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Updated June 27, 2011 - 11:20 PM EDT
A Decade On, No Clear Answers in Afghan War
  Afghan Officials at Loggerheads as US 'Drawdown' Looms
  Karzai: Pakistan Firing Missiles Against Eastern Afghanistan
  Four NATO Soldiers Killed in Separate Attacks in Afghanistan

29 Slain in US Drone Strikes in South Waziristan

No End in Sight, NATO Struggles to Sell Libya War
  International Judges Order Arrest of Gadhafi
  South African President Slams NATO Libya Op as AU Panel Meets
  Libya's Anti-Gadhafi Rebels No Democrats, Report Claims
  Sources: British Ground Troops May Be Deployed in Libya
Two US Troops Die in Iraq; 11 Total This Month
  Spike in US Deaths in Iraq Raises Worries
  Cleric Thanks Followers for Pledging to Attack US Military in Iraq
  Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 17 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded
Palestinians to Seek UN Recognition in Sept.
  Israel Warns Foreign Journalists: Joining Gaza Flotilla Is Illegal
GOP Compromise on Debt: Cut Military Spending?
Yemen Violence Escalates, Saleh Set to Return
Syrian Troops Enter Towns Near Border With Lebanon
Getting on Board With Peace in Israel  by Hagit Borer
Staying in Afghanistan: Where's the Sense?  by Colbert I. King
The Proliferation of Illegal Wars Erodes American Values  by Richard M. Salsman
Sacred Mantras  by Uri Avnery
Spirits of Justice Going to Gaza  by Ray McGovern
What the Arab Revolts Leave Unanswered  by Rami G. Khouri

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Tens of Thousands in Yemen's Streets Call for Transitional Council
Militants, Some With Qaeda Ties, Seize Parts of S. Yemen
US Spends a Cool $20 Billion on Air Conditioning Annually in Iraq and Afghanistan
95-Year-Old Woman Told to Remove Adult Diaper During TSA Search
Syria Vows to 'Overcome Protests' Within Two Months
Turkey Loses Patience Over Syria, Weighs Options
Syrian Troops Close in on Lebanon Border
Syrian Activists Meet to Chart Way Out of Crisis
Sunnis Condemn Syrian Government Crackdown
Turkey and Israel in Secret Talks to Try to Soften UN Report on 2010 Gaza Flotilla Raid
West Bank Barrier Section at Bilin Is Re-Routed
Hamas Prisoners to Go on Hunger Strike After Israel Places Top Officials in Isolation
Fear and No Clean Clothing: Haaretz Reporter Preparing to Sail for Gaza
Mine Blast Hits UN Building in Gaza
Netanyahu: Israel Accepted German-Mediated Prisoners Proposal
Development Plan for Abandoned Palestinian Village Stirs Up a Troubled Past
Israeli Envoy Backs Off Praise for Pope
Israel May Halt Flights to Denmark Over Security Row
Egyptian Leader Assures McCain and Kerry on Transition
Egyptians Stone Police Cars at Former Minister's Trial
No 'Scientific' Proof That Hosni Mubarak Has Stomach Cancer, Tumors, Says Health Official
In Iraq, Sunni Deaths Stir Sectarian Fears
Ten Killed in Iraq Attacks Against Government, Police
Two Killed, 20 Wounded in Iraq Suicide Bombing
Two Civilians Injured in Kirkuk Explosive Charge Blast
Iraq Court Gives al-Masri's Widow Life Sentence
Khamenei: 'Iraqis' Vigilance Hampered Achievement of America's Goals'
Iraqi Writers Ask Government for Medical Treatment for Poet
Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 17 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded
Israel Adopts Tougher Iran Sanctions
Iran to Undergo Missile Testing
US, Europe 'Artificially' Lowering Oil Prices: Iran
'Tehran Must Begin Fighting Terrorism on Its Own Territory,' Iraqi Legislature Says
Ahmadinejad Seizes on America's Retreat at 'Anti-Terror' Conference
Saudi Arabia
Trial of 85 Qaeda Suspects Begins in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Denies Discriminating Against Jewish Passengers
Khodorkovsky Supporters Detained at Moscow Rally
Intelligence Shift Shows Change in Afghan War Aims
Afghan Election Body Slams Bid to Oust MPs
8-Year-Old Afghan Tricked Into Suicide Bombing
Two Spanish Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Logar Hospital Blast Victims Buried
French Troop's Withdrawal From Afghanistan Stirs Mixed Reaction
Afghanistan Poppy Killers Get Scrutiny Absent in Prior Contracts
Obama's Afghanistan Plan Gets Mixed Reviews From Grunts at Fort Campbell
Pelosi: Afghan Troop Levels Won't Turn Off Liberal Voters in 2012
Rep. Turner: Obama's Afghan 'Drawdown' Could Spawn Revival of Opium Industry
With Trivial Afghan Withdrawal, US Focus Turns to Pakistan
Taliban Say Husband and Wife in Pakistan Suicide Attack
Karachi Shootout Toll Soars to Six
Three Policemen Among Six Injured in Multan Blast
Free, Fair Elections Impossible Under Zardari, Says Imran
China, Vietnam Vow to Cool South China Sea Tensions
China's Hu Jia Release: Guarded Welcome From Europe
African Leaders Discuss Libya Truce Efforts
Libyan Rebels Claim Advances in Western Mountains
Fierce Fighting Southwest of Tripoli
Fighting Rages in Western Libya
Gadhafi Pins Hopes on NATO Schism
Sen. Webb Has 'Serious Problems' With Obama's Handling of Libyan Conflict
In Tripoli, Chinese Takeout Still on the Menu
In Battered Libya Town, Kids Get a Taste of Normal
US Taps $45 Million in Gear for Terror Fight in Somalia
Somalia: Three Britons Pardoned by President
In Zimbabwe, Mugabe Government Is Not Sharing the Power to Arrest Rivals
Jameson Timba, Zimbabwe Minister, Ordered Free by Court
Deadly Air Strikes in Sudan Border State: UN
Mauritanian and Malian Forces Raid al-Qaeda Camp
WikiLeaks: Cuban Cardinal Pushed to Close Critical Magazine
Ex-Honduran President Zelaya Calls for End to Ruling Elite at Assembly of Supporters

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