Over Myanmar Refugees Hiding in Thailand

Myanmar Enacts Military Draft Law for Men, Women


Justin Raimondo
The Uses of Political Violence

Philip Giraldi
Law and Disorder

Ivan Eland
Tea Party Should Emulate Clinton, Not Reagan

Kelley B. Vlahos
WikiLeaks Highlights Drug War Mission Creep

Nebojsa Malic
Moments of Revelation

Ran HaCohen
Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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