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Updated January 27, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Bomb at Baghdad Funeral Kills 80, Clashes Erupt
Pentagon Demands Congress OK Military Funds
  Senator Rand Paul: End Aid to Israel
  Pentagon Budget Cuts Split GOP
EU Envoy Calls for 30-Year Afghan Commitment
  Dramatic Increase in US Troops Killed by Afghanistan IEDs in 2010
  Watchdog Faults Obama's Afghan Security Strategy
  Karzai Grudgingly Opens Afghan Parliament
Is Obama Double-Dealing on Egypt?
  Unprecedented Anti-Government Protests Rock Egypt
  Journalists Beaten, Websites Blocked Amid Protests in Egypt
Demolition of WB Palestinian Homes Triples
  The Threat of a One-State Solution
  It Could Be Too Late for Two States
  Thousands of Palestinians March in Gaza Against PA President Abbas
  UK Secret Service Offered to Help Destroy Hamas, Leaked Papers Show
  Top US Lawmaker Plays Down Talk of Israel Aid Cuts
Visa-Funded Inquiry Finds No WikiLeaks Crimes in Iceland
  Press Freedom Under Threat in Age of WikiLeaks
Internet 'Kill Switch' Bill Will Return
Russian President: No Evidence Iran Building Nuclear Arms
Georgia's President Says Moscow Attack Was 'Payback'
A New Truth Dawns on the Arab World  by Robert Fisk
The Palestine Papers and What They Reveal About the US-Israeli Agenda  by Kathleen Christison
Iran, Uranium, and the Road Not Taken  by Paul Pillar
Worst and Brightest  by James Bovard
Can Egyptians Revolt?  by Alaa Bayoumi
Bradley Manning Is a Hero of Our Age  by Dave Lindorff

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Blair Sister-In-Law Wants Him Tried for Iraq Crimes
Soldier Signs Plea Deal in Killings of Afghan Civilians
More Troops Lost to Suicide
The Troops Are Not Alright: How Leaders Are Overlooking Our Soliders
Private, Visa-Funded Inquiry Finds No WikiLeaks Crimes in Iceland
Brig Commander Change Where WikiLeaks Suspect Held
Ban: Nuclear Weapons Risk Spreading Due to Impasse
US Shifts Tone, Bluntly Urges Mubarak to Reform Now
After Day of Protests, Egypt Bans Demonstrations
Protesters in Egypt Greeted by a Police Crackdown
Egypt Police Arrest 860 Protesters as Anti-Government Riots Escalate
Egypt's Protests Enter 2nd Day, Ominous for Regime
Death Toll in Egypt Protests Reaches Five as Anti-Government Riots Persist
Press Freedom Group Says Egypt Targeting Reporters
Mohamed ElBaradei: 'There Is No Turning Back Now'
Egypt Youths Play New Role: Driving a Revolt
Gamal Mubarak Reportedly Flees Egypt
Amnesty International Calls for Restraint in Egyptian Protests
Anonymous 'Hacktivists' Attack Egyptian Websites
Egypt Clamps Down on Twitter and Facebook
Twitter Confirms Egypt Blockage
Erekat Accuses US, British Citizens of Leaking Documents
Rightist MP Expected to Head Probe Into Israel's Leftist NGOs
Paintballs Leave Stain on Gaza Ship Raid Tactics
PA, With US Backing, Delayed UN Vote on Goldstone
'We Can't Refer to the Past'
Israel in Unfamiliar Role as Unrest Unsettles Neighbors
Israel Charges Palestinians in Murder of US Woman
Palestinian Tractor Torched in West Bank
Tony Blair 'Biased' Towards Israel, Leaked Documents Claim
Tony Blair Went to War Without Cabinet Consent, Senior Mandarins Say
Big Reason for Hope in Iraq: Oil, and Lots of It
Iraq's Air Force Is Unprepared to Defend the Skies
Iraqi Journalists Face Sacks of Gold, Fists of Fire
Maliki Calls for Strengthening Oil Cooperation With Russia
Sikh Shrine in Baghdad Lives on in Memories
Iraq, Kuwait Move to Repair Relations
Wednesday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Iran's Allies Gain Clout and Possible Softer Edges
Russia Calls for NATO Probe Into Iran Cyber Strike
Iran, Pakistan Border Reopened After 6 Months' Closure
Middle East
Five Killed in Attack on Yemeni Post Office Vehicle
Next Lebanese Premier, Najib Mikati, Vows Independence, Friendly Relations With US
Saudi Arabia Advises Citizens Not to Travel to Lebanon After Days of Violence
Britain's Foreign Minister in Syria for Talks
'War on Terror'
Color-Coded Terror Warnings to Be Gone by April 27
UK Scraps Terrorism Control Order, Sort Of
Curfews Are Renamed 'Overnight Stays' in New Anti-Terror Laws
Australia Warns of Bomb Attacks at Addis AU Summit
NC Man Convicted in Terror Case Seeks Freedom
Bin Laden's Cook Sentenced in US Embassy Bombings
Admiral Calls for Counterterror Approach to Piracy
Dispute With Parliament Isolates Hamid Karzai
Afghan Officials Want to Prolong Detentions
Afghan UN Envoy Says Karzai Showed 'Great Statesmanship'
British Solider Killed in Afghanistan
German Government Asks US for Access to Detained Citizen in Afghanistan
Claim: Afghans Heart GIs Who Flattened Their Village
Mullah Mohammad Omar: Fact and Fiction
China/Hong Kong
China Leader Encourages Criticism of Government
Hong Kong Denies Entry to 2 Tiananmen Protesters
South Korea Offers Date for Meeting With North Korea
India Prevents Defiant Flag-Raising in Kashmir
US Seeks to Protect Former Soviet Nuclear Testing Site
Putin: Bombing Not Connected to Chechnya
Medvedev Urges International Push to Fight Terror
Russia's Upper House Unanimously OKs New START
Russian and European Officials Clash Over Gas Pipeline Plans
2 Men Jostle for Power in Albania
Mystery WWII Photos Launch German War Crimes Probe
Tunisia Issues Warrant for Arrest of Ousted Leader
As Protests Mount, Tunisia Delays Cabinet Reshuffle
AU Apologizes for Mogadishu Civilian Casualties
Gbagbo Moves to Seize Ivory Coast Branches of Regional Bank
Fourth Moroccan Sets Himself on Fire
Thousands Chew Coca in Bolivia Protest
Cuban Dissident Who Staged Hunger Strike Detained
Venezuela, Colombia to Boost Anti-Drug Cooperation
US Military
Obama Vows to End Enforcement of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' This Year
Army Trauma Unit Problems Persist, Report Says

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The Battle for Conservative Hearts and Minds

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Damage Control in the Balkans

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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