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Updated April 21, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama Approves Drone Strikes in Libya
  NATO Air Raid Kills 7 Civilians in Tripoli
  Analysts: Libya War Could Drag On Indefinitely
  'Mission Creep' Feared in Libya Campaign
  Libyan FM Offers Ceasefire, UN-Supervised Elections
  Rebels Will Accept Foreign Forces to Protect Libyans
  More NATO 'Advisers' Sent to East Libya
Mullen Accuses Pakistani Govt of Terror Ties
  Karachi Blast Kills 16, Injures 35
  US Says Won't Abandon Drone Program in Pakistan
NATO Air Strike Kills Three Afghan Civilians
  Attacks Spark Growing Concern About Infiltration Into Afghan Forces
  Afghan Ministry Attack 'May Have Been Inside Job'
Protest Over Manning Disrupts Obama Event
  New Jail for Bradley Manning – but Controversy Rages On
ElBaradei: West Wasn't Interested in Iran Deal
  Netanyahu Urged Olmert to Initiate Israeli Attack on Iran
Silence Shrouds New Egyptian Security Agency
In Yemen, Anger From Activists Over US Policy
New Ivory Coast Army Turn Guns on Each Other
31 Killed as Tribesmen Attack South Sudan Army Base
The Obama-Gates Maneuver on Military Spending  by Gareth Porter
Libya and Beyond: Why Not Every Nation for Itself?  by William Pfaff
The Libyan Mission Is Creeping, No Doubt  by Simon Tisdall
Exporting Tyranny Through Foreign Aid  by John Glaser
Arabs Give Neocons a Reality Check  by James J. Zogby
Saudi Money Wins Obama's Mind  by M.K. Bhadrakumar

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Bahrain's Secret Terror
New US Terror Alerts Will Be Specific and Short-Lived
Israel 'Supplied Arms to Argentina in Falklands War'
Netanyahu Invitation Puts Obama on Spot on Peace Plan
Helen Thomas Exits Anti-AIPAC Meeting Amid Controversy
Was FBI Too Quick to Judge Anthrax Suspect the Killer?
Military Moves to Further Isolate Bradley Manning With Transfer to Kansas
Spiegel Interview With Mohamed ElBaradei
Libya at War
Gadhafi's Forces Batter Besieged City of Misrata
Intelligence Experts See Gadhafi Rebuilding Power
Misrata Fighting Kills Nine, Including Journalist
Misrata Rebels Show Ingenuity in Libya War
Inferior Arms Hobble Rebels in Libya War
Gadhafi's Libya Dodges Fuel Sanctions Via Tunisia
Doctor in Misrata Clinic Keeps Grim Record of War Wounds From Fighting
Life on the Rebel Side of the Crosshairs
2 Western Photojournalists Killed in Libya
Intervening in Libya
US Pledges $25m to Libyan Rebels
UN May Send Humanitarian Mission to Libya This Weekend
France Vows to Step Up Airstrikes in Libya
Allies Send Military Advisers, Equipment to Toughen Libya Rebels
Europeans Step Up Efforts to Aid Libyan Rebels
Sarkozy Tells Libyan Rebels: 'We Will Help You'
British MPs' Concerns Over Libya 'Mission Creep' Grow
Cameron Urges US and Italy to Keep Pressure on Gadhafi
Scores Killed in Nigerian Election Violence
Neighbors Become Enemies in North Nigeria as Election Fury Splits Along Religious Lines
Nigeria Hospitals Struggle to Treat Machete Wounds
Satellite Images Show Razing of Village and Burning of 350 Buildings in Southern Sudan
President Concedes Blame for Genocide
Sudan Students Demonstrate Against Bashir
Mubarak Leaves an Air of Wistfulness in Egypt
Amid Transition, More Egyptians Cling to Safety of Long-Hated Emergency Law
Hundreds of Kenyans Still Missing 3 Years After Military Crackdown on Western Militia
Eritrean Exiles Demonstrate in Ethiopia Against Their Country's Autocratic Leadership
Madagascar's Coup Leader Wraps Up Shuttle Diplomacy Tour of Region
Burkina Faso's New Prime Minister Promises Inclusive Government to Tackle Aftermath of Unrest
Ethnic Militias Fuel Tensions in Northern Afghanistan
Afghan Police: Taliban Release Iranian Hostages
French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Second Female British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan's Death a Parable for Country's Justice Quandary: Courts or Elders?
Kabul Bank to Be Split and Sold Off to Protect Afghanistan's Financial System
Taliban Kill Two for Supplying Livestock to Afghanistan
NATO Says Afghan Troop Recruitment Up Sevenfold
2 Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Released
Taiwan General Fired for Failing 'Loyalty Test'
Dozens Targeted in Chinese Crackdown on Critical Voices
Mullen's Visit to Pakistan Highlights Differences on Key Issues
UN Report Causes Delay in Trial of Sri Lanka's Former Army Chief
Mexican Police Find 26 Bodies in Lot in Northern Mexico, Rescue 68 Kidnapped by Drug Cartel
Mutilated Bodies of Syrian Officers Stir Suspicion
End of Emergency Rule in Syria Unlikely to Quell Protests or Stop Arrests
Protest Erupts in Syria's Homs Despite New Law
Thousands of Students Protest Syrian Government, Despite Reforms
Protest Erupts in Syria's Biggest City, Dissident Seized
Britain Urges Its Citizens to Leave Syria on Commercial Flights Amid Growing Security Threat
Clinton Calls on Syria to Stop Arrests, Torture
GCC Talks Again Stall on Peace Deal for Yemen
One Shot Dead in Yemen Protest
Saleh's Deadly Crackdowns Deepen Yemen Protesters' Resolve
Yemen President Resists Call to Step Down
Saleh Looks to Sons, Family for Survival
US Leaders Speak
Suspect in Killing of Italian Activist Dies in Standoff
Palestinian State Backed by 47 Israeli Intellectuals
Palestinian President Opposes New Uprising
Israeli Ambassador Leaves Cairo Amid Speculations of Opening Egypt's Border With Gaza Soon
Pro-Palestinian Activists Take to Sea to Protect Gaza Fishermen
Abbas Seeks 'Advice' From France on Declaring Palestinian Statehood
Lawyers Indicted for Passing Message for Prisoners in Gaza
Esther Pollard 'Hurt' by Obama's Silence on Husband
Baghdad Protest Ban Is Undemocratic: Sadr
Mass Grave Discovery in Iraq Could Fuel Divisions
Human Rights Minister Discusses With US Official Iraqi Detainees' Conditions
Sacramento Woman Killed in Iraq's Camp Ashraf Raid
Ukraine to Deliver 26 Armored Vehicles to Iraq
Senior Oil Official Wounded in Eastern Mosul
Arab League Again Delays Baghdad Summit Meeting
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 8 Iraqis Killed; 30 Iraqis Wounded
Lebanon Bans Pro- and Anti-Assad Protests in North
PM-Designate: Lebanon Should Focus on Own Problems
Estonians Kidnapped in Lebanon Appear in Video
Middle East
Bahraini Man on Trial for Alleged Ties to Iran
Iranian Leader Rebuffs Ahmadinejad Over Official's Dismissal
Urgent UN Rights Meeting on Mideast Unrest Planned
Emirati Official Says Activist Arrests Legal
US Sanctions Kurdish Rebel Leaders for Drug Trafficking
Battles of Britain
Lethal Parcel Bombs Sent to Celtic Soccer Boss, High-Profile Supporters
Small Bomb Hurled at Officers in Northern Ireland
British Spy Secrets Still Much Cooler Than American Spy Secrets
BBC: Flotilla Investigative Report Accurate, Impartial
Putin Drops Strongest Hint Yet of Bid for Presidency
US Military
US Soldier on Trial in Iraq Slaying of 2 Comrades
Anti-Bomb Plan for Pentagon Annex Posted Online
Pentagon Seeks Death Penalty Against USS Cole Bombing Suspect

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