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Updated May 29, 2011 - 11:22 PM EDT
  Karzai Wants Afghan Control of Night Raids
  US Tells Its Afghan Workers: No Torture, Corpse Mutilation
  N. Afghanistan Police Chief Among Those Killed at Governor's Office
Obama: US Must Back Democracy Despite Costs
  UK Training Saudi Forces Used to Crush Arab Spring
  Obama Reaffirms US Security Pledge to Poland
UK Denies Secret Talks to End Libya Fighting
  NATO Says Destroyed Gadhafi Compound Guard Towers
Israeli Settlers See New Support From Obama
  Egypt-Gaza Border Opening Leaves Palestinians Disappointed
  After Long Blockade, Some Gazans Step Into Egypt With New Hopes
  Abbas: No Hope for Talks, Only Option Is UN Recognition of Statehood
Death Toll From Syrian Protests on the Rise
Gunfire Fills Yemeni Capital After Truce Fails
How Obama Enables Israel's Worst Impulses  by Rashid Khalidi
Welcome to the Violent World of Mr. Hopey Changey  by John Pilger
Obama and Cameron Must Break This Addiction to War  by Simon Jenkins
Same Netanyahu, Different Israel  by Daniel Levy
War Dictatorship  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A Libertarian Theory of War  by Murray N. Rothbard

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Nixon Library to Make Pentagon Papers Public, Minus 11 Words
Democrats Describe Secret Justice Dept Spying Memo
Bill Would Keep Big Brother's Mitts Off Your GPS Data
Amnesty Int'l Marks 50 Years Fighting for Free Speech
Afghan Army Salary Theft Shows Fraud Widespread
Two British Marines Killed in Afghan Explosion
Canadian Soldier Found Dead in Afghanistan
Suicide Attack Kills at Least Two German Soldiers in Afghanistan
Two Australian Troops Wounded in Afghanistan
Top German Officer Wounded by Afghan Suicide Bomb
Interpol Issues Alert for Taliban Fugitives Considered 'Major Threat to Global Security'
Bomb Kills 8 Tribesmen in Pakistan's Northwest
Bin Laden Fallout Could Force Early Pakistan Polls
India Again Denounces US Military Aid to Pakistan
Pakistan President's Chief Security Officer Attacked
Two Gunned Down on Gt Rd. Kharian
Imran Lashes Out at Rulers for Making Nation 'Slave of US'
Pakistan: Nawaz Ready to Support Anti-Govt Movement
Rebels Kill Father and Son in Indian Kashmir
Kashmir Group Seeks Probe Into 1,400 'Disappeared'
Blast at Bus Company Kills 1 in Chengdu
China Police Seal Off Restive Inner Mongolia Towns
China Must Avoid Force in Mongolia: Amnesty
Chairman Mao May Not Be the Author of His 'Little Red Book'
North Korea Freed American Without Aid Promise, US Says
Nepal's Leaders Agree to Extend Parliament: Maoist Leader
NATO Strikes One of Gadhafi's Homes in Tripoli
Libyan Rebels Pledge Not to Pursue Gadhafi if He Leaves Power Now
Two Dozen Libyan Soldiers Flee to Tunisia
In Libyan Capital, Signs Suggest Waning Support for Gadhafi's Rule
British Jets Make Daytime Raid on Gadhafi Compound
In Benghazi, Warmth for West Doesn't Come From Burning Flags
Canada's Harper Wants 'Reasonable' Libya Mission Extension
US House Passes Measure to Repatriate Remains of Sailors Buried in Tripoli 200 Years Ago
Egyptian 'Day of Anger' Urges Faster Transition
Egypt Judge Fines Mubarak, Ex-Officials $90m for Cell Phone, Internet Disruption During Revolt
Egypt Arrests Iranian From Mission in Cairo: TV
Egyptian Graffiti Artist Ganzeer Arrested Amid Surge in Political Expression
UN Security Council Demands Results From Somali Government
Troops in Somalia Poised to Retake Mogadishu's Main Market in Potential Big Win for Govt
Algerian Security Foils Suicide Attack on Police Station
Sudanese Envoys Meet on Abyei Crisis in Addis Ababa
Ivory Coast Needs 20 Billion Euros, Says President
Dominican Republic Museum to Honor Victims of Dictatorship
Cuban Ballet Brings 'Message of Peace' to US
Ex-Honduran President Returns to Home Nearly 2 Years After Coup That Ousted Him, Ending Crisis
Military News
UK: 'Army Cuts Dangerous' Warns Ex-Chief Lord Dannatt
Joint Chiefs of Staff: Gen. Martin Dempsey Expected to Chair Joint Chiefs of Staff
Army Head Who Could Be Next Chairman Talks to Grieving Military Kids
Gen. Cartwright, Poised to Lead Joint Chiefs, Had His Shot Derailed by Critics
War-Zone Airdrops Reach Record-Breaking Pace
Troubled Veterans and Early Deaths After Iraq
Military Survivors Bond, Learn and Relax at National Seminar in Arlington
Egypt Eases Travel Restrictions for Gaza Travelers
Travelers Sought as Gaza Terminal Empties Quickly
Kadima: Opening of Gaza Border Is 'National Failure' for Netanyahu
Hamas Simulates Raid on Flotilla
Group of 12 Israeli Settlers Severely Beat Elderly Palestinian Shepherd
Arab League Chief Backs UN Route for Palestinian State
Fatah Official Hails 'Brave' Egyptian Decision to Open Rafah
Dozens Protest for Shalit Outside PM's Home
Driver in Suspected Nakba Day Terror Attack Claims Flat Tire Caused Accident
Syrian Forces Fire on Protesters in East, One Hurt
Syrian Activists Call for Protests Against Security Forces' Alleged Killing of 13-Year-Old Boy
UN Probes Lebanon Bomb Attack on Peacekeepers
Six Italian Peacekeepers in Better Condition, Italy Seeks to Trim Unit
Tribal Chief Brings Power and Wealth to Bear in Struggle to Oust Yemen's President
Three French Reported Missing in Yemen: Security Official
Bahrain Sunni Says Opposition Must Change Leaders
Iraq Detains 25 Over 2006 Wedding Massacre
HRW: Kurdish Government Not Better Than Saddam Hussein's
War-Reparation Claims May Come to Haunt Iraq as Fund Winds Down
$1.5 Million in Iraqi Airways Assets Frozen in Dispute With Kuwait Over Gulf War Reparations
Saturday: 6 Iraqis Killed
Aide to Iran's Ayatollah Calls Ahmadinejad to Order
In Censorship Move, Iran Plans Its Own, Private Internet
Kuwaitis Rally for Premier's Ouster
Kuwait Busts Alleged Iran and Hezbollah Spy Rings
US Will Dispatch F-16s to Poland for Training
Obama Supports Easing Visa Requirements for Poles
Obama: Poland a Model for Democratic Change; Says Eastern European Nation Is Strong US Ally
Balkans and Ratko Mladic
Belgrade Braced for Protests as Mladic Tries to Buy Time
Bosnia Ethnic Tensions Live on Despite Mladic Capture
Defense Lawyer: Ratko Mladic Knows He Will Be Extradited to UN War Crimes Tribunal
Belarus Leader Threatens to Dismiss Prime Minister, National Bank Head
Rights Group: 7 Activists Arrested in Belarus
Obama Sharply Criticizes Belarusian Strongman
Russian Sub to Join NATO Exercise for 1st Time
2 Bodies Found in Georgia Near Site of Protests
Latvian President Calls Referendum on Dissolving Parliament
Mexico Police Raid 'La Familia Drug Cartel', Killing 11
Mexican Police Detain Nearly 50 Members of 2 Major Drug Cartels, La Familia and the Zetas
Americans Still Dying
Centennial (CO) Soldier Killed in Afghan Firefight Leaves Behind Infant Daughter
Medical Lake (WA) Soldier Killed in IED Attack in Iraq
Florida Soldier With Ties to New York Remembered by Family and Friends
Garland (TX) Parents Speak About Son Killed in Afghanistan
Pearl (MS) Community Rallies for Local Soldier's Funeral
Soldier (MI), Killed a Few Weeks Into Afghan Tour, Was His Parents' Only Child
Chula Vista (CA) Soldier Survived by Wife and Two Young Children
Ontario (CA) Soldier Killed by Iraqi Bomb

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Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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You Cannot Be Serious

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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