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Updated June 14, 2011 - 11:14 PM EDT

House Votes to Cut Libya War Funding

  Navy Chief: Britain Can't Afford to Continue Libya War
  Just 26% Favor Continued Military Action in Libya
CIA Poised to Begin Drone Strikes Against Yemen

Yemen's Opposition Meets With Acting President

No Deal Reached, Panetta Leaves Pakistan in Failure

Pakistan Government Urged to Abandon Probe on bin Laden Raid

Karzai: Talks to Keep Troops in Afghanistan Past 2014

GOP Senator Corker Says War in Afghanistan 'Not Sustainable'

  US Casualties Up in Afghanistan, Debate Over Withdrawal Intensifies
$6.6 Billion in Iraq Aid May Have Been Stolen
Egypt: 7,000 Civilians Jailed Since Mubarak's Ouster
US Needs to Completely Withdraw From Iraq  by Adil E. Shamoo & Bonnie Bricker
The Sharia Myth Sweeps America  by Amy Sullivan
Around the Globe, US Military Bases Generate Resentment, Not Security  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Deficit Hawks for Peace  by James Carroll
The Founders Were Antiwar  by Tom Mullen
Frustrated Palestinians Appeal to the World  by Gershom Gorenberg

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FBI Expands Agents' Investigative Power

Activists Cry Foul Over FBI Probe

NATO at the Crossroads After Gates Speech

Boast-Busters Expose Fake Navy SEALs

Nosair, Convicted al-Qaeda Conspirator, Seeks Retrial in 1995 Case

Peter King Defends Muslim Hearings


Afghan Militants Torch 20 NATO Tankers

Karzai: Afghanistan, US Discussing Post-2014 Security Arrangements

Rivals to Afghanistan's President in Disarray

How Will Afghan Women Fare in Taliban Reconciliation?

Female Afghan Journalist: 'I Have No Plans to Stop'

Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Work to Foil Kabul Attacks Starts Far From Capital


Suicide Bomber Kills 1 in Rare Attack in Islamabad

Sufi Muslims in Pakistan Brave Bombs to Worship

Bomb Destroys Seven NATO Oil Tankers in Pakistan

Roadside Bomb Kills Three Soldiers in Pakistan

American Held for Spying on Pakistani Nuclear Facilities to Be Deported


CIA: Grand Jury Investigates Torture in Abu Ghraib Death

CIA Role Suspected in 2003 Iraq Prison Homicide

Iraq's Nouri Al-Maliki: The Man Who Would Be King

Kurdish Alliance Won't Participate in Campaign to Question Maliki

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 People in Southern Iraq

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded


Gadhafi Forces Hit Misrata, Germany Backs Rebels

Gadhafi Government Defiant as Battle Rages at Strategic Oil City

US Senators Aim to Convert Gadhafi Cash to Aid

Wonder of the Ancient World at Risk as Gadhafi Uses It to Hide Deadly Rockets

Experts Advised US How to Cyber Attack Libya

Clinton Presses Africa to Sever Ties With Gadhafi

Sassi Garada: Gadhafi Insider Defects


Turkey's Erdogan Promises Consensus After Big Win

PKK Threatens to Trigger Revolution Against Turkey

Bomb Explodes at Celebration for Elected Turkish Kurds, 11 Injured


Iran Urges IAEA to Detect Agents Involved in Stuxnet Attack

In Iran, 'Couch Rebels' Prefer Facebook


Police Use Tear Gas to Quell Riot in Southern China

Police Find Mass Rebel Grave in Eastern India

At Least 150 Arrested as 36-Hour Strike Ends in Bangladesh

Mexican Drug Cartel Corruption Reaches Into the Ranks of US Border Agents, Officials Say
Video in Suspected Cartel Member's Cell Phone Apparently Shows Decapitation of Guatemalan Prosecutor

Oil-Giant Venezuela Tries to Limit Energy Use

Intel Service Says Foreign Spy Agencies Active in Canada


Gates Cautiously Optimistic on Yemen

Yemen Arrests Several Over Saleh Assassination Bid


Syrian Forces Round Up Hundreds Near Northwest Town

Syrians Pour Across the Border After Crackdown

Behind Barbed Wire, Syrians Find Refuge in Turkey

Syrian Unrest Stirs New Fear of a Deeper Sectarian Divide

Syria: 'They Shot People Who Were Trying to Get Away'

Syrian TV Shows 'Mass Grave' of Security Forces Amid Crackdown

Arab League Chief Signals Divisions on Syria Crisis

'Gay Girl in Damascus' Blogger Admits to Writing Fiction Disguised as Fact

Outrage in Damascus at Fake Lesbian Blogger


Alleged 'Spy' in Egypt Is US Citizen, IDF Paratrooper

Father of Alleged Israeli Spy in Egypt Says Son Entered Country Legally

Egypt: Mohamed ElBaradei Not Sure to Run for President

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Forms Coalition

Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Arrested Upon Return to Egypt


Jobless Gaza Enters 5th Year of Israeli Blockade

Israeli Defense Minister Meets Top Chinese General

Lebanon PM: New Government to Liberate Land Under Occupation of 'Israeli Enemy'

Hezbollah and Allies Dominate Lebanese Cabinet

Hezbollah Rise in Lebanon Gives Syria, Iran Sway

US to Judge Lebanon Government 'By Its Actions'

Middle East

WikiLeaks Cables Show Worry About Saudi Oil Security

Street Clashes Erupt as Jordan's King Abdullah Visits Town

Bahrain's Government Tries Dissidents While Calling for Dialogue


US Intercepted N. Korea Ship Over Arms Fears

South Korea: North May Have Miniaturized Nuke Warhead

Seoul: N. Korea 'Provocation' Becoming More Likely


Poland Agrees to a Permanent US Air Force Base

Serb Nationalists Burn NATO Flag

Look Out Above! Russia May Target US Sats With Laser Jet

Belarus Drivers Defy Police Over New Petrol Smuggling Rules


Abyei Deal Reported but Sudan Talks Drag On

Zimbabwe's Neighboring Countries Aim for More Active Role in Its Political Crisis
In Other News

Eye Doctors Salvage Sight in War Zone


Justin Raimondo
Guam Libre!

Kelley B. Vlahos
Diplomat: I Helped Lose Hearts and Minds in Iraq

Philip Giraldi
Target: Iran

Ivan Eland
Accelerate Withdrawals From Afghanistan and Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Conjuring the Black Hat

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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