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Updated May 12, 2011 - 11:01 PM EDT
The bin Laden Kill Plan
  No Active Plots Found in bin Laden Intel
  Was the bin Laden Raid a Manhunt or an Intelligence Grab?
British PM: Begin Afghanistan Pullout Now
  NATO, Afghan Raid Kills Police Officer and Young Girl
  Military Draws Up Afghan Exit Plan
  Intelligence Failures 'Led to Deaths of Afghan Civilians'
  Taliban Raids Dim Hopes on bin Laden Death
  With bin Laden Dead, Some Escalate Push for New Afghan Strategy
NATO Out of Ideas as Libya Mired in Stalemate
  Rebels: Gadhafi Forces Pushed Back From Misrata
  McCain: Senate Vote on Libya Unlikely
  Divisions Sap Credibility of Libyan Rebels
  UN Chief Ban Calls for Ceasefire in Libya
  Lawmakers Demand to Know Why They Weren't Consulted on Libya
Syrian Tanks, Troops Kill 19 in South, West
  Some See the Hand of Iran in Syria's Crackdown
More Pressure on Pak Military Over bin Laden
  Rohrabacher Bill Would End Aid to Pakistan
Iraqi PM Now Open to US Staying Past 2011
  Iraq's 'Unity' Govt Looks Shaky
165 Killed in Two Days of South Sudan Violence
Yemen Forces Fire on Protesters, 17 Dead
Somali Islamist Insurgents Attack Puntland, 25 Dead
House Panel Votes to Limit Obama on Nuke Reduction
There Are No Good Answers in Libya, but War Should Never Be the Default  by Gary Younge
Stop Knocking the Peace Movement!  by Carolyn Eisenberg
How Perpetual War Became US Ideology  by James Joyner
A Race Against Time or a Race to Civil War?  by Malou Innocent
Two Cheers for Iraqi Nationalism  by Justin Logan
It's Called Ethnic Cleansing  by Gideon Levy

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Yemen al-Qaeda Leader Vows Revenge So Fierce That US Will Miss bin Laden
Cyberwarfare Rules Included in Defense Bill
War Is a Bummer, Chief of Defense Staff Tells MPs
US Blacklists Haqqani Leader as Terrorist
TSA Baby Pat-Down Photo Goes Viral
Navy Halts Move to Allow Gay Unions by Chaplains
Obama to Give Major Speech on Mideast Policy
Pakistani Intelligence: US Friend or Foe?
Pakistan's MQM to Hold 'Referendum' Over Osama Killing
US Will Lose if It Alienates Pakistan: Musharraf
Pakistan's Effort to Resocialize Former Taliban
Pakistani Politician Calls for bin Laden Inquiry
Five More Political Activists Found Dead in Balochistan
US Terrorism Trial May Raise Tensions With Pakistan
John Kerry Headed to Pakistan
The Killing of bin Laden
Bin Laden's Preoccupation With US Said to Be Source of Friction With Followers
Bin Laden Hand-Written Journal Seized
Bin Laden Widows Likely to Tell US 'Nothing'
Bin Laden Relatives Want Probe and Proof of Death
Bin Laden Diary Reveals Plans to Attack US Cities
Family: bin Laden's Yemeni Wife Decided to Stay and Be 'Martyred' With Her 'Noble' Spouse
Expert: bin Laden's DNA Results Are Inconsistent
US Poll: bin Laden Killing Was Justified
Poll: 56% Favor Bringing Troops Home From Afghanistan Within a Year
In Afghanistan, Even the Taliban Won't Miss Osama bin Laden
Afghan Agents Thwart Assassination Attempt on Indian Diplomat
Afghan Helicopter Crashes on Way to Battle
UK: bin Laden Death May Hit Afghanistan Insurgents
North Korea Rebuffs South's Invitation to Summit
In Thailand, Tensions Rise Over Royal Family Role
China: 2 Tibetan Monks Sentenced to Prison
No 'Meaningful Change' in Myanmar: Suu Kyi
Human Rights Watch Urges Bangladesh to End Killings by Elite Force
Bin Laden's Killing Benefits Russia: Medvedev
Religious Sect Sees Putin as St. Paul
Bomb Rocks Popular Swedish Restaurant
'Dark Day' for Scottish Football as Celtic Manager Neil Lennon Attacked by Hearts Fan
Aides Say Ousted President Manuel Zelaya to Return Soon to Honduras
Honduran Journalist Critical of Police, Wealthy Ranchers, Killed Outside His Home
Republicans Say Aid Efforts in Haiti Are a Failure
Haiti Officials Reverse Some Legislative Races Challenged by Foreign Observers
'War on Terror'
Guantanamo Detainees' Family Members May Be Allowed to Visit
Northwest Flight 253: Al-Qaeda Leader Behind Terror Plot Was Released by US
German Police Raid Homes of Suspected Extremists
NRC Wants Nuke Plants to Detail Anti-Terror Plans
US Military
Senators: US Military Plans in Japan Unaffordable
Ex-Army General Faces 10 Years in Bribe Plea
Dogs Are Beloved New Warriors on the Battlefield
Sergeant Claims He Killed Comrades in Self-Defense
Naval Special Operations Forces Unit Added to AfriCom
Libyan Rebels Take Misrata Airport From Gadhafi Forces
Gadhafi Appears to End Rumor of His Death
Hill Panel Seeking Documents on Libya Operations
US Senate's Libya Resolution 'In Limbo': Kerry
Kerry Talks Aid With Libyan Anti-Gadhafi Leader
EU to Open Benghazi Office to Aid Libya Rebels
Gadhafi Must Go, NATO Chief Says in Atlanta
Polish FM Visits Libyan Opposition Base, With No Formal Recognition
Books Gadhafi Banned Sell Well in Rebel-Held East Libya
Nigerian Army Clashes With Militants in Oil Delta
Nigeria Launches Probe Into Election-Related Violence That Left More Than 500 Dead
Radical Sect Kills Top Unionist, Wounds Son, in Nigeria's Restive Northeast, Police Say
48 Women Raped Every Hour in Congo, New Study Shows, Far Surpassing Previous Estimates
Kenya Deports British Rights Defender Investigating Illegal Deportation of Terror Suspects
Sudan: Four UN Troops Shot in Abyei
Opposition Leader's Return to Uganda Halted After Being Kicked Off Kenya Airways Flight
Egypt Tries to Erase Hosni Mubarak's Name
Rubio Urges More US Action Against Syria
Authorities and Protesters Split on Whether Syrian Rebellion Is Over
Al Jazeera Says Syria Sent Missing Journalist to Iran
Syria to Draft New Elections Law as Clashes Rattle Protest Hubs
After Sanctions on Syria, an Apparently Organized Attack on EU Parliament's Facebook Page
Israel Revoked Residency of 140,000 West Bankers
Israel Reinforcing Troops in West Bank Ahead of Expected Protests
Hamas Accepts 1967 Borders, but Will Never Recognize Israel, Top Official Says
Berlusconi: No to Unilateral PA Bid
Palestinians Mull Appeal to UN on Israel Tax Freeze
Palestinian PM Urges Arab Donors to Meet Wage Bill
Outgoing Shin Bet Chief: Hamas Will Not Agree to Peace
Bahrain: Activists Tortured Before Trial, Rights Group Alleges
Bahraini Member of Parliament: The Justice System Is Working
Schoolgirls 'Beaten' in Bahrain Raids
Bahrain Oil Company Fires Hundreds Over Protests
Iran Gets Another Nuclear Fuel Batch From Russia: Report
Iran's Nuclear Program Still Trying to Overcome International Sanctions
Bushehr Nuclear Plant 'Will Provide Power to Iran National Grid in Two Months'
Spying Trial of 3 Americans in Iran Postponed
Iraq's Maliki: Al-Qaeda Jailbreak Attempt Was Inside Job
EU Expresses Concern Over Iranian Residents in Ashraf Camp
5 Wounded in Baghdad Blast
4 Injured in Mosul Blast
Wednesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 16 Wounded
Middle East
March in Your Millions on Saleh's Palace, Yemenis Urged
Grenades Thrown at Saudi Consulate in Karachi
Jordan's King Leaves Amman for Talks With Cameron, Obama

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Osama bin Laden Transfigured

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'Unprovoked' Attacks, From 1812 to 9/11

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America the Immature and Superficial

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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