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Updated February 4, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
Hundreds of Thousands in Tahrir Square
  Egypt: Planning the Counter-Revolution
  Mubarak Rules Out Stepping Down, Warning of 'Chaos'
  Imam Leads Prayer in Tahrir Sq., Tells Protesters to Maintain Resolve
  Wednesday's Crackdown Was Vintage Mubarak
  Mass Attacks on Foreign Reporters in Egypt
  Mubarak's Effort to Discredit the Protest Movement
  Tahrir Square Burns as VP Suleiman Gives Speech Filled With Threats
US Eyes Mubarak Exit, Suleiman as Interim Ruler
  Pentagon: No Plans to Halt Weapons Deliveries to Egypt
  Arabs See US Response as Sign of Irrelevance in the Region
Police Open Fire on Protesters in Iraq
  Lawmakers Warn Administration of Cuts in Iraq Aid
  Thursday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 62 Wounded
Algeria Promises Reforms in Hope of Curbing Protests
Tens of Thousands of Protesters March in Yemen
8 Years in Gitmo Without Charges: Detainee Dies of 'Exercise'
Jimmy Carter Sued for $5 Million for Criticism of Israel
PA Halts Anti-Mubarak Protest, Allows Pro-Mubarak One
Whither the Neocon Party Line on Egypt?  by Jack Ross
The US Is Moving on From Afghanistan, but Its Troops Are Still Dying There  by Gary Younge
Pentagon Cuts Don't Cut It. Want to Really Save Money? Get a New Security Strategy.  by Charles Peña
The Unraveling of US Mideast Policy  by Sheldon Richman
Revolution in Egypt and Beyond  by Doug Casey
Anonymous: a Net Gain for Liberty  by Barrett Brown

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FBI Has Been Violating Your Liberties in Ways That May Shock You
WikiLeaks: US and China in Military Standoff Over Space Missiles
WikiLeaks: US vs China in Battle of the Anti-Satellite Space Weapons
Goodbye, Mr. Insubordination
Egypt and the US
US Lawmakers Call for Halting Egypt Aid to Push Mubarak Aside
Egypt Street Violence: Few Options for Obama Administration
Hosni Mubarak Splits Israel From Neocon Supporters
GOP Divided Over Obama Response to Egypt
Egypt Has Obama Cautiously Shifting World View on Democracy
Senate Passes Resolution Calling on Hosni Mubarak to Begin Transfer of Power in Egypt
Mubarak: Obama Doesn't Understand Egypt, Culture
Congress Killed Multiple Bills Criticizing Egypt
Senators Question Intelligence Agencies' Anticipation of Egypt Uprising
US Intelligence Warned Obama of Egypt Instability at End of 2010
Clinton Condemns Attacks on Reporters, Protesters
Egypt and the Media
Swedish Reporter Stabbed in Cairo Drama
Fox News Team Severely Beaten, Hospitalized in Cairo
Egyptian Government Arrests Foreign Journalists
CBS's Lara Logan and Crew Detained in Cairo as Violence Escalates
ABC Reporter Threatened With Beheading While Covering Egypt Uprising
Egyptian Army Starts Rounding Up Journalists, Possibly for Their Own Protection From Attacks
The National's Photographer Attacked in Cairo
Network Anchors Leave Egypt Amid Crackdown
Pro-Mubarak Rioters Chase Reporters in Cairo Hotels
Washington Post Journalists Reported Under Arrest
White House Condemns Journalists' Detention: 'The World Is Watching'
US, Reporters Group Blast Violence Against Media in Egypt
Senators Fear Deficit Focus Will Be Roadblock to Approval of Iraq Funds
Envoy: US Mission Will Be Okay After Troops Leave Iraq
Bombs in Anbar Kill 10, Mostly Police Officers
Jordanian Stole $250,000 From US in Iraq: Court
US Memo: Iraqi PM Said Iran, Syria Armed Militants
Donald Rumsfeld's Iraq Strategy Was Doomed to Failure, Claims John McCain
Thursday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 62 Wounded
In Iran, Internet Surfers Battle Cyber Police
WikiLeaks: UK Select Committee Report Leaked to US Before Publication
WikiLeaks: Poker Player's Unwitting Hand in Iran 747 Deal
Russia's Ruling Duo 'At Odds' Over Bomb Attack Case
Russia: Suspects Held Over Airport Bomb
Donors Pledge $120 Million Aid for Belarus Opposition
Somali Man Convicted for Trying to Kill Prophet Mohammed Cartoonist
MI5 Missed 7/7 Ringleader Despite Links With Earlier Terror Plot, Inquest Told
Forty Years of War and Peace: Are the Changes in Belfast Just Superficial?
Haiti Panel Announces Candidates for Runoff Presidential Election
The War at Home
FBI Says No Fifth 9/11 Cell
Billions Paid to Companies That Defrauded Pentagon
Pentagon Still Pays Contractors After Fraud, Sanders Says
'Contracts Go to People Who Are Political Favorites'
Kucinich: Suspected Wikileaks Leaker Could Be Facing 'Cruel and Unusual' Treatment
A Jewish Peace Group Makes Waves, Locally and Abroad
US Army Missed Signs in Fort Hood Attack: Senators
Rumsfeld Remains Largely Unapologetic in Memoir
Army Weighs Silk to Help Shield Troops' Pelvic Areas From IEDs
St. Louis-Area Somalis Feel Intimidated by FBI
Mubarak Stands Firm
Mubarak Deputy Insists President Will Not Bow Out Before Egyptian Elections
Suleiman: Mubarak Is Our Father
Egypt Prime Minister: Tunisia Will Not Happen Here
Egypt Places Travel Ban on Some Ex-Ministers
Egypt State TV Says Mubarak's Son Won't Seek the Presidency
The Influence Game: Problems for Egypt's Brokers
Omar Suleiman, the CIA's Man in Cairo and Egypt's Torturer-In-Chief
Health Ministry: 13 Killed 1,200 Wounded in Egypt
Rocks Fly, and the Blood Flows
Gangs Hunt Journalists and Rights Workers
Security Van Runs Down Egyptian Protesters
Amnesty: Human Rights Monitors Detained in Cairo
California Professor Beaten by Pro-Mubarak Forces Minutes After Interview on Democracy Now!
Egypt's Freedom Movement
A Landscape Lies in Tatters, but a Movement Stands Its Ground
Lively Community Takes Shape Behind Cairo Barricades
Some Fear Movement's Leaderless Status May Be Liability
Muslim Brotherhood Looks to Gains in Egypt Protest
Protests Raise Hope for Women's Rights in Egypt
Meet Asmaa Mahfouz: the Woman Who Organized Egypt's Historic Demonstrations
Egypt and the World
Israel Ponders Border Security, Enlarged Military Amid Egypt Unrest
Russia 'Extremely Worried' Violence May Escalate in Egypt
UN to Evacuate Staff From Egypt
Mubarak Popular Among Egyptians in Lebanon
Obama Urges Yemeni President to Follow Through on Reforms
Hackers Train Sights on Yemen After Egypt
Yemeni Partisans Loyal to President Saleh Take Over Protest Site
Jordan's Muslim Opposition Refuses Cabinet Posts
Jordan's King Acknowledges Reforms Have Stumbled
King Moves to Widen Outreach in Jordan
Clinton Calls Jordan's King Abdullah to Back Reforms
WikiLeaks Cable: US Diplomat Doubts Jordan Reforms in 2009
Israeli Official Sees Cyber Alternative To 'Ugly War'
France Hosts Palestinian PM in New Peace Drive
Plea Deal in Anat Kamm Espionage Case to Be Presented in Court
Bahrain's Revolution Underway as the Day of Rage Announced
UN: Reputation of Afghan Police Worsening in South
Kandahar: Safer for Good or Just Safer for Now?
Many in Pakistan Fear Unrest at Home
22,000 Flee Pakistan Offensive
Pakistan: Court Extends Detention of US Official
Pakistan Cabinet Dissolution Likely in 48 Hours
Two Killed, 27 Hurt in Lahore Blast
Pakistani MP Abandons Opposition to Blasphemy Law
India Coy Over 'Chinese Spy'
Invested in 'Soft Power,' India Awaits Karzai Visit
UN Welcomes Election of New Premier in Nepal
Kyrgyzstan President Accuses US Fuel Supplier of Trying to Corrupt Her Son
Tunisia Replaces Regional Governors
Somalia Parliament Extends Term for 3 Years
Sudanese Security Forces Raid Newspaper Offices
Mauritania Forces Search, Attack al-Qaeda Suspects
Zimbabwean PM Accused of Inciting Uprisings

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End US Aid to Egypt

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How About a Clean Break – with Israel?

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Fearing the Reaper (Drone)

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A Hezbollah-Run Lebanon Poses Little Threat to US Security

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Barak Unmasked

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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