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Updated January 26, 2011 - 11:27 PM EST
Obama Rehashes Dubious Claims About Wars
  Sen. Rand Paul Unveils $500B in Cuts, Including Pentagon

Obama's Second State of the Union Text

Petraeus Lauds Afghan War in 'State of the War'

  Karzai: Foreigners Forced Parliament to Sit

GOP Lawmakers Plan Meeting to Explore Alternatives in Afghan War

With Leaks, Palestinian Officials Rail at al-Jazeera

Palestine Papers: PA Willing to Kill Militants for Israel

  Palestine Papers: PA Focused on Undercutting Hamas at Annapolis

Palestine Papers: Did Britain Fund Fatah Torture Brigades?

Tunisia Issues Warrant for Arrest of Ousted Leader
Clashes With Police Reported as 1000s Rally in Egypt
Gitmo Detainee Gets Life for Africa Embassy Bombs
AU Troops Attack Civilian Bus in Mogadishu, 4 Hurt
Riots in N. Lebanon as Parliament Backs New PM
Bombings in Pakistani Cities of Karachi, Lahore
The Big Government Conservatives Love  by Jack Hunter
Obama's Collapse: The Return of the Military Commissions  by Andy Worthington
Can the United States 'Control' the Middle East? (Nope)  by Stephen M. Walt
American Policy on the Brink  by Juan Cole and Tom Engelhardt
Excusing Torture at 'Justice'  by Ray McGovern
A Dangerous Shift on 1967 Lines  by Ali Abunimah

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A Region's Unrest Scrambles US Foreign Policy

Israel's European Friends Get Active

Blackwater Suit Tossed 7 Years After Fallujah Killings

New Details on Troubled F-35 Fighter

Assange: WikiLeaks Seeks More Media Partners

GOP Pushing for ISPs to Record User Data

US Republican Lawmakers Taking Aim at UN

Palestine Papers
Palestinian Police Are Said to Have Participated in Attack Against Al-Jazeera

Palestinians Cheer Abbas After He Says Palestine Papers Fake

Arab Villagers 'Don't Want to Live in Palestine'

Erekat: Al Jazeera's 'Vicious Smear Campaign' Puts My Life in Danger


Ireland Upgrades Status of Palestinian Mission to Embassy

Czech FM: Israeli PR in Europe Is 'Miserable'


Critics Accuse Iraq's Maliki of a Power Grab

Iraqi Court Ruling Would Increase Prime Minister's Power

Some Iraqis See Symptoms of Region's Tumult at Home

US Inspector General Calls for Halt in Funding $26 Million Iraqi Academy

Egypt Arrests 19 'al-Qaeda' Suspects Bound for Iraq

Russia Bombing

In Link to Caucasus, Russia Faces Old Problem

Russia Swears Revenge After Suicide Bomb Attack at Airport

Caucasus Is Threatening to Become Russia's Iraq

Russian President Criticizes Airport Security After Blast

A Playwright's Voice, Silenced in a Flash of Terrorism in Moscow

Female Suicide Bomber Suspected in Russian Blast

Arms Treaty Takes Crucial Step Forward in Russia

'War on Terror'

Despite Terror Fears, UK Softens Curbs on Freedoms

British Agent Infiltrated Danish Left-Wing

US Military

Our 'All-Seeing Eye' Sees Just Fine, Air Force Insists

Marines to Train in Mock City as Big as San Diego

Veteran Crisis: Newest War Vets Become Homeless at Alarming Rate

Proposed Drone Spy System Fails Testing, According to Draft Report


AU Troops Attack Civilian Bus in Mogadishu, Wounding Four

Ivory Coast Violence Targets Presidential Winner's Supporters


Tunisians Clash, Interim Government to Be Reshuffled

Photographer Attacked by Police in Tunisia

A Call for Calm in Tunis

Tunisia on Verge of New Crisis Over Regime Holdovers

Tunisia Planted Country-Wide Keystroke Logger on Facebook

Energized by Tunisia, Egypt Protesters Surge Onto Streets in 'Day of Wrath'

3 Reported Dead as Egyptians Protest to End Mubarak’s Rule

Egypt's Mubarak Faces Unprecedented Protests

Protests in Egypt and Unrest in Middle East – Live Updates


Amid Protests, Ex-Lebanon Leader Assails New Premier

Lebanon Boosts Security Ahead of 'Day of Rage'

Lebanese Sunnis Rally Against New PM in 'Day of Rage'

In Lebanon, Sunnis Stage Angry Protests Against Hezbollah-Backed Prime Minister

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Not Control Next Lebanon Government

UN Tribunal May Go Deeper on Hariri Assassination Probe

Clinton: Hezbollah Govt in Lebanon Bad for US Ties

Middle East

Arab Rulers Fear Spread of Democracy Fever

Tunisia Political Turmoil Inspires Jordan Protesters

Gaddafi Fears Foreign Meddling in Tunisia Turmoil

Iran Not Working on Bomb: Israel Intelligence Head

US Casualties From Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan Skyrocketed From 2009 to 2010

US Soldier Develops iPhone App in Hopes of Fighting the Taliban

Losing Candidates in Afghanistan to Protest to the President

US Commander in Afghanistan: Tough Fight in 2011


US Doubts '99 Jet Debris Gave China Stealth Edge

Obama Backs Seoul, Demands North Korea Give Up Nuclear Weapons


Justin Raimondo
Regime of Unreason

Ivan Eland
A Hezbollah-Run Lebanon Poses Little Threat to US Security

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Battle for Conservative Hearts and Minds

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

Philip Giraldi
Serving Up Palestine One Slice at a Time

Nebojsa Malic
Damage Control in the Balkans

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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