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Updated February 23, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Gadhafi Loses More Libyan Cities
  Reports: Over 1,000 Dead in Libya Crackdown
  Obama Says Bloodshed in Libya Is 'Outrageous and Unacceptable'
  Libya Pilot Rejects Benghazi Bombing, Ditches Plane
  Disheveled Gadhafi Pledges to Retain Power

Gadhafi's Next Move: Sabotage Libya's Oil and Sow Chaos?


Richard Perle Among Libya's Lobbyists

  Obama Administration Frets Over Life After Gadhafi
  'Anonymous' May Attack Nicaragua, Venezuela Govts Over Libya
  Kerry Calls for Regime Change in Libya
20% of Bahrain's Population Out in Protests

Bahrain King Orders Release of Political Prisoners

US Commanders: Afghans Burn Kids All the Time
Protesters Return to Egypt's Tahrir Square
  Egypt Reopens Gaza Border Crossing

Egypt Replaces Several Mubarak-Era Ministers

Yemeni Forces Kill 2 Students at University Protest

Iran Steps Up Crackdown on Opposition Leaders

On Human Rights, Obama Should Lead by Example  by Daphne Eviatar
Antiwar Libertarians Are the Future of the Limited Government Movement  by Gene Healy
The Book Has Been Written on the Right/Left Antiwar Alliance  by John V. Walsh
The Mad Dog of the Middle East  by Sami Moubayed
A False Friend in the White House  by Stephen M. Walt
The Project for a New Arab Century  by Mohammed Khan

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The Pentagon Papers Donald Rumsfeld Doesn't Want You to See

Justice Drops Defense of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz

Gadhafi Raved and Cursed, but He Faces Forces He Cannot Control

Lawsuit Alleges FBI Violated Muslims' Freedom of Religion


Yemen Unrest: Yemen Protesters Are Angry and Ambivalent

Thousands Call for Yemeni Leader's Ouster

Egypt's Revolution Continues

Egyptian Parties Take First Steps Toward Democracy

Egypt to Release Some Political Prisoners Soon

Russia Blames Google for Stirring Egypt Revolution

Egypt Seeking Debt Relief From European Union

David Cameron, in Egypt, Says West Was Wrong to Back Dictators


Bahrain: Protesters Fill Streets, King Touts 'National Dialogue'

Dim View of US Stance on Bahrain Shi'ites Is Described

In Bahrain, Protesters' Calls for Unity Belie Divisions

Middle East in Revolt

Algeria State Media Opens Up as Arab Protests Rage

Women's Rights a Strong Point in Tunisia

Jordan's Muslim Opposition to Resume Protests


Protests Turn Iraqi Kurd City Into Military Zone

Iraq Provincial Governor: Army's Detainee Dies From Torture

Tuesday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded


Iranian Navy Ships Exit Suez Canal

Iranian Naval Vessels Sail Through Suez Canal: Israeli Reaction

Iran Hails Warships' Mission in Mediterranean

Iran Detains Son of Prominent Opposition Leader

Iranian Hackers Attack Voice of America Web Sites


Djibouti Opposition Slams Repression

Gun Battles Erupt in Ivory Coast's Main City

Gabon General Denies Coup Plot

4 Americans on Hijacked Yacht Dead Off Somalia After US Navy Pursuit
Somalia: Al-Shabaab Denies Some of Its Foreign Jihadists Killed in Mogadishu

Black Ops: How HBGary Wrote Backdoors for the Government

Social Media, Cellphone Video Fuel Arab Protests

Middle East Internet Scorecard

China Hints at Possible Web Clampdown

'War on Terror'

Alaskan Lawmaker Returns Home by Sea After Invasive TSA Patdown

Seattle-Area Restaurant Refuses to Serve TSA Agents

Court Ruling Opens Up Terrorism to International Prosecution

Libya Burns

In Libya, Increasingly Divergent Views of Gadhafi

Ex-Gadhafi Aide Sees Bitter Fight to the End

Libyan Protesters Sack State TV in Tripoli

Egypt Minister: Benghazi Airport Runways Destroyed

Driving Through Libya With Armed Men of All Persuasions

Weeping Libyan Says 26 Die in Coastal Town Attack

Libya Protests: Thousands of Foreigners Flee Violence

Gadhafi's Grip Falters as His Forces Take on Protesters

Berlusconi Tells Gadhafi Italy Did Not Arm Demonstrators

The Myth of a Moderate Gadhafi Heir

'The West Saw Gadhafi as Indispensable'

Dozens of Bodies Reported on Tripoli's Streets; Gadhafi Said Barricaded in His Compound
Libya Fallout

Obama Won't Speak on Libya

Reporter Missing in Libya

Libyan Ship Spotted Off Malta Coast

Anti-Gadhafi Protesters Disbanded by Dubai Riot Police

Libya's Ambassador to India Resigns Amid Crackdown

Groups Demand Freeze of Gadhafi Assets

Nicaraguan President Calls Gadhafi to Express His Solidarity

Libya Suspended From Arab League Sessions

Libyans in US Fear for Family and Friends Back Home

US Still Awaiting Libya's Permission to Evacuate Americans

Countries Scramble to Evacuate Citizens From Libya

Security Council Condemns Libya Crackdown

Beirut Denies Permission for Private Libyan Jet to Land in Lebanon

Russians Pulled Out of Rebellious Libya


Afghan Peace Delegation Headed to Gitmo for Talks

Georgian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan


Pakistan Case Tests Laws on Diplomatic Immunity

In Aftermath of Shooting, Rising Skepticism About American Presence in Pakistan

CIA Drones May Be Avoiding Pakistani Civilians


US-Israel Arrow Missile Test Successful

Report: Obama to Appoint Top Adviser to Israel Post

In Other News

Thachi Re-Elected Kosovo PM Despite Organ Controversy

India: Gujarat Train Blaze Verdict: 31 Convicted

Thailand and Cambodia to Accept Monitors for Border Row

Kim Jong Il's Guard Set Himself Free


Justin Raimondo
Interventionists Target Libya

Ivan Eland
Did Reagan Win the Cold War?

Nebojsa Malic
Children of Lies

Philip Giraldi
Did Someone Lose Egypt?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Old Guard Moving Aside at CPAC

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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