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Updated May 26, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
House Narrowly Rejects Afghan Exit Measure
  House Votes to Ban US Ground Troops in Libya
  House Passes $690 Billion Pentagon Bill
Senate OKs Extension of PATRIOT Act Provisions
  There's a Secret PATRIOT Act, Senator Says
  Feds Issue Threat: No Fly Zone for Texas?
Obama, Cameron Vow Escalation of Libya War
  In House, Libya Effort Is Called Violation of War Powers Act
  Libyan Rebels Clash With Sudanese Mercenaries
  US Supplies Bombs to Allies for Libya War: Pentagon
Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 32 in Pakistan
  US Agrees to Pak Request to Cuts Military Forces
  WikiLeaks: Anti-Americanism Rife in Pakistan Army Institution
Vice PM Slams Netanyahu Over Congress Speech
  Settlers: We Won't Live in Palestinian State
  Netanyahu's Ministers Inaugurate East Jerusalem Settlement
  Egypt to Open Rafah Crossing to Gaza Permanently This Weekend

Former Serbian Commander Mladic Arrested

Iraq: Massive Anti-US Rally Demands Pullout

40 Killed in Yemen Fighting as Civil War Looms
  Tribes Seize Yemen Interior Ministry, Media HQ
  Yemenis Flee Gunbattles as Saleh Rules Out Concessions
Iran Accused Over 'Nuclear Triggers,' But Where Is Evidence?
Report: Sudan Urging Pro-Govt Nomads into Abyei
Bibi and the Yo-Yos  by Uri Avnery
'The Smallest Minds and Cowardliest Hearts': Is Congress Clapping for Apartheid?  by Stephen M. Walt
How NATO's Blunders Have Prolonged Libya's Suffering  by Patrick Cockburn
The Price of Obama's Wars  by Anthony Gregory
As Afghanistan Rises in Revolt, America Sinks Further into Grave of Empires  by Tom Judd
NATO Goes Kosovo in Libya  by Victor Kotsev

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Obama Says World Needs US-British Leadership
Netanyahu Says 1967 Borders Indefensible, but Experts Wonder if That's So
On the Heels of Revolution, Economic Realities Arrive
US Secretly Helped France Develop Nuclear Weapons, Documents Reveal
Why Rae Abileah Says She Disrupted Netanyahu's Address to Congress
Assange: Obama Looks to 'Put a Chill Across All Investigative Journalism'
Assange: Bradley Manning Case Hasn't Deterred Whistle-Blowers
WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs Wins 2011 Amnesty International Media Award
Troops Reclaim Afghan District, 28 Rebels Dead
German, NATO Soldiers Killed by Afghan Bombings
Obama Says Afghan Power Transition to Be Completed by 2014
Paratroopers Hit by Pay Cut on Return From Afghanistan War
US Soldier Gets 12-1/2 Years in Detainee Death
US Senators See Afghan Hope, Pakistan Fears
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight at Peshawar Police Station
Musharraf: ISI 'Not Complicit' in Hiding bin Laden
South Korean Lawmaker: Obama Broke Word on Talks
South Korea Probes Second Report of US Army Chemical Dumping
In China, Kim Jong Il Studies the Reforms He's Spent Decades Resisting
Japan Diplomat Protests South Korean Visit to Kurils
China Mongols Protest in Xilinhot Over Shepherd's Death
Mumbai Accused 'Plotted Danish Newspaper Attack'
Obama: 'No Letup' in Airstrikes Against Gadhafi
Russia Condemns Latest Round of NATO Air Attacks on Tripoli
NATO Ups Strikes in Tripoli, Sees No Iraq Parallel
Libyan Gold Rush Followed End to Sanctions
Daunting Task for NATO in Libya as Strikes Intensify
Gadhafi Cut Off From Troops: Canadian General
Italian Business Faces Lose-Lose Situation in Libya
Many See Rule Crumbling if Gadhafi Were Killed
Berlusconi Casts Doubt on Death of Gadhafi Son
Up to 40,000 Flee Unrest in Sudan's Abyei: UN
North May 'Cleanse' Sudanese Border Town, UN Says
Sudan's Abyei Dispute: 'Shots Fired' at UN Helicopters
Top Rwanda Genocide Suspect Seized in Congo: UN Court
US Jury Mulls Verdict in Rwandan Genocide Trial
UN Warns Somalia's Leaders to Stop Bickering
Somalia Army, Al Shabaab Combat in Northern Mogadishu
Muslims Rush to Restore Torched Egypt Church
'War on Terror'
NSA Whistleblower Alleges Illegal Spying
DARPA Wants DIY Drones
Al-Qaeda's Backbone Broken, Says Obama
GOP Lawmaker: I Saw TSA Pat Down 'Little Old Lady,' Child, but Not Arab Man
EU Powers Ask UN Security Council to Condemn Syria
Turkey Calls for Syrian Reforms on Order of 'Shock Therapy'
US Concerned About UN Atomic Report on Syria
Obama: The UN Can't Give the Palestinians a State
Netanyahu Visit Deepens Israeli-Palestinian Impasse
Palestinians Leave Crack Open for Talks
Israelis See Netanyahu Trip as Diplomatic Failure
East Jerusalem Settlement Dedication 'Provocative'
European Nations Could Make the Difference in Palestinians Push for Recognition
Israel PM Should Have Said 'Yes' to Obama: Poll
Obama: Mideast Peace Takes 'Wrenching Compromise'
Sheikh Suspected of Spying for Israel Arrested Near Tyre
Civil War Looms as Big Blasts Rock Yemeni Capital
Evasions by Leader Add Chaos in Yemen
Yemeni Security Forces Close Off Capital Amid Clashes
State Dept Orders Nonessential US Diplomats to Leave Yemen
UN: Yemen Clash With Tribes May Spread Violence
Iraqi Forces Eye Readiness Ahead of US Pullout
In Iraq, Sadr's Militia Set for Big Protest
Iraq to Fuel Generators to Head Off Power Protests
2 Officers Killed in Fallujah Blast
4 Killed by Parked Car Bomb in Baghdad
Policeman Killed, Another Injured in 2 Ramadi Blasts
Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Iran Says Middle East Must Be Free From Nuclear Weapons
Iran Again Shows Failure to Comply With Obligations: US
Iran Rejects UN Watchdog Report on Weapons Program
Ahmadinejad Backs Out of Key Role at OPEC
Senators Propose Even Tighter Sanctions on Iran
US Sanctions Venezuelan Oil Giant for Iran Trade
Bahrain Rights Group Says 4 Protesters Sentenced to Jail
Bahrain's Arrests of Opponents Show Unsettling Pattern of Abuse
Middle East
WikiLeaks: Saudis Often Warned US About Oil Speculators
Nasrallah Blasts Obama, Urges Arabs Withdraw Peace Initiative
Police Disperse Protest in Tbilisi
No Permanent US F-16 Base in Poland, Minister Says
Romania Boycotts Summit With Obama Over Kosovo
Belarus Leader May Trade Rivals' Freedom for Aid
WWII-Era Bomb Defused Near US Army Garrison in Germany
500 Mexican Villagers Flee Drug Cartel Violence
Mexico Nabs Drug Boss Tied to Murder of Poet's Son
Venezuelan Oil Workers Rally Against US Sanctions
Colombia Passes 'Historic' Law to Compensate the Displaced
Killings of Journalists Go Unsolved in Honduras

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Empire Folds

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Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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You Cannot Be Serious

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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