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Updated June 21, 2011 - 11:24 PM EDT
NATO Now Admits to Libya Attack That Killed 15
  Obama's Negation of 'Hostilities' in Libya Draws Criticism

In Libya, Scores of US Airstrikes Followed Handoff to NATO

  Libya Invasion Practice? Marine Maneuvers to Stretch From VA to FL

Bombs Kill 27 Near Local Iraqi Governor's House

  Iraq MP: No Decision by Govt on Keeping US Troops

Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded

Assad's Promise of Reforms Impresses Few
Yemen Claims Army 'Progress' in Southwest Cities
US Drone Strikes Kill 12 in Pakistani Tribal Area
Afghanistan: Pakistan Forces Shelled Afghan Villages
  Obama's Afghan 'Drawdown' Announcement Expected Wednesday

US-Funded Afghan Militias 'Beat, Rob and Kill With Impunity'

Tunisian Dictator Says He Was Tricked Into Exile
Pentagon Spending on NASCAR, Wrestling Sponsorships Raises Eyebrows
The Bipartisan Case Against US Involvement in Libya  by David Bromwich
The Military as Socialist Model for America  by David Theroux
Cut Funding for Libya War or Begin Impeachment  by Matthew Rothschild
Strange Definitions of War and Peace  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Specter of 'Isolationism'  by Gene Healy
NATO, the Ultimate Transformer  by Pepe Escobar

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US Mayors Pass First Antiwar Resolution Since Vietnam Era

How a Suicide Bomber Infiltrated the CIA

Taliban: A Law Unto Themselves

Gen. Martin Dempsey: Shorten Army Combat Tours to 9 Months

Iran, Cuba Force Out the Most Journalists: Survey

Banners for British Armed Forces Day Removed After Complaints They 'Glorify Afghanistan War'

Afghan Row With IMF Over Failed Bank Threatens Salaries

NATO: Afghan Soldier Who Shot Mentor Killed

Afghanistan Executes Two Over Bank Attack

Combat Medic From Michigan Killed in Afghanistan


Attack, Blast on Pro-Pakistan-Govt Tribal Elders Kill 9

Police: Pakistan Militants Force Girl to Wear Suicide Vest

Pakistan Rejects New US Accusation of Leaks


Bomb Hits French Embassy Car in Iraq

Iraq's Kurds Content to Wait for Their State

Iraq's Sadr Calls to Punish Rogue Militia Members

Woman Testifies About Iraq Rape While KBR Worker

Iraq: The Strange Case of the Marine Pilot Who May Have Stolen Nearly a Half-Million Dollars

Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded


Fatah Calls Off Cairo Unity Meeting With Hamas

US Citizens to Join 12-Ship Flotilla to Gaza Strip

Abbas: Given Options, We Won't Go to UN

Israel Reveals It Has Returned Dozens of Kilograms of Nuclear Waste to US

Ahmadinejad's Inner Circle Under Pressure

Iran Plot to Evade Sanctions Busted, NYC Official Says

Iran Sets New Hearing Date for US Hikers: Lawyer


Defense Firms See Opportunity in Cyber Attacks

US Building Virtual Internet as Cyberattack Test Bed


China Unrest: Zengcheng Migrants Urged to Inform

Wife of Jailed China Dissident 'Detained'


Analysis: Thai Army Takes Sides as Divisive Election Nears

Singapore Urges China to Clarify South China Seas Claim

US Commander Says More N. Korea Attacks Likely

Suu Kyi to Deliver Message to US Congress


China Welcomes Libya Rebel Leader

Libyan Media Handlers Nervous After Guard's Death

SEC Scrutinizes Conoco, Occidental Ties to Libya


Syrians Call Assad 'Liar' Following Speech

Assad Offers Path to Change in Syria, but Few Specifics

Experts Say Syrian President Is 'Delusional, Helpless'

Outraged EU to Beef Up Syria Sanctions

Syrian Men Promise to Marry Women Who Were Raped


Despite Protests, Yemen's Leader Has His Fervent Followers

US Drone Attacks in Yemen Ignore 'al-Qaeda' for Local Militants

Yemenis Rally Against President's Sons

Yemenis Look to Tribes as Force for Change


Egypt Army Web Page Tests Presidential Hopefuls

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak Has Stomach Cancer: Lawyer


North, South Sudan Agree to Demilitarize Abyei

Sudan: Ethiopian Troops Expected to Deploy to Abyei


Croatia Arrests Three Ex-Policemen Suspected of Killing Serbs

Terror Suspect Extradited to Germany From Vienna

European Union to Impose More Sanctions on Belarus

Protestant Rioters Attack Catholic Homes as Sectarian Unrest Flares on Streets of Belfast

Medvedev Wants Second Term, but Won't Challenge Putin

Russian Intelligence Officer, Soldier Killed in Caucasus Attacks

Obama Extends National Emergency on Russian Nuke Material


Gunmen Kill Mexican Journalist, Family

France Readies to Extradite Ex-Dictator Noriega to Panama After US Gives 'Consent'
In Other News

Journalists Reject Allegations in Bahrain Court

Norway Extends Detention of Rwandan Genocide Suspect


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