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Updated April 3, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
At NATO's Behest, US to Continue Libya Strikes
  Gadhafi Envoy Seeks 'Solution' to Ongoing War
  Western Military Advisers Emerge in Benghazi
  Libyan Rebels Say US, Egyptian Special Forces Training Them
  Coalition Air Strike Near Brega Kills Rebels, Civilians
  Ex-Mujahedeen Help Lead Libyan Rebels
Libyan Rebels Struggle to Explain Rift
  Rebels Blame Chad Troops for Loss of Key Libyan Cities
  Libya Descending Into Stalemate as US Winds Down Air Strikes
  Rebellion Divided: Specter of Revenge Killings Hangs Over E. Libya
Aid Workers Find 1,000 Bodies in Ivory Coast City
  Battle for Ivory Coast Capital Rages
Syria in Dawn Crackdown Ahead of Funerals
  US Lawmakers Urge Support for Syrian Opposition
Pakistan: Blasts at Sufi Shrine Kill 42
9 Killed as Koran Protests Spread to Kandahar
Yemen Opposition Offers 'Last Chance' for President to Leave
Egypt's Military Keeping Repressive Practices in Place
By Merely Bolstering the Weaker Side, We Are Prolonging Libya's Civil War  by Simon Jenkins
Lies, Damn Lies, and Presidential Statements  by Lee Wrights
Libya and the Rule of Law  by Mario Rizzo
Just Like Bush  by David Rieff
Why They Hate Us  by Anthony Gregory
Bring War Dollars Home by Closing Down Bases  by Christine Ahn

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Free at Last... and They All Owe their Lives to Amnesty
Why Are Indian Warships Heading Towards Libya?
New Nanomaterial Can Detect, Neutralize Explosives
Army Atheists Seek 'Faith' Privileges
Dot-Mil Cyber Security Spending: Now Extra FUBAR
'Destabilizing' Trident Warhead Already Being Tested in US
Libyan War
Libya Rebels: Deadly Air Strike Our Mistake
Hundreds Killed in Misrata, Libya in Past Week, Doctor Says
Libyan Rebels Want to Trade Oil for Guns
Libya Oil Carve-Up Seen as Political Minefield
Libya Names New Central Bank Governor
Report: At Least One Killed in Misrata Shelling
Libya and the US
Fact Checker: President's War Authority
Gadhafi's Regime Seeks Talks With UK, US
On Libya, Former Ally Takes on Obama
Libyan Defector Was in Contact With CIA
Libya's History Warns US of the Dangers on the Road to Ras Lanuf
Rubio Defends Proposal to Authorize Gadhafi's Removal
Libya and the World
Libya Rebels Pen Oil Deal With Qatar
Libya: Musa Kusa May Earn Safe Haven and Several Million Pounds for Spilling Secrets
Britain Uses 'Softly Softly' Approach With Gadhai Defector Koussa
Gadhafi Henchman 'Ready to Tell All' About Lockerbie
New Wave of Libyan Refugees Heading for Tunisia
Libya Fallout: Why Iran, North Korea Now Less Likely to Drop Nuclear Ambitions
NATO Strikes on Libya an Echo of Serbia Conflict
Libyan Banks Ask Chinese Lenders to Extend Letters of Guarantee
Argentina Blasts Britain Over Libya on Falklands Date
Half a Million Signatures in Petition to Free Libyan Rape Claim Woman
Egyptians on March to Keep Revolutionary Spirit Alive
Egypt Sacks State TV, Radio Bosses
Ivory Coast
Massacre on the Streets of Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Strongman Gbagbo's Forces Troops Mobilize on State TV
Human Rights Watch Warns Against Violations in Ivory Coast Fighting
Sudan MP Says 150,000 Starving in Red Sea State
South Sudan Police Confiscate Newspaper
Ex-Somali PM Samantar to Be Questioned in US Lawsuit
Emirates Ship MV Arrilah-I Freed From Pirates
Nigeria Postpones Election
Mugabe Rejects Regional Pressure on Zimbabwe, Herald Reports
Yemen Protests: Learning to Speak Without Fearing
Yemen's Saleh Again Signals He's Staying Put
Yemen Opposition Offers Transition Plan
Yemeni Protesters Hurl Stones at Police
Oman Detained Up to 60 During Clashes: Witnesses
Demands to Free Omani Activists
Booby-Trap Bomb Kills Northern Ireland Policeman
Thousands March for Basque Party in Spain
Belarus Courts Crack Down on Protesters, Overturning Lives
Kremlin to Putin: Start State Board Purge by July 1
UK Bureaucrats Tell 'Worst Wounded' Soldier He Cannot Have Full Compensation
4 Police Injured in Nicaragua Opposition Protests
Bitter Battle Over Body of Venezuelan Ex-President
Guatemala First Couple's Politically-Motivated Divorce on Hold
Americans Still Dying
Glendale (AZ) Soldier Killed as He Prepared to Return Home
Griffin (GA) Soldier Killed in Action Before Trip Home
Soldier From Cleburne (TX) Is Killed in Afghanistan
Pleasanton (CA) Medic Killed in Afghanistan While Helping Fellow Soldier
South Dakota Airman Who Died in Barracks Overseas Remembered
Chillicothe (OH) Army Sergeant Killed in Afghanistan
Slain Soldier's Father Speaks About Son's Death (WI)
Moosup (CT) Soldier Dies in Firefight in Afghanistan
Weekend Reviews
Neither the Wars nor the Leaders Were Great
The Falling American Empire
The Columbia History of the Vietnam War
Afgantsy: the Russians in Afghanistan 1979-1989
Afghan Mob Tore Open Bunker to Kill Foreign UN Staff, Envoy Says
When Gentle Mazar-E-Sharif Erupted in Violence
Insurgents Killed Attacking NATO Camp in Kabul
Night Vision Tech Tangles Troops in Afghanistan
Cameras, Spy Balloons Surge in Afghanistan
UN: Afghan Attacks Will Not Deter Our Mission
Arrests Made in UN Afghan Office Killings
Florida Pastor Terry Jones's Koran Burning Has Far-Reaching Effect
Obama Condemns Quran Burning 'Bigotry'
Pakistan Military Copters Pound Lashkar Bases After Infighting
Two Killed, Three Injured in Bomb Explosion in Kohlu
Eleven Pakistan Troops Injured in Bara Convoy Ambush
One Injured in Badhaber Car Blast
Lashkar-E-Islam Fights Against Its Deserted Commanders
Suspected Rebels Kill 3 Indian Soldiers
As India Rises, Northeast State Wracked by Chaos
Wary of Unrest, China Cracks Down on Dissent
Chinese Student's Death Prompts Online Outrage
Azerbaijani Police Break Up Pro-Democracy Rally
New Nepal Govt Mired in Parliament Crises
Kazakh Leader to Tighten Grip in Early Election
Syrian Security Forces Arrest 46
'Syria Protests Must Not Compromise Country's Stand Against Israel': Hamas
Thousands of Druze Rally for Assad in Golan Heights

Turkey PM Says Will Prod Syria's Assad on Reforms

Goldstone Reconsiders
Goldstone: Claims of Israel's Gaza War Crimes Should Be Reconsidered
Israel Urges UN to Cancel Gaza War Crimes Report
Livni: Cast Lead Was Justified With or Without Goldstone
Hamas: Despite Goldstone Retreat, War Crimes Were Still Committed in Gaza
Abbas to Meet With Egypt Military to Discuss Fatah-Hamas Unity
Gaza Militias Announce End of Truce With Israel
Hamas: Israel Will Suffer 'Consequences' of IDF Gaza Strike
Israeli Tells Citizens to Leave Sinai Immediately
Facebook Sued Over Intifada Page
Israel: Video Shows Troops Hitting, Cursing Leftists
Israel to Promote Itself on Facebook
Land Day Protesters Call Israeli PM 'Traitor'
Hamas Official: German Mediator Failed
Israeli Authors Join Campaign to Keep Arab Bookseller in the Country
US Embassy Group Attacked in Southern Lebanon
Hezbollah Official Says State Should Counter Israeli Leaks
Clashes in Palestinian Refugee Camp Leave Residents Frustrated at Continuing Conflict
Iraqi PM Confident on Reforms
Iraq PM Says Libya Assault Selective
Iraqiya Cautions of Driving Iraq Into a Sectarian Crisis
Over 1770 Detainees Under Terrorist Charges in Iraq's Diyala Province
Al-Qaeda Branch Claims Iraq Suicide Attack: Monitor
Appeal Over North East Soldiers' Killing Thrown Out by Iraqi Court
Saturday: 11 Iraqis, 1 Egyptian Killed; 14 Iraqis Wounded
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Urges Iran to Keep Nose Out of Gulf
Saudi Says 5,080 Convicted of Terrorism Crimes
Crackdown in Bahrain Enflames Iraq's Shiites

List of People Killed in Bahrain Since 14th February 2011

Kuwait Youths Petition Against Caretaker PM
Iranian Diplomats to Be Expelled Over Spy Ring Row in Latest Spat in Arab Gulf-Iranian Relations
Middle East
Four Iranian Police Killed in Border Attack: Report
Police Staves Violence as Jordanian Protests Continue
Turkey Intensifies Efforts to Contain Sectarian Confrontation in the Region

Justin Raimondo
Libya and the Obama Cult

Charles V. Peņa
Libya Hypocrisy

Philip Giraldi
What the Patriot Act Does For You

Ivan Eland
High Costs May Not Be the Worst Aspects of the Attack on Libya

Kelley B. Vlahos
Jihad Hunters vs. the Neocons

Nebojsa Malic
Another Evil Little War

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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