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Updated January 18, 2011 - 11:13 PM EST

Suicide Bombing in Iraq Kills 65 Police Recruits

Tea Party Senators on Politically-Charged Afghan Trip
  Afghan Govt Struggles to Tax US War Contractors
Justice Dept: Whistleblowers Worse Than Spies
  Defense Industry Courts GOP Freshmen to Quiet Calls for Spending Cuts
Tunisia Names 'Unity' Govt - Top Ministers All Same

Arrested Weeks Ago, Tunisian Free-Speech Activist Becomes Minister


Will Egypt Follow Tunisia's Lead?

Barak and Netanyahu United in Desire to Attack Iran
  Barak Leaves Labor, Founds Independence Party

Latin America Deepens Israel Isolation

US Cleric Sentenced to 10 Years Prison in Yemen

Haitian Police Take Ex-Dictator Duvalier to Court

Swiss MPs: Expel US Spy Diplomats
Minibus Bombing in NW Pakistan Kills 19

US Pleased With Pakistan 'Militant Sanctuary'

From Military-Industrial Complex to Permanent War State  by Gareth Porter
An Anti-Interventionist Looks at China  by John V. Walsh
King, Ike, and 20 Years of War in Iraq  by Andrew Fiala
Who Lost the Middle East?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Ike's Warning Resonates  by Melvin A. Goodman
The Brutal Truth About Tunisia  by Robert Fisk

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With Stuxnet, Did the US and Israel Create a New Cyberwar Era?

Key Evidence in Afghanistan War Crimes Case Remains Secret

Tony Blair 'Misled Parliament Over Legal Go-Ahead to Invade Iraq'

Zardari's Mysterious Meetings With Obama, CIA Chief

Protesters March on Quantico Gate in Support of Bradley Manning


Northern Iraqi Governor Cuts Baghdad Power

Iraqi Governor Escapes Fourth Assassination Attempt

3 Female Yazidi Bodies Found in Mosul

Another Iraqi Christian Shot in Mosul

US Military Says American Soldier Dies in Iraq

Club, Shops Attacked in Iraq Alcohol Clampdown

On Final Tour in Iraq, Daily Grind Combines With Goodwill Missions

Embedistan: Monsters Everywhere

Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 22 Wounded


Costly Coalition Plan to Recruit Thousands More Afghan Forces Draws Concerns

Afghanistan's Karzai to Visit Russia

Marines Face Insurgent Bombs in Afghanistan's Deadliest Spot

Embedistan: Outside the Wire, Off the Message


Mossad Zeros in on Tehran's Nuclear Program

International Ambassadors Tour Iranian Nuclear Facility


Rudolf Elmer, Ex-Swiss Banker, Gives Data to WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks Cables: Turkey Let US Use Airbase for Rendition Flights

US Military

$1b Effort Yields No Bioterror Defenses

Defense Industry Woos GOP Freshmen in Hopes of Fighting Cuts

'Stop Loss' Bonuses Go Unpaid to 35,000 Soldiers

White House Favorite for Chief Military Adviser Might Retire

Tax Group Urges Halt to Wasteful Military Jet Engine Project

'War on Terror'

Justice Dept: Constitution Undermines FBI Wiretaps on Congressmen

Judge Asks CIA to Investigate Itself Regarding Illegal Tape Destruction

DC Metro Bag Search Refusers Will Be Watched

Ghailani's Lawyers Detail Strategy of Terror Defense

Empty Detonator Containers Found on Plane in Miami


Haiti Urged to Arrest 'Baby Doc' Amid Unrest Fears

Marty Casey, Ex-Soldier of Fortune, Dies

Russia and Her Neighbors

Ukraine Probe of Former PM Raises Concern in West

Cold War Issues Still Part of US-Russia Discussions

Islamist Leader Plans Return to Tunisia as Interim Government Is Unveiled

Tunis Adapts to State of Emergency

Tunisian Former President's Wife 'Fled Country With $60 Million in Gold'

Self-Immolations Across North Africa Follow Suicide in Tunisia

Tunisia Unrest Stirs Passions Across North African Region

Tunisia Revolt Threatens Rulers Sharing Ben Ali's Regime Model

Tunisia Upheaval Casts Shadow on Arab Summit


Lebanon Postpones Choosing New Prime Minister

US Ambassador to Lebanon Summoned Amid Tension

Hariri Tribunal Issues Indictment


Kadima: PM May Try to Split Us Up Too

Minority Affairs Min.: Lieberman Harmed Israel's Relations With Its Arab Citizens

Israel Set to Build More Homes on Annexed Land

UN Chief Urges Israeli Settlement Freeze

Senior UN Official to Leave Gaza


Mortars Kill 4 Near Parliament in Somali Capital

Ethiopia Govt Releases Hundreds of Jailed Rebels

Sudan: Secession Likely, Monitors Say

Ivory Coast Leader, Gbagbo, Scours Businesses for Cash

Middle East

Kuwait to Clean Up Contamination of 1990 Invasion

The Anatomy of Mossad's Dubai Operation


South Korea: Nuclear Push Could Bring North's Collapse

Survey: Most Chinese See Ties With US Worsening

Obama to Meet With President Hu Jintao of China

In Vietnam, Politics Lag While Growth Jumps


UK Govt Pressed Over Submarine Costs Secrecy

British Undercover Agent Led Attack on Irish Police at Rally


Justin Raimondo
What's Going on in Tunisia?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Women in Combat: Equal Opportunity Meat Grinder

Nebojsa Malic
Damage Control in the Balkans

Philip Giraldi
A Look on the Wild Side

Ivan Eland
Don't Expect Iraq to End Like Sudan

Ran HaCohen
Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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