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Updated March 15, 2011 - 11:24 PM EDT
Rebel Fighter Jets 'Sink Gadhafi Warships'

Gadhafi Offers 'Amnesty' to Army Defectors


UK Makes Case for No-Fly Zone in Libya

  Air and Ground: Gadhafi, Rebels Each Claim Control
Saudi-Led Troops Sent to Crush Bahrain Protests
  US Warns Against Imposing 'Military Solution' on Bahrain
Petraeus: Afghan Situation 'Fragile, Reversible'
  Afghan Official: Children Killed in NATO Air Strike
  At Least 37 Killed in Afghan Army Base Attack
  Spokesman: Karzai Didn't Mean to Call for End to War
  Petraeus to Give Obama Upbeat View of Afghan Fight
Yemen Tribesmen Kill 4 Troops for Protest Attacks

Egypt Dissolves Hated State Security Apparatus

Pakistan Again Delays Immunity Ruling for CIA Op
Protest Movement Growing in Croatia
Call It the 'Militarism Budget'  by Jon Basil Utley
We Are All Bradley Manning  by Kevin B. Zeese
The Enemy of My Enemy  by Michael Munger
No-Fly Won't Fly Constitutionally  by Rep. Ron Paul
Obama's Child Soldiers  by Matthew Ehrlich
Iraq Then, Libya Now  by Ross Douthat

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Normally Hawkish Lindsey Graham Less Gung-Ho on Libya

Is Anonymous the New WikiLeaks?

Pentagon Networks Can't Handle Employee Demand for Japan Disaster Videos
French Scientist Remains in Jail Without Charges, 500 Days After Visiting Islamic Political Sites

Ceremonies Mark 20th Anniversary of Desert Storm, Desert Shield

Libya Fight Rages

Libyan Rebels Brace for Attack on Ajdabiya

Pro-Gadhafi Forces Press Rebels East and West of Tripoli

Rebel Council Seeks to Transform Libya

Oil Producers in Libya Face Political Conundrum

Libyan Tribal Alliances Could Be Gadhafi's Undoing

Libyan Rebels Arrest 'Gadhafi Death Squad' That Killed Journalist

Libya Intervention?

Turkey Opposed to NATO Military Intervention in Libya

UK Does Not Intend to Get Involved in a War in Libya

France Says G8 Will Seek Agreement on Libya Action

EU's Libya Sanctions Unlikely to Wobble Regime


Tiny Bahrain Could Provoke Regional Conflict

Bahrain Opposition Slams Occupation

Clinton Expresses 'Deep Concern' About Bahrain

Saudi Arabia's Action in Bahrain Strains Ties With United States

US Says Saudi Forces in Bahrain Not an Invasion

Iran Slams Saudi Invasion of Bahrain

Bahraini Lawmakers Call for Martial Law


Worker Protests, Blockades Spread in Oman

Sultan Qaboos Fires Oman's Police Chief


At Least 30 Injured in Clashes From Live Fire in Yemen Protests

Yemeni Lawmaker Stabbed in Latest Unrest

Yemen Deports 2 American, 2 British Journalists


US Drone Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan

Obama Thanks Danish PM for Contribution to Afghanistan


Official: Iraq to Close Prison Rife With Abuse

Suicide Attack on Iraqi Military Post Kills 11

Gunmen Kill 3 Civilians, Cop in Anbar

Bike Ban Announced in Fallujah

Monday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 41 Wounded


Palestinian President Condemns Murder of Israeli Settler Family

Hooded Settlers Throw Stones in Palestinian Village

Israeli Media Watcher Accuses Reuters of Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Hawkish New Netanyahu Adviser Signals a Harder Israel Line

Gaza News Conference Turns Into Unity Rally a Day Early

Israel Releases Prominent Palestinian Activist

Middle East

Iran MPs Oppose Jordanian King's Visit

Critics Say Egypt Getting Crash Course in Constitutional Confusion

Popular Kurdish Singer Shot in Head

United States

Rep. Kucinich Unable to Visit Accused WikiLeaks Source

Bush Officials Fight to Keep PATRIOT Act


Germany Charges al-Qaeda Suspect

Presidential Candidate Ales Mikhalevic Flees Belarus Following KGB Torture

In Other News

Azerbaijan: Protesters Sentenced

Six Maoist Rebels Killed in India Gunbattle

Ivorian Rebels Move Close to Central Abidjan

Haiti Candidates Unfazed by Aristide's Return


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'Libya' Does Not Exist

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Prisoner Isolation, From Jefferson Davis to Bradley Manning

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A Superpower Needs to Emulate an Economic Superhero

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Riding the Sandstorm

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Barak Unmasked

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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