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Updated February 5, 2011 - 10:36 PM EST
Obama Backs Suleiman-Led Transition for Egypt
  (Maybe Not) US Envoy Says Mubarak Must Stay
  US Didn't See Egypt (Or Tunisia for That Matter) Coming
  Despite Billions in Funding, US Has Little Influence Over Egypt Military
  Leadership (Except Mubarak) Quits Ruling Party
  Activists Block Tanks From Entering Tahrir Square
  Massive Explosion Hits Natural Gas Terminal in Egypt
  Egypt Succession Talks as Protests Continue
  Exchanging a Dictator for a Torturer
  Egypt's Rural Poor Paid to Attack Opposition Supporters
  Planning the Counter-Revolution
  Hundreds of Thousands Protest in Alexandria
  Muslim Brotherhood Won't Field Presidential Candidate in Elections
  Where Egypt Military's Loyalties Lie Remains Unclear
  Egypt's Fate Lies in a Square
Sen. Rand Paul: End 'Welfare' to Israel
  Gaza Smuggling Tunnels Being Used to Supply Food to Egypt
Iraqi Prime Minister Won't Run for Third Term
  Officials Hint at US Staying in Iraq Past 2011
  State Dept Recruits US Police for Iraq
  Egyptian Protests Inspire Small Demonstrations in Iraq
Senate Clashes Over Long-Term PATRIOT Act
Protests, Calls for Reform Continue in Jordan
Egypt a Wake Up Call for US Empire  by Kevin Zeese
Critical Connections: Egypt, the US, and Israel  by Alison Weir
Guantánamo Death Highlights US Detention Policy  by Glenn Greenwald
Should the US Suspend Egypt's $1.5 Billion Aid Package? What About Cutting Military Aid Altogether?  by John Nichols
The Arab World Is on Fire  by Noam Chomsky
Egypt: Let the Looting Begin!  by Kevin Carson
Egypt's Military-Industrial Complex  by Pratap Chatterjee
What About That Egyptian Anti-Terrorist Law?  by Jacob Hornberger

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Global Food Prices Hit Record High
Study: Coup Possible in Morocco, Saudi Arabia Too
Bets on $250 Oil as Traders See Saudi, Suez Risk
In Taliban's Heartland, Coalition Forces Dig In
Dead Gitmo Prisoner Was No Enemy, Lawyer Says
Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Calls Uprisings an 'Islamic Awakening'
Egypt and the US
White House and Egypt Discuss Plan for Mubarak's Exit
Obama Hopes Mubarak Will Make 'The Right Decision'
US Presses Egyptian Army to Bless Talks With Opposition
Gates Speaks With Egypt Defense Chief
Omar Suleiman and CIA Rendition
In Astoria's Little Egypt, the Young Gain a New Awareness
US to Jewish Leaders: We Won't Recognize Muslim Brotherhood as Legitimate Govt Partner
Egypt and the Media
2 Detained Reporters Saw Secret Police's Methods Firsthand
Police Crack Down on Foreign Journalists in Tahrir Square
Egyptian Security Forces Round Up Journalists
Egyptian Journalist Shot in Clashes Dies
Egyptian Journalist Fights Reporting Restrictions
Gibbs: US Helping Targeted Journalists Leave Egypt
Al-Jazeera Says Cairo Office Was Ransacked
Amid Crackdown, Al-Jazeera Endures in Egypt
In the Land of Pyramids, Technological Relics Outwit Internet Shutdown
Link TV Carries Al Jazeera English Egypt Coverage
Egypt and the World
Germany Freezes Arms Exports to Egypt
More Than 160,000 Foreigners Flee Egypt
Crisis in Egypt Tests US Ties With Israel
US Expects Egypt to Honor Peace With Israel
Palestinian Premier Sees 'Positive Change' in Unrest
Officials: Unrest Could Affect EU, Israel Security
Vodafone 'Caved in to Mubarak Regime'
European Leaders Struggle for Consistency on Egypt
Egypt Crisis: David Cameron Reprimands Baroness Ashton at EU Summit
Sources: Pakistan May Soon Release US Diplomat Jailed After Deadly Shooting in Lahore
Pakistan Promises to Trim Bloated Cabinet
Former Governor: Chinese Wouldn't Fish Near Japan if It Had Nukes
Citizen Journalists Playing Big Role in China
In a Pluralistic Part of India, Fears of Rising Islamic Extremism
Thai and Cambodian Troops in Deadly Clash Near Temple, 3 Dead
Myanmar Parliament Chooses Junta Insider Thein Sein for President
Russia Defense Chief Visits Disputed Islands
New Anti-Government Protests in Albania
Bulgaria Dismisses Government Minister Who Spied on Vatican
'War on Terror'
German Sues Macedonia for CIA Kidnapping
Calif Jury Acquits Man of Sending Secrets to Yemen
US, Canada Agree to Work on Border Security
Canadian Terror Suspect Denied Bail
Terror Plot Suspect Received Military Decorations
The War at Home
Coalition Urges Halt to House Hearings on Muslim Radicalization
Michigan Mosque Plot Suspect Gets New Lawyer
Arlington Refuses Burial of US Ally From Vietnam War
Conspiracy Charges Filed Against California Muslim Students
Egyptians Rage Against Mubarak
Imam Gives Friday Prayer in Tahrir Square, Tells Protesters to Maintain Resolve
Egypt Protests Are Peaceful; Throngs Insist That Mubarak Leave
Bloody in Cairo: a Firsthand Account
Egyptian Child Leads Protests
In Egypt the Discontented Confront Power of Elites
The Wounded March Victorious in Cairo Square
Egypt Doctors Attend Anti-Mubarak Protesters
Egypt Health Ministry: 5,000 Injured Since Last Week
Tahrir Square Remains Primary Battle Site in Duel for Egypt's Future
Google Exec Who Went Missing in Egypt Now a Spokesman for Opposition Group
'You Will Be Lynched,' Says Egyptian Policeman
Egyptian Govt
Arab League Chief Moussa Considers Run for Egypt's Presidency
In Egypt, a Former Mubarak Loyalist Emerges as Presidential Possibility
Egypt Bans Ex-Officials From Leaving Country, Freezes Bank Accounts
Amid Protests, Views of Post-Mubarak Egypt Emerge
Egypt's Ex-Finance Min Boutros-Ghali Quits IMF Panel
Israel Pledges Steps to Boost Palestinian Economy
Israel, Palestinians Float Gaza Gas Rapprochement
Israel Restricts Access to al-Aqsa Mosque
Iraq Not Immune From Arab Anger: Clerics
Iraq Not Asking US to Stay, Ambassador Says
3,000 Persons Take to Street in Diwaniyah to Improve Services
Amid Egypt-Inspired Unrest, Iraqi Prime Minister Cuts Salary in Half
Iraqi Interpreters Sue Government: Lawyers
3 Arrested With 'Inciting' Leaflets in Their Possession in Diyala
Friday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Jordan Unrest Rises, but Few Expect Revolt
Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Demand Parliamentary Government From King
Middle East
Thugs Beat Protesters at Egypt Vigil in Syria
Yemen: Laid-Back Attitude Leavens the Revolution
King Abdullah May Have Just Dodged Overthrow From Family Coup
Tsvangirai Confronts Mugabe Over Violence
Zimbabwe Demonstrators Mob Aid Project Handover
Tunisia's Tourism Plunged 40 Pct Amid Jan. Unrest
South Sudan Ex-Militiamen Mutiny Kills 13
US Criticizes Somali Legislators' Extension Vote
WikiLeaks: UK Refused Call With Hostage in Mali
Cuba Frees Political Prisoner, Another Imminent
Cuba to Seek 20-Year Jail Term for Detained American
In Venezuela, an American Has the President's Ear
Assange's Swedish Sex Crimes File Is Leaked Online
Assange Asks Australian PM to Bring Him Home
Kucinich Wants to Visit WikiLeaks Suspect at Brig

Justin Raimondo
End US Aid to Egypt

Philip Giraldi
How About a Clean Break – with Israel?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Fearing the Reaper (Drone)

Nebojsa Malic
Withdrawing Consent

Ivan Eland
A Hezbollah-Run Lebanon Poses Little Threat to US Security

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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