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Updated February 12, 2011 - 10:50 PM EST
The West Loses Its Favorite Tyrant
  Egypt Erupts in Jubilation as Mubarak Steps Down
  Egypt Trades Torture Supervisor for 'Mubarak's Poodle'
  People Power Pushes Mubarak Out
  The Brotherhood Bogeyman
  Egypt's US-Armed Military in Transitory Commanding Role
  Mubarak Slammed US in Call With Israeli MP Before Resignation
US Officials' Question After Egypt: Who's Next?
  Protesters, Police Clash in Algerian Capital
  Thousands in South Yemen Demand Secession
  Middle East Rulers Make Concessions to Protesters
  Bahrain's King Gifts $3,000 to Every Family
Palestinian Negotiator Quits, Elections Called
  Hamas Rejects Abbas Election Call
  Mubarak's Ouster Sparks Celebration in Gaza
  Palestinians Can Only Watch as Egyptians Are Living Their Dream
  Turkey Gaza Flotilla Probe: Five Shot Dead at Close Range
Iraq Bomber Targets Shi'ite Pilgrims, 38 Dead
  Iraqi Forces Block Protest Marches From Reaching Green Zone
Pentagon to Unveil Largest Budget in History
  Navy Spent $450,000 on Super Bowl Flyover Over Shut Roof
Pak Orders Arrest of Musharraf in Bhutto Killing
  Lahore Police: US Official's Attacks 'Cold-Blooded Murder'
Taliban Fighters Kill 21 at Kandahar Police HQ
140, Mostly Civilians, Die in South Sudan Clashes
US Mulls Halting Lebanon Military Aid Again
Leaked Campaign to Attack WikiLeaks and Its Supporters
What Should US Do About Egypt? Very Little  by Ted Galen Carpenter
For the State Blowback is a Feature, Not a Bug  by Kevin Carson
Obama's Pentagon Cuts Not What They Seem  by Lawrence Korb & Laura Conley
Could Persistent Protest Have Prevented Iraq War?  by Chris Floyd
Obama the Internet Pharaoh  Washington Times
Avoiding a New Pharaoh  by Nicholas D. Kristof

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WikiLeaks: US Spied on NATO's Top Official
Iraq Refugees in US Scrutinized for al-Qaeda Links
Assange's Lawyer Says Sweden's PM Has Made Fair Hearing Impossible
Arguments in Assange Extradition Hearing End; Ruling Expected Feb. 24
Higher-Education Bubble Is Fueling Revolts in Tunisia and Egypt
Gaza Celebrates Mubarak Exit; Hamas Demands Change
Israel Watches Mubarak Ouster With Trepidation
Arab Israelis Celebrate Mubarak's Downfall
In Israel, Mubarak's Departure Stirs Apprehension
UN Official Criticizes Israel's Policy in Occupied Territories
Rumsfeld on Iraq War: 'Nobody Lied'
Iraq Embassy in Cairo Urges Iraqis to Return Home
4 With Saudi Flags Arrested in Diyala
Mass Grave With 153 Decayed Bodies Found Near Baquba
Friday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded; Mass Grave Found
Harsh Words for US and Israel at Iranian Revolution Rallies
White House Criticizes Iran for Cheering Mubarak's Ouster
Iran Revolution Led to 'Global Wakening,' Ahmadinejad Says
Stuxnet Struck Five Targets in Iran, Say Researchers
Middle East
Jordanian Protesters Demand New PM's Ouster
Facebook Most Popular Network in Kuwait
Assad Backs Synagogue Renovation
US Weighs Tougher Approach With Pakistan
US-Afghan-Pakistan Meeting in Doubt Amid US Prisoner Row
Court in Pakistan Extends Jailing of US Official
US Denies Threatening Pakistan Over Murder Suspect
Security Forces Kill 11 in Swat
Pakistan's New Cabinet Members Take Oath
Musharraf Allegedly Knew of Bhutto Plot
Hungry Afghanistan Faces Prospect of Drought in 2011
In Afghan Killings Case, an Accused Soldier Is Ready to Testify
British War Photographer Gravely Wounded in Afghanistan
Thai Protesters Demand Prime Minister's Ouster
High Profile China-Taiwan Spy Case Sends Tremor Through Strengthening Ties
Finland Reported Copiously to the Americans on Dealings With Russian Leaders
Russian FM Talks Tough on Dispute With Japan
US: Poland Concerned About Armed Kaliningrad
2 Albanian Guardsmen Under Arrest Over Deadly Clashes During Anti-Government Protests
The War at Home
Ron Paul Slams PATRIOT Act, Backers Drown Out Jeers at Conference
Ontario Woman Sues Over Strip-Search at Ambassador Bridge
Judge Order Trial for Man in Mich. Mosque Plot
Homeland Security Drops Contractors Accused of Operating as Fronts for Large Company
Egyptians Oust Mubarak
Diplomat: Egypt Dislikes Suleiman's 'Slimy Background'
Egypt's Military Leaders Face Test on Power Sharing
Military Coup Was Behind Mubarak's Exit
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says Uprising's Main Goal Has Been Achieved
ElBaradei: I Don't Believe Mubarak Should Be Put on Trial
Report of Dozens Killed at Egyptian Prison
Who Is Omar Suleiman?
ElBaradei: Egypt Is a Free and Proud Nation
Calls for Amr Moussa to Lead Post-Mubarak Egypt
Amr Moussa Resigns From Arab League Post
Egyptian Blogger Freed After 3 Days in Detention
Kareem Amer Sees Torture in an Egyptian Prison
10 Killed, 35 Injured in Clashes in Arish in Sinai
Birthplace of Uprising Welcomes Its Success
Egypt's Military Leadership
Egypt Army to Guarantee Reforms: Communique Number 2
Hosni Mubarak Resignation (text of Statement)
Egypt and the US
Mubarak Resignation Creates Political Vacuum for US in Mideast
Obama Urges Egyptian Army to Ensure Democratic Change
US: Military Turned on Mubarak
Mubarak's Fall Prompts Double Takes by Anchors
Timeline: The Changing US Reaction to Egypt's Crisis
For US, Egypt's Tantawi Is Resistant to Change
Sen. Johnson Credits Iraq Occupation for Mubarak Ouster
Huckabee: 'The Israelites' Are Upset That Obama Did Not Stand With Mubarak
Egypt and the World
World Leaders Cheer Mubarak Fall but Remain Wary
Tweets, Cheers, Fireworks: the World Praises Egypt
Swiss Freeze Possible Mubarak Assets
Mubarak Exit Sets Off Celebrations Across Mideast
Arab Leaders, Facing Calls for Reform, Consider Next Move
Fallout From Egypt Being Felt in Region
Oil Prices Drop as Mubarak Leaves Cairo
Mubarak Resignation Cheered by World Markets
Egypt ETFs Surge, Credit Default Swaps Fall as Mubarak Resigns
Merkel: Egypt Must Keep Peace With Israel
Systematic Rape Continues on Congo-Angola Border: UN
US Diplomat Calls African Dictator a Good Guy
After Lull, Job Protests Resume in Morocco Capital
Tunisians Fleeing Unrest Arrive in Droves in Italy
Pirates – Villains or Victims?
Colombia's FARC Rebels Release Two More Hostages

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Mubarak's Norma Desmond Moment

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Let's Go to Plan B

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Tear Down This Wall (of Fame): Reagan's Overrated Foreign Policy

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What's WikiLeaks Got to Do With It?

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Withdrawing Consent

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Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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