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Updated April 7, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
General: US May Deploy Troops in Libya
  New NATO Strike Kills Libyan Rebels
  NATO Strikes Leave Libyan Civil War Stalemated
  Divided and Disorganised, Libyan Rebel Military Turn on NATO
  NATO Looks for Answers to Gadhafi's Evolving Tactics
  War in Cities: NATO Slams Libya Forces as Inconvenient to Bomb
  Libya Says NATO Air Strike Hits Major Oil Field
  FBI Questioning Libyans in US to Assess Terror Risk
Israel Admits to Another Air Strike in Sudan
  Israel Bans 700 Goods From Entering Gaza
  Israel to Tighten Policy of Probes Into Civilian West Bank Deaths
  WikiLeaks: 'Some Settlers Would Be Willing to Leave for Right Price'
Graham: GOP Candidates Must Avoid 'Isolationism'
  Obama Explains Libya Attacks – and His Security Approval Sinks
  Libya Splitting Republicans in 1990s Redux
  Obama to Remake National Security Team
  Shutdown Could Interrupt Military Pay, Furlough 800,000
Karzai Aide: Peace Talks With Taliban Ongoing
  Report: Al-Qaeda Coming Back to Afghanistan
  US Sends New Elite Forces to Afghanistan as Drawdown Looms
Syrian Military Seen Firmly Loyal to Assad
  Will US Keep Funding Yemen's Crumbling Regime?
  Bahrain's Crackdowns Continue, Despite Claims of 'Stability'
UN Troops Surround Gbagbo's 'Last Defenders'
Maliki's Doubts Threaten Post-2011 Troop Presence Plan
Obama Goes to War, the US Left Goes AWOL  by Clancy Sigal
Military Tribunal May Keep 9/11 Motives Hidden  by Ray McGovern
KSM Trial: Cowardly, Stupid, and Tragically Wrong  by Dahlia Lithwick
Fiasco in Libya: Fools at War  by Doug Bandow
America's Costliest War  by William Hartung
Protests in Afghanistan: Our Excuse to Get Out  by Malou Innocent

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Ecuador Demands US Envoy Leave Over WikiLeaks
US Has Infiltrated Ecuador's Police: Military
Assange Case Set for July
Bill to End Obama's Libya War Attracts Bipartisan Support
GOP Lawyer Drafts Obama Impeachment
Robert Frost: First World War 'Exciting at First'
Nobel Panel: Give War a Chance
Official: Libya Will Talk With Unarmed Rebels
Ex-Congressman in Libya to 'Help' Once Proposed Arming Gadhafi
First Libyan Rebel Oil Tanker Leaves Tobruk
Gadhafi Asks Obama to End Air Strikes
Text of Gadhafi Letter to Obama
Top Libyans Said to Be Very Scared
Attacks by Gadhafi Forces Damage Rebel Oil Fields
Belarus Mercenary 'Paid £1,900 a Month to Help Gadhafi Forces'
Libya Rebels Have Will, but Lack Martial Way
Carla Del Ponte Says Gadhafi Must Face Justice
Ivory Coast
Attack on Gbagbo Bunker in Ivory Coast Repelled
Cornered Gbagbo Refuses to Give Up to Ouattara Forces
Ouattara's Forces Told Not to Kill Gbagbo
Home of Japanese Ambassador to Ivory Coast Attacked
Angelina Jolie's Tunisia Visit Reportedly Incites Near-Riot
Tunisian Migrants Open Tensions in Europe
Mubarak's Trial Will Proceed: Member of Egypt's Junta
Bomb Injures 3 in Explosion Near Egypt Pyramids
Corruption Panel to Quiz Mubarak Son
Salafists' Wrath Turns Violent
Egypt's Former Minister Arrested Over Corruption
US Ambassador Supports Nigerian Vote Chief After Poll Delay
Sudan's Government Crushed Protests by Embracing Internet
Seven Suspected Taliban Killed in Attack on NATO Base
British Troops Involved in Kabul Road Death
US Pledges More Money for Peace Program in Afghanistan
Swedish Foreign Minister Visits Afghanistan
UN Condemns Desecration of Holy Quran
Russia, US Agree Chopper Deal for Afghanistan: Report
Mumbai Attacks in 2008 Still Divide India and Pakistan
Two Tankers Carrying Fuel for US, NATO Troops Destroyed
Pakistani Govt Bans Sports Channel
North Korea May Be Considering More Attacks: US
Jimmy Carter: Upcoming Trip to North Korea Will Focus on Nuclear Weapons, Humanitarian Plight
Seoul Agonizes Over Feeding the North
US Maintains Myanmar Sanctions
US Marines to Extend Georgia Training Mission
Granny Cuts Off Georgia's Internet During Scrap Hunt
Man Convicted of Croatian War Crimes Arrested in Germany
Haiti's Leader Criticizes UN Military Focus
Argentina's 'Grandmothers' Identify, Against Her Will, 103rd Baby Stolen by Dictatorship
'War on Terror'
US Offers $5 Million for Info Leading to Militant
NY Judge Queries Sides in Gitmo Psychologist Case
US Military
2 Dead as Navy F/A-18 Goes Down Near Lemoore, Calif
Wash. Soldier in Homicide-Suicide Deployed Twice
Assad Cedes Ground to Islamists as Calls to Oust Him Grow
Assad Overturns Ban on Face Veil
Syria Tries to Placate Sunnis and Kurds
Assad Holds Syria Army Despite Sunni-Alawite Divide
Viral Protest Songs Take on Government Over Crackdown
Dissidents From Syria Seek Haven in Lebanon
Factbox: Syria's Military: What Does Assad Have?
Yemeni Tribal Leader Predicts President Will Leave Office Within Weeks
Saudis and Allies Focus on Yemen's Saleh Exit
Yemen's Saleh Urges Opposition to Attend Talks in Saudi Arabia
Yemeni Leader Saleh Determined to Set the Terms of His Exit
Middle East
Protesters in Oman Want Security Forces Charged Over Deaths of Demonstrators
Oman Offers Some Lessons to a Region Embroiled in Protest
Sulaimaniyah Police Release All Detainees After Friday Protests
Nearing End of Office, Gates Visits Iraq
Cultural Heart Beats Again on Baghdad Bookseller Street
Defense Contractor Wants Iraqi Law to Decide Pa. Lawsuit in Soldier's Barracks Electrocution
Ba'ath Party Reaches 64 Years Old Facing Unprecedented Challenge
Iraq Deputy PM: Total Iraqi Oil Reserves Now Around 173 Billion Bbl
Iraq's Prime Minister Calls for Development of Joint Cooperation Between Iraq and Finland
Roadside Bombs in Baghdad Kill 3, Wound 11
Palestinian's Bid for Statehood Gets IMF Support
Prominent Israelis Propose Palestinian State in New Peace Plan
Israel Expedites Vote on Hundreds of New Homes Beyond Green Line
Poll: 63% of Palestinians Oppose Itamar Settler Attack
Orthodox IDF Soldiers Accused of Abusing Palestinian Prisoners
Arab Unrest Makes Israeli-Palestinian Peace Harder, Netanyahu Says
Peres to Ask UN Chief to Cancel Goldstone Report, Sources Say
Palestinian Security Abuses Journalists, Says Rights Group
US Committed to Ending Anti-Israel Bias on UN Council, Envoy Says
Report: Bibi Wants Discount on German Submarine
Gates Focuses on Iran During Riyadh Talks
Ahmadinejad: US Seeking to Divide Jordan to Form Palestinian State
Turkish Military Criticizes Arrest of Officers in Coup Trial
Arrested Journalist's Book Claims Turkish Police Infiltrated by Islamic Movement
Middle East
Gates Has 'Warm' Meeting With Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah
Protesters in Oman Want Security Forces Charged Over Deaths of Demonstrators
Rally Against Kuwait PM's Reappointment Sees Poor Turnout
Al-Jazeera Says Jordan Staff Receive Death Threats
OPEC Says Can Do No More to Control $120 Oil
The War at Home
The Man Behind the Manhattan Mosque
CBS News Exec: FBI Informant Accusation 'Outrageous and Untrue'

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French Fraud Behind Libya War Drive

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Humanitarian Interventionism by the Numbers

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Libyan Intervention Fraught With Risks

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The Censored War and You

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Libya Hypocrisy

Nebojsa Malic
Another Evil Little War

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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