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Updated March 19, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT

Shock & Awe 2: US, France, Britain Pound Libya

  Airstrikes Kill 48, Wound 150 in 'Civilian Areas': Libya TV
  British Forces in Action Over Libya
  French Jets Begin Air Strikes on Libya
  Gadhafi Forces Begin to Storm Benghazi
  Gadhafi Told to Leave Now or Face the Bombers
  Obama 'Trying' to Limit Military Involvement in Libya
  Libya May Lash Out With Terrorist Attacks, US Official Says
46 Killed as Yemen Forces Attack Protesters
  Deep Divisions Over Egypt's Referendum
  Bahrain Demolishes Key Monument to Spite Protesters
  Saudi King Warns of Moves Against 'Sedition'
  At Least Six Dead in Syria Protest Attacks
Marines Use Destruction to 'Win' in Afghanistan
  Afghan Chief Accused of Campaign of Terror Is on US Payroll
GOP Rediscovers Disdain for Nation-Building
  War Bill Fails, but Message Rings
  Pentagon Defends Foreign Aid as Essential to National Security
Netanyahu: Palestinian Unity Govt Would 'Kill' Peace Process
  Citing Japan, Netanyahu Calls for Attack on Iran
Pakistan Calls for Revenge After Massive US Drone Strike
Eight Years In, End to Iraq War Still Elusive
The Littlest Invasions  by Gary Brecher
10 Reasons Iraq Was No Cakewalk  by Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis
How Your Taxpayer Dollars Subsidize Pro-War Movies and Block Antiwar Movies  by David Sirota
Another Obama War  by Lew Rockwell
Libya: War Without Policy  by Benjamin H. Friedman
'One Blue Sky Above Us'  by Kathy Kelly

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Why Is US Backing Force in Libya but Not Bahrain, Yemen?
Critics of Iraq War Protest on Anniversary of Invasion
Gadhafi Son: Sarkozy Election Campaign Was Funded by Libya
Shift by Clinton Helped Push Obama to Take Harder Line
West Overzealous on Libya
Actors, Musicians Demand End to Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning
Saudi, Iran Interests Collide, With the US in the Middle
US Agrees to Improve Human Rights Record
Bahrain to Pursue Talks, Receive More Gulf Troops
Bahraini Shi'ites Protest After Prayers
Bahraini Opposition Calls on Allawi to Intervene
Iran Cleric Tells Bahraini Shiites to Protest On
Iran: Protesters Slam Bahrain's Royal Family, US for Crackdown on Dissidents
Comprehensive Curfew Imposed in Fallujah
2 Children Killed, One Wounded in Blast in Kirkuk
IMF Approves $471 Million in Iraq Funding
Iraqi Man Sentenced After 11 Years in Jail
Friday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 16 Wounded
Jordan King Hints at Polls by End 2011
Jordanians Protest Despite National Dialogue Start
Middle East
As Protests Near Saudi Borders, King Offers Money
Yemen Tourism Minister Resigns After Shootings
Report: Hamas Official Suspended Over Allegations of Corruption
US Arab Businessman Says He's Trapped in Qatar
Waziristan Elders Vow to Take Revenge on US
Pakistan to Boycott US-Afghan Talks
NATO Oil Tankers' Entry in Peshawar Banned
3-Day Mourning Against Killing of Tribal Elders in Drone Strike
Six Contractors Kidnapped in Afghanistan: Official
Soldiers in Afghanistan Will Be First to Receive Enemy Gunshot Radar
China Frees 7 Tibetan Monks Detained After Protest
North Korea to Convene Parliament in Early April
Gates to Visit Russia Next Week
Russia to Develop New Ballistic Missile System by 2013
Obama Begins Latin America Trip Dogged by World Crises
Honduras: 1 Dead, 2 Injured as Supporters of Ousted Ex-President Protest
National Guard to Leave Mexico Border in June
Warm Welcome Greets Aristide on Return to Haiti
Nicaragua's Ortega Registers to Run for New Term
Pro-Government Crowd Taunts Dissidents in Havana
War on Libya
Libya Says It Is Adhering to Cease-Fire
Gadhafi: 'Hell' Awaits Those Who Attack Libya
Amid Uncertainty, Allies Prepare for No-Fly Zone
Libya Says Any Attack Would Threaten Mediterranean
Gadhafi Anti-Aircraft Guns a Danger for NATO
US Accuses Gadhafi of Violating UN Resolution
US Tells Gadhafi to Pull Back From East Libya
No-Fly Zone Paves Way for Drone Attacks in Libya
Obama: Gadhafi Must Restore Phone Service or Face Attack
No-Fly Zone Could Be Canceled if Libya Pulls Back Forces
International Court Warns Gadhafi Not to Attack Civilians
Libya UN Resolution: Key Points
Europe Air Traffic Agency: Libya Closes Airspace
Lugar Heads to White House for Meeting on Potential Libya Attack
Santorum Calls Obama's Libya Policy 'Indecisive'
Libya Accuses Rebels of Breaching Truce
Gadhafi Forces Still Moving on Benghazi: US Official
Rebels Seize Libyan State-Owned Gasoline Tanker
Benghazi Power Station on Fire
Libya to Free Missing New York Times Journalists
More Libyans Fleeing as Government Forces Advance
ElBaradei Says Egypt Should Say 'No' in Referendum
United in Protest, Cairo Activists Now Struggle With Politics
Tunisian Border Town Cannot Escape Libya's Turmoil
The Small Tunisian Town That Sparked the Arab Revolution
South Sudan Army-Militia Clashes Kill 69
Sudan: Thousands Flee Fighting in Darfur
Morgan Tsvangirai Says Military Junta Is Running Zimbabwe
Daily News Returns to Zimbabwe's Streets After 8-Year Ban
Ivory Coast: Attack on Market May Be War Crime, UN Says
Senegal Says Arrests Suspected Coup Plotters
US Military
Female Soldiers' Suicide Rate Triples When at War
Pentagon Is Dividing Up Guantanamo Detainees for Trials
US Military Creates Fake Online Personas
Pentagon Hires Contractors to Regulate Contractors
IG: Pentagon Not Spotting Overpayments to Contractors
Audit Finds South Florida Oliman's Firm Overcharged Pentagon

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Prisoner Isolation, From Jefferson Davis to Bradley Manning

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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