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Updated May 24, 2011 - 11:10 PM EDT

Netanyahu's Real Message: No Peace Talks

  AIPAC to Obama: No Fairness to Palestinians

Yemen Officials: 38 Killed in Capital Fighting


Key Tribe Abandons Yemen's Saleh, Battles Police

Where in the World Is Mullah Omar?

After bin Laden, US Reopens Afghan, Pakistan Strategy


Leaked Cable Says Pakistanis Sabotaged Own Air Missions

13 Soldiers Slain as Pakistan Retakes Naval Base
  Tribesmen Use US Drone Strikes to Settle Local Scores
Kerry, McCain Push Resolution to Support Libya War

France, Britain to Deploy Helicopters to Libya


US Calls for Gadhafi to Leave Libya

Netanyahu and the One-State Solution  by Neve Gordon
The Absurd US Stance on Israel's Nukes: A Video Sampling of Denial  by Sam Husseini
PATRIOT Act Extension Scheme Sells Out Constitution  by John Nichols
'Bibi' Votes Republican  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Bringing It All Back Home  by Bill Kauffman
Let Europe Be – and Defend – Europe  by Doug Bandow

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Pakistan's Paradox: Both Fighting and Supporting the Enemy

WikiLeaks: US Considers Police One of the Armed Groups in Karachi
Obamas Arrive in London to Restore Special to 'Special Relationship'

US, Britain to Start Joint Security Council

Pushing Ahead, Donald Rumsfeld Hits Comeback Trail


Hundreds Knew of bin Laden Raid

Report: Intelligence Unit Told Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking bin Laden

Study Ties New al-Qaeda Chief to Murder of Journalist Pearl

Taliban Denies Reports of Leader Mullah Omar's Death


Afghan Security Forces Growing Rapidly

NATO Says Blast Kills 4 Soldiers in Afghanistan

NY 'Trick' Conviction of Afghan Tribal Leader Upheld

Zabul Province Offers a Hopeful Look at Afghanistan's Future

Before Attack, Pakistan's Navy Boasted of Role in Fight Against Taliban

Report: Pakistan Wants Chinese to Have Naval Base

Mumbai-Attack Trial May Raise US Tensions With Pakistan

Obama's Hidden War: US Intensifies Drone Attacks in Pakistan


AIPAC 'Hopeful' but Wary of Arab Spring

Obama's 'Jewish State' Reference Jars Palestinians

Settlers Set Up New Outposts

Islamic Jihad: Israel Smuggles Booby-Trapped Weapons to Gaza

Malaysia Aid Ship Ends Sea Attempt to Gaza

Report: Russia Expelled Israeli Military Attache After Three Warnings
A State of Palestine

Palestinian Unity Arose From Ruins of Peace Talks

Palestinian PM Fayyad Stable After Heart Attack in Texas

Palestinian UN Bid Enters Unknown Territory

Abbas Defends Unity Deal Against US Criticism

Livni: Palestinian Statehood Isn't a Favor to Obama, It's Vital for Israel
'War on Terror'

Judges Tosses Ex-Terror Suspect's Lawsuit Against FBI Agent

5 Muslim Immigrants Appeal NJ Terror Convictions

PATRIOT Act Extension Clears Hurdle, Faces Objections

US Had Illegal Intelligence in Sweden

Algerian Sues US for Guantanamo Detention

US Supreme Court Denies Clemency for Child Gitmo Detainee Khadr
US Military

Army Tries New Brain Scans to Hunt Blast Effects

Court Won't Help Either Side in Fight Over Navy Contract

Sailor Gets 34 Years in Prison in China Espionage Case


Advanced Russian Attack Helicopter to Be Dispatched to Far East

Putin's New Movement Flirts With Middle Class


Sudan: Abyei Region 'Ablaze' After Capture by North

US Says Hard to Drop Sudan From Terror List After Clashes


Ivory Coast: Alassane Ouattara Warns of Mercenaries

Somali Pirates Killed US Couples After American Threat

Rwanda Court Hears Evidence Against 'Genocide Bankroller'


Heavy Raids on Libyan Capital, Government Says 3 Dead

Clinton: More NATO Nations Must Join Libya Mission

Senate Democrats, GOP Agree on Libya Resolution

Russian Foreign Minister: Libyan Cease-Fire 'Inevitable'

Libyan Boats Are a Lifeline for Rebels in Misrata


2 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Mosul

Iraq Cleric Urges End to US Occupation by Year's End

Iraq Seeks Iranian Gas for Power Generation

Kuwait Trumps Iraq Gulf Harbor Plan With Its Own Huge Industrial Port

Monday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 44 Wounded


EU Significantly Extends Sanctions Against Iran

Iran Hits Back at West With Sanctions of Its Own

US Hikers Jailed in Iran Make Rare Call to Family


Iran-Bahrain Flare-Up Hits Gas Deal

Bahrain Says 515 Released Since Protests Crushed

Bahrain Police Detain 2 Reporters for Foreign Media


In Yemen, Saleh's Military Forces Showing Signs of Strain

US, EU, and Arab Allies Review Support for Yemen in Bid to Resolve Escalating Crisis

Egyptian Uprising Hero Says Social Networks Crucial

Egyptian Bloggers Rally Against Military

Middle East

US Says Syrian Leadership Must Halt Killings

Syria: Young Boy's Fury Spells Trouble for Bashar Assad's Regime

Moroccan Islamists Manipulating Democracy Groups: Minister

US Husband, Wife Admit Trying to Fund Hezbollah

NATO Looks Into Plan for UAE Embassy


China, Philippine Defense Chiefs Discuss Spratly Islands

UN Envoy: Myanmar Does Little to Stop Rights Abuse


Kim Jong-Il Tours East China

Kim's China Visit Highlights Crucial Ties

Civic Leaders Urge Seoul to Resume N. Korea Aid


Mexico Detains 16 Police Who Protected Drug Gang

Retired Mexican General Slain After Car Accident


Right-Wing Keiko Fujimori Leads Race in Peru Polls

Cuba Upholds Salvadoran's Conviction in Bombings

Chile Exhumes Remains of Late President Allende

Accord Looks to Heal Honduras' Political Wounds


Is Georgia on the Brink of a 'Day of Rage'?

Marine Reserve Leads Growing Black Sea Mission


Justin Raimondo
The Lobby Takes the Offensive

Kelley B. Vlahos
DoD Dodges Deadly Dust Data

Nebojsa Malic
Empire Folds

Philip Giraldi
Some Questions for Bibi

Ivan Eland
Across-the-Board Spending Cut Proposals Go Mainstream

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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