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Updated February 13, 2011 - 11:26 PM EST
Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament
  Army, Protesters Disagree Over Egypt's Path
  Report: Army Told Mubarak to Step Down or Face 'Soft Coup'
  Protesters Form Council to Defend Egypt Revolution
  Egypt Army as Steward of Transition in Question
  Brotherhood Seeks Review of Egypt's Treaty With Israel
  Mubarak Used Last 18 Days in Power to Secure His Fortune
Pentagon's Prediction Software Missed Egypt
  Resignation Throws Into Question US-Egypt Counterterror Cooperation
  US Faces Critical Test of Influence on Egypt
Pentagon Warns Congress Over 2011 Funding Bill
  Tea Party Declares War on Military Spending
  America's Hottest Export: Weapons
Iraq Bomber Targets Shi'ite Pilgrims, 48 Dead
  Egypt's Revolution Stirs Iraq Protest Movement, Despite Its Democracy
  Iraq Subsidizes Power After Protests Over Services
  Rumsfeld's Book Shows How He Pulled Wool Over Our Eyes
Pak Orders Arrest of Musharraf in Bhutto Killing
  How Pakistan Could Be Made to Pay for an American Killer
Taliban Fighters Kill 21 at Kandahar Police HQ
Palestinian Negotiator Quits, Elections Called
Algerian Protesters, Police Clash as Egypt Fervor Spreads
Clashes in Yemen as Thousands Rally Against Government
Obama: FBI Can Get Phone Records Without Oversight
What Should US Do About Egypt? Very Little  by Ted Galen Carpenter
For the State Blowback is a Feature, Not a Bug  by Kevin Carson
Obama's Pentagon Cuts Not What They Seem  by Lawrence Korb & Laura Conley
Could Persistent Protest Have Prevented Iraq War?  by Chris Floyd
Obama the Internet Pharaoh  Washington Times
Avoiding a New Pharaoh  by Nicholas D. Kristof

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A Disturbing Threat Against One of Our Own
World Leaders vs. People Pressure: List of Deposed Since 2000
CIA Director Leon Panetta Warns of Possible Cyber-Pearl Harbor
Spy Chief: Damage From WikiLeaks Is Unclear
Looking for a Few Good Mideast Democrats
Cairo's 50,000 Street Children Were Abused by Mubarak Regime
Revolution in the Age of Internet
Iran, Pakistan Accused Over Violence in Helmand
Afghan Lawmakers Call for End to Vote Fraud Court
Karzai Threatens to Close Afghan Women's Shelters
Afghan Universities Struggling for Funding
Injured in Afghanistan, Reporter Takes First Steps to Recovery
UK Army Commanders to Change Bomb Disposal Tactics in Afghanistan
Interpol Help Could Be Sought to Bring Back Musharraf: Awan
Pakistan: US Push on Detainee 'Counterproductive'
Insurgents Bomb Gas Pipelines in Pakistan
One Killed, 4 Injured in Firing Incident in Karachi
Blast at Pakistan Rail Track Near Kotri Station
Three Personnel Wounded in Suicide Blast in Pakistan
Qureshi Dismisses US Sought Immunity for Davis
Pakistan Cabinet Expansion Not Likely Soon
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Held in Pakistan
Myanmar Junta Warns Against Disrupting 'Democracy'
Myanmar's Suu Kyi: No Reason to Lift Sanctions
Australian Editor of Myanmar Newspaper Jailed
Manila, Leftist Rebels Plan Ceasefire
Emerging Rebel Group a Risk for Philippine Peace
Diplomacy Stalemate Over North Korea's Nuclear Program
Seoul to Deploy New Shipboard Cruise Missile
China to Vet Inward M&A Deals for National Security
Raytheon Offers 'Pain Gun' to Troubled India
400 Arrested in Algeria at Rally Demanding Reforms
Algeria Shuts Down Internet and Facebook as Protest Mounts
11 Killed in Nigeria Election Stampede
Nigeria: Sectarian Clash Kills 5
Italy Ferries Tunisians Off Sicilian Island
Tunisia Democracy Irreversible, Says German Minister
Uganda Opposition Threatens Egypt-Style Protests
China: West Has No Right to Punish Zimbabwe
Rwanda Jails Opposition Leader, Fines 3 Others
South African Police Arrest Man on Terror Charges

UN Gears Up to Help Sudanese Returning to South

4 Militants, Politician Killed in Southern Russia
Moscow Police Detain 14 Protesters
Kremlin Sees Japan Island Talks 'Losing Meaning'
Belgium: Eight Months With No Government
Albanian Government Security Agents Arrested Over Deadly Clashes During Protests
2 Cuban Dissidents Released From Jail
Cuban Dissident Returns Home Despite Pledge Not To
Morales Flees Bolivian City During Food Price Protests
Venezuela Politicians Exchange Punches in Parliament

Colombian Rebels Free More Hostages

Haiti: Duvalier Foes Seek Justice for Dictatorship Abuses
The War at Home
Republicans Plan Cuts to US State Dept, UN Contribution
3 Years On, No Truce on Va. War Memorial Dispute
US Military
US Marines Define Future Role Amid Budget Cuts
Missile Defense Interceptor Gets $1.7 Billion US Budget Boost
Pentagonese: a Primer
Military Couples Struggle With Separation at Valentine's Day
Veterans of the First Gulf War Can't Get Treatment; Army Admits Medical Records Were Destroyed
Gay Ban Repeal Training to Include Combat Zones
Caregiver Benefits Proposal Irks Families of Wounded Troops
Bomb-Resistant Boxers to Be Manufactured by New York Company
For Some Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results
Things Could Get Worse for Troubled Stealth Jet
Americans Still Dying
Jamestown (NY) Marine Was to Have Returned Home in a Few Weeks
Bennett (CO) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Was on First Deployment
Hometown Memorial Service Held for Soldier (CA) Buried at Arlington
Slain Ohio Marine's Sister: 'Nobody Had a Better Son or Brother'
A 'New' Egypt?
Protesters and Soldiers Dance in the Egyptian Streets
The Morning After in Egypt, Grim Realities
Egypt's State TV, Radio Vow to Present Honest Coverage
Democracy in Egypt an Uncertainty, Analysts Fear
Elation and Impatience in Alexandria
Egyptian Stock Market Re-Opens Wednesday
Egyptians Focus Their Attention on Recovering the Nation's Money
Clean-Up Drive Launched in Tahrir Square
Military Government
Egypt Army Commits to Power Transfer, Israel Peace
Head of Egypt Military Discusses Constitutional Legitimacy
Egypt Army Meets Government Ministers: State TV
Egypt Military Authorities 'To Respect All Treaties'
Egypt Now Must Rewrite Constitution, Elect Leaders
Report: Egypt's Information Minister Under House Arrest
Egypt Investigates and Bans 43 Former Ministers From Travel
Egypt Probes Former Ministers in Possible Bid to Break With Old Guard
The 18-Day Uprising
How Mubarak Unlocked the Power of the Egyptian People
How Hosni Mubarak Misread His Military Men
In Mubarak's Final Hours, Defiance Surprises US and Threatens to Unleash Chaos
A Look at How Egypt's Uprising Unfolded
Anatomy of a Revolution: Meet Young Egyptian Activists Who Started It All
Witness: Will History Repeat Itself in Egypt?
Reports in Egypt: Mubarak Fled to Sharm by Helicopter
Three Young Egyptians Who Helped Make a Revolution
Inside Egypt's Tahrir Square: 'I Helped Topple a Dictator!'
Ghonim Creates Image Issues for Google
Egypt and the US
US to Give Egypt $1.3b in Military Aid in 2011
Obama Welcomes Egypt's Pledge to Maintain International Treaties
Young Egyptians in US Hopeful About Future
Egypt and the World
Egypt's Revolt Met With Wide Support, Censorship
Resignation of Egypt's Mubarak May Change Regional Balance of Power
Celebrations Spread Across Middle East
UK's Hague: Tunisia, Egypt's Uprisings May Complicate Quest for Mideast Peace
Bahrain Says Supports Egyptian People's Choice
PLO: Egypt's Existence as Key Player Important for Palestinians
Netanyahu: Egypt-Israel Peace Is Cornerstone of Mideast Stability
China Paper Warns Egypt of 'Nightmarish' Instability for Egypt
Merkel Compares Egypt to Eastern Europe
Mubarak's Fall Shows Need for Mideast 'Jolt': Britain
Jordan Muslim Brotherhood: Israel, US Main Losers in Mubarak Ouster
Jordan Islamists, Trade Unions Celebrate Egypt's 'Freedom'
Lebanon: Egyptians, Lebanese Celebrate in Front of Embassy
Palestinian Election Plan Runs Into Hamas Obstacle
Security Officials: Israel Faces Period of Instability
Israeli Cabinet Set to Approve Appointment of New IDF Chief of Staff
Iran Will Not Allow 'Illegal' Opposition Rally
French PM Calls for Stronger Sanctions on Iran
Iran Hinders Web Searches Leading Up to Planned Rally, Sources Say
Gibbs: The Govt of Iran Fears the Will of Its People
Ahmadinejad Cheers Exit of Mubarak
Iran Sets 400 Afghan Prisoners Free
Talks Only Solution to Iran Nuclear Issue: Gul
Taghi Rahmani, Iran's Most Frequently Jailed Journalist, Arrested Again
Seized Saddam Kickbacks to Aid Iraq
Iraqi Demonstrations Due to Lack of Services, Though They Might Be Politicized, MP Says
Saturday: 50 Iraqis Killed, 83 Wounded
Armed Yemeni Government Supporters Break Up Protest
Report: Yemeni Protesters Clash With Knife-Wielding Men
US Lifts Ban on Yemen Cargo Flights
Yemeni Journalist Nasser Arrabyee: US Involvement Undermines Sound Response to Yemen-Based Militants
Jordan Assails Reporter for Articles on Tribal Discontent
Jordan PM: Israel's Obstinacy to Peace May Further Destabilize Mideast
Middle East
Six Years On, Hariri Legacy in Lebanon Falters
Turkey Begins Arrest of Military Officers Linked to Alleged 2003 Coup Attempt

Justin Raimondo
Mubarak's Norma Desmond Moment

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Let's Go to Plan B

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Tear Down This Wall (of Fame): Reagan's Overrated Foreign Policy

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What's WikiLeaks Got to Do With It?

Nebojsa Malic
Withdrawing Consent

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Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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