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Updated June 8, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
At Least 31 Killed as NATO Pounds Tripoli
  NATO Attack Destroys Much of Gadhafi Compound
Battles Rage in Yemen 'al-Qaeda' Town, 25 Dead
  Yemen Opposition Wants Interim Council, Govt Says Saleh Will Return
US Drones Kill 45 Pakistanis in Three Days
  Slain Writer's Book Says US-NATO War Served al-Qaeda Strategy
  US: 'Slain' Pak Militant Leader Probably Still Alive
State Dept: 5,100-Strong Security Force for Iraq
  Iraq Protests Loom as Maliki's '100-Day Reform' Deadline Expires

Could US Use Death of 5 Soldiers as Excuse to Stay in Iraq?


Tuesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded

Ellsberg: All Nixon's Crimes Are Now Legal


After 40 Years, the Complete Pentagon Papers

Reports of Syria Military Mutiny in Deaths of 120
The Deal That Shocked the Middle East
It's Time for Congress to Vote on the Illegal War in Libya  by Doug Bandow
Perfect Asymmetry: The Predator and the Suicide Bomber  by N. Joseph Potts
President Owes Answers on Libya  St. Petersburg [FL] Times
How Not to Withdraw From Iraq  by Peter Van Buren and Tom Engelhardt
The 9/11 Trial Time Warp  by Andy Worthington
The Anti-Corruption Charade  by James Bovard

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Kucinich Releases Ten-Point 'Plan for Peace' in Libya

Iraq's Chalabi, Who Sought Invasion, Now Wants US Out

Infamous Real-Life Mercenaries to Star in Blackwater, the Video Game

South Asia Nuclear Weapons Race Heats Up


Gates: NATO Nearing 'Decisive Blow' in Afghan War

Obama: 'Big Chunk' of Afghan Objectives Have Already Been Achieved

Afghan Nation-Building Programs Not Sustainable, Report Says

Coalition Informant Plays Both Sides of Afghan War

UN Could Split Afghan Taliban From al-Qaeda Black List

Beheading of Afghanistan Politician Seen as Message From Insurgents

Mood in Northern Afghanistan Shifts Against German Troops

27th Australian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Canadians Complete Final Afghan Operation


Iraq May Cut Oil Output Capacity Goal

Tuesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded


Iran Sends Submarines to Red Sea: Report

Ahmadinejad Offers Nuclear Talks, but No Compromise


Gilani Tells US Lawmakers Trade Pact Will Help Fight Terrorism

One Killed in Quetta Bomb Explosion


Residents Flee Sudan Flashpoint-State Clashes

Sudan Rejects UN Call to Withdraw From Abyei


Five Killed in Islamist Sect Attacks in Nigeria

Burkina Faso Govt Arrests 93 Soldiers After Mutiny

After Tensions With North, South Korea Ponders Its 63-Year-Old Draft
South Korean Official: North Conducted Short-Range Missile Test Last Week
Mexico-Drug War

How Many Have Died in Mexico's Drug War?

Mexican Cartels Now Using Tanks


Democrats and Republicans Press Obama on Libya Conflict

Senate Postpones Meeting on Libya Resolution

Gadhafi Daughter Files 'Assassination' Lawsuits

NATO Knocks Out Gadhafi TV


Syria to Send Army to Town After Scores Killed

Syrian Ambassador Appears to Resign, Then Recant

'Gay Girl in Damascus' Blogger Detained

Britain's Hague Warns of Further EU Sanctions on Syria

Report: 14 Palestinians Shot Dead in Syrian Refugee Camp

Atom Watchdog Chides Bombing of Syrian Site in '07

Syria Warns of More Marches on Israeli Border

Israeli Settlers Set West Bank Mosque on Fire
Obama: Palestinians Should Avoid Seeking UN Recognition for Statehood

Assad Brother Plays Big Role in Syria

UN 'Deeply Troubled' by Golan Killing


Obama Presses Bahrain Leader on Rights

Bahrain's Crackdown Creates Sectarian Fallout

Middle East

Morocco: Reform as a Path to a Genuine Constitutional Monarchy

2 Saudi Guards Killed at Yemen Border

Jordan Opposition Calls Proposed Voting Reform 'Disappointing'

Egypt Recognizes New Muslim Brotherhood Political Party

Turkish General Defends 1980 Coup During Questioning

Russia and Her Neighbors

EU: Risk of Dangerous Escalation Between Russia-Georgia

NATO-Russia Drill Aims to Prevent 9/11-Like Attack

Russian Theologian Shot Dead in Dagestan

In Other News

Cuba Dissident's Remains Exhumed, Family to Leave

China Rejects Google's Hacking Charge

A Witness Overshadows a Terrorism Defendant


Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul vs. the GOP Establishment

Ivan Eland
Accelerate Withdrawals From Afghanistan and Iraq

Kelley B. Vlahos
CNAS Conference Becomes 'Thumbsucker'

Nebojsa Malic
Conjuring the Black Hat

Philip Giraldi
The Tie that Binds

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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