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Updated January 17, 2011 - 11:11 PM EST
Armed Services Chair: Pentagon Cuts 'Dangerous'
Clashes Reported at Tunisia's Presidential Palace
  Govt: More Than 78 Deaths in Tunisian Unrest
  Activists, Arab Leaders on Edge as Tunisia Hangs in the Balance
  Was WikiLeaks Responsible for Tunisia? US Says No, Libya Says Yes
Minibus Bombing in NW Pakistan Kills 19
  'Partial Curfew' as Karachi Violence Continues
Hezbollah Blames US as Lebanon in Stalemate
  Nasrallah Says Opposition Will Not Support Hariri as Premier
US Helped Develop Stuxnet Computer Worm
  Russia Warns of 'Iranian Chernobyl' From Stuxnet
  Cables Reiterate Depth of US Belief in Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
17 Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Bombs
Barak Breaks With Labor, Stays With Netanyahu
  Israel Moves on Massive Settlement Expansion
State Dept Warned Not to Mention Pentagon's UFO Concerns
America's Peacetime Crimes Against Iraq  by Anthony Gregory
Speech Pathology: Rain Puddles in Heaven, Hellfire on Earth  by Chris Floyd
The US Is Wrong About Iran. Cutting a Deal Is the Only Win-Win Solution  by Kayhan Barzegar
America Has an Anti-Militarist Tradition. Really  by Alan Bock
Five Myths About Defense Spending  by Gordon Adams and Matthew Leatherman
Conflating Proper Dissent and Terrorism  by Coleen Rowley

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Swiss Find Signs of Illegal US Surveillance
Peace Corps Gang Rapes: Volunteer Says US Agency Ignored Warnings
Assange: WikiLeaks Timing 'No Coincidence'
In New Military, Data Overload Can Be Deadly
Former Swiss Banker Poised to Give Account Details to WikiLeaks
The War at Home
House Panel Wants Homeland Security Documents
Miss America Winner Slams WikiLeaks During Pageant
Ex-Army Translator Acquitted of Working as Agent
Utah City May Use Blimp as Anti-Crime Spy in the Sky
Attacks Down Almost 20 Percent in Pakistan
Pakistan Army Hails Anti-Taliban 'Heroes' in TV Drama
Support Expected for Plan to Beef Up Afghan Forces
Nine Killed by Afghan Bomb En Route to Wedding
US Pomp Meant to Improve Tone of China Relations
China Leader's Limits Come Into Focus as US Visit Nears
China's Hu Jintao Interview With Washington Post
Chinese President Hu Looks for 'Common Ground' With US
Tensions Remain, 20 Years After Gulf War
Chilcot to Grill Blair on How He 'Misled' Iraq War Inquiry
Enforced Disappearances in Iraq a Long-Term Challenge
Iraq to Ask Foreign Firms to Build 10 Ships
Shiite Badr's Guard Killed, 4 Others Injured in Baghdad
Sunday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 14 Wounded
Middle East
Egypt Warns West to Stay Out of Arab Affairs
First US Ambassador in 5 Years Arrives in Syria
Egypt Sentences Muslim to Death in Killings of Christians
Islamists in Jordan Call for End to Authoritarian Rule
'Baby Doc' Duvalier Returns to Haiti After Long Exile
Military Backs New Leaders in Tunisia
Tunisia Unrest: Former Government Figures Arrested, New Cabinet to Be Named
Tunisian Army Fights Running Street Battles With Gunmen Loyal to the Ousted President
Overthrow of Tunisian President Jolts Arab Region
France Finally Abandons Its Tunisian Ally
France Acted Slowly on Tunisian Crisis, Wary of Interfering
French Photographer Dies After Being Hit by Police Teargas Canister in Tunisia
After Tunisia, Algeria Hit by Spate of Attempted Suicides
Political Upheaval in Tunisia Spurs Palestinian Leaders to Issue Reassurances on Own Economy
South Sudan Early Returns Show Big Vote for Secession
Sudan Explores Economic Impact of South Independence
Sudan Opposition Threatens Protests Over Price Hikes
US, PA Condemn Plan for Settlement Expansion
Israeli PM: Tunisia Reflects Doubts on Palestinian Peace
Lebanon's Hariri Denounces Hezbollah for Leaving Government
Hezbollah Leader Defends Decision to Bring Down Lebanon's Government
Hezbollah Vows Defense in Inquiry
IAEA Envoys Visit Iran's Natanz Enrichment Site
Iran Says Firm on Nuclear Rights as Tour Ends
Stuxnet Attacks on Iran Creating a Backlash
Politically Confident, Iran Cuts Subsidies
Iran Downed Two US Spy Planes Outside Its Airspace

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